Cheng Youqing

Cheng Youqing

Without Cheng Youqing, there can be no Li Daren.

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if Cheng Youqing is not the one who blew away the 30-year-old birthday cake specially prepared for her by her colleagues, she may have accepted Li Daren's "kindness" and liked him when he was with her in junior high school.

if Cheng Youqing had not been the one who drank double mocha every morning and still insisted on fixing her keypad machine in the era when mobile phones were flooded with big screens, she might have found a "not bad" man to marry because of family pressure and secular vision.

after watching "I may not Love you", countless people think of "I want to be Big Brother" or "I wish I had a Big Brother around me", but they ignored Cheng Youqing, who created "Big Brother".

Why does Li Daren like Cheng Youqing?

because she is the woman who is unique and independent enough to ask for it casually.

Maggie is beautiful and active and doesn't mind that he is an unemotional man. But he just doesn't like Maggie because he and Maggie have nothing to talk about. They don't have the same hobbies or ambitions. Maggie's goal is to find a man who fits his "THE ONE" image, while Li Daren is looking for someone who really knows him. Look at Li Daren's family, a queen, a rock girl, which is not living in his own world, they have never taken care of his feelings, so he needs a sufficiently independent woman as his partner. Why? Because he didn't want to worry too much about a person's feelings and lost himself in front of that person. So why did Daren break up with Maggie? because Maggie has been asking for it, she wants Daren to give her enough "love" and "sense of security".

in the ninth episode, Li Daren finally lost his temper: "Don't you all know how to respect me and give me some quiet space?" Playing a supporting role once in a while won't make your life less than a dime, okay? " In fact, he was angry not because of the behavior of the two princesses, but because Cheng Youqing told him the news of her engagement to Ding Liwei in the eighth episode.

engagement means that Cheng Youqing, the only independent princess who can satisfy the two princesses at the same time, is really leaving him, which is why Li Daren is so sad. It was only because of this incident that Li Daren began to realize that although his relationship with Cheng Youqing might change their relationship, it would certainly end if he did not pursue her. So it was also in episode 9 that Li Daren admitted to others for the first time that he liked Cheng Youqing.

many people think that Cheng Youqing is very selfish and doesn't care about Li Daren's feelings at all. But she is proud because she works hard enough, her position in the play is the district governor, and the boss attaches great importance to her and hopes that she can go to Singapore to open up new business. Will an incompetent employee get such attention? And if she was herself, how could she be willing to accept the dirty Lu Xingdi that no one liked when she was in junior high school?

so what on earth is love? Earth-shattering or obedient? In fact, I don't know at all, but I think of a passage in "I may not love you" that describes his parents' life. I want to use it as the end of today:

but what is "happiness"?

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what exactly is "happiness"?

what is the meaning of "happiness"?

what is "happiness"?

what exactly is "happiness"?

in the face of the disordered life, he was at a loss and hurriedly chased the steps of the old man. With remorseful words, braving a bowl of tea that must have been drunk.

those who do not "move heaven and earth" make me want to cry.

"what do you think?"

good night.