Children who are addicted to "junk happiness" have serious brain damage: please beware of addictive behavior in the child's world.

Children who are addicted to "junk happiness" have serious brain damage: please beware of addictive behavior in the child's world.

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on holiday these days, I take my children to a friend's house as a guest.

during the period, everyone sat together for dinner, and a friend called his 9-year-old son to dinner, but there was no response for a long time.

until his friend came into the room and criticized him, he reluctantly went to the table, stared closely at the live broadcast on the screen while eating, and lay down his chopsticks on the sofa and played with his mobile phone after a few bites.

my friend smiled awkwardly:

I carefully observed the child:

his eyes were swollen, his face was haggard, his eyes were dull, and his schedule was extremely irregular.

I can't help thinking of the sentence:

the quickest way to destroy a child is to let him indulge in "junk happiness".


Children who are addicted to junk and happiness have severe brain damage

there is a question on Zhihu: what are the things that young people cannot touch?

the most popular answer is: everything that gets short-term pleasure.

put into reality is all the fragmented entertainment such as games, short videos, live streaming, soap operas and so on.

there is a strong operation team behind these products, who are good at grasping the psychology of the audience, stimulating the human senses, and making you willing to indulge in them.

it is difficult for adults to resist, not to mention children whose brains are not fully developed and their willpower is weak.

once a child is mistakenly involved in it, he will become a captive of junk happiness and get out of control.

A study by the National Institutes of Health shows that children who look at electronic screens for more than two hours a day score lower on thought and language tests.

the cerebral cortex of children who used electronic screens for more than 7 hours a day became thinner significantly.

this means that children who often play with mobile phones become less sensitive, dull and inattentive.

just after the epidemic last year, in the second week of returning to school, Tian Tian, a 13-year-old boy, suddenly saw something double.

once during a meal, Tian Tian was even disabled on the right side of the body, and he couldn't even hold the chopsticks.

his parents hurriedly took him to the hospital, only to find that it was multiple cerebral infarction!

the reason is that children usually keep their cell phones on their hands and spent almost all night playing with their phones the night before last.

every time after the holidays, the hospital will receive many children with stroke, cerebral infarction, epilepsy and so on. The reason is that the children during the holidays are too indulgent and indulge in junk and happiness.

junk happiness gives people a short period of pleasure and satisfaction, but harvests people's most precious time and energy.

it is eroding the child's brain, light becomes silly, heavy it seriously affects the child's health.


junk happiness, killing the child's ambition

the teacher also specifically approached her, saying that the child is often distracted and absent-minded in class, and her learning efficiency has plummeted.

she said she was really repentant. She knew that junk happiness was so poisonous that she could not give her mobile phone to her child.

Children are children after all, it is easy to lose self-control in the face of temptation, and they will become addicted if they are not careful.

once I was impressed by a cartoon:

A child was reading with a mobile phone next to him. The child glanced at the phone and then put it back.

after a while, the child looked at the phone again and put it back.

for the third time, the child picked up the phone and never put it back, throwing the book aside completely.

Yes, junk happiness is so little by little to engulf children's concentration, disrupt their will, and even take away their attention to their studies.

see a piece of sad news.

Last year, six undergraduates from Southwest Jiaotong University were dropped out of school because they were too addicted to games and so on.

this kind of news is by no means alone.

Wang Zhihao, a male student who was admitted to Nanjing University with a score of 632, had to apply for withdrawal because he was so addicted to the game "failing" in the university that he had a mental breakdown.

these children break away from the tense high school life, live in a relaxed and free atmosphere in college, and it is easy to plunge in in the face of temptation.

Ten years of cold window study hard, but because once indulge in junk happiness, wasted a good youth, but also destroyed the original good future, it is really sighing.

junk happiness is killing children's self-motivation and self-discipline with an unstoppable potential.

when a child is addicted to junk happiness, he will lose his sense of everything around him, so how can he study hard and look forward to the future?


Don't let your child's temporary indulgence lead to a lifetime of remorse

not long ago, the China Internet Network Information Center released the "Statistical report on the Development of China's Internet", according to the "Statistical report on the Development of China's Internet" released by the China Internet Network Information Center. By December 2020, the number of short video users in China has reached 873 million, most of them are young users.

Children addicted to mobile phones can be seen everywhere in subways and streets. I always hear parents say

just let their children play for a while. How big a deal can it be?

I believe my child has that consciousness and will not be addicted to it.

do not know that junk happiness is like sugar-coated poison, seemingly sweet, but actually bit by bit into the bone marrow.

A Zhihu blogger posted a post about his experience:

he got good grades in primary school and was basically in the top ten of his age.

as a result, after he was in junior high school, he became addicted to an online game and skipped class as soon as he got out of control.Internet cafes are also commonplace, and their grades plummet.

his parents seldom care about him because they have been doing business outside for many years.

not until the second semester of the second year of senior high school, when the teacher called his parents frequently because of his poor grades, did they realize the seriousness of the problem.

those who should be scolded have also been scolded, and the lessons that should be made up have been made up, but with so much schoolwork and time left behind, how can they be made up for in a while?

as a result, the blogger only got 350 points in the college entrance examination, only went to an ordinary junior college, and repeatedly ran into a brick wall when looking for a job after graduation.

the blogger was filled with remorse and shouted:

junk happiness, ruin my youth, junk games, ruin my future!

but it's too late.

in the end, he said helplessly:

"I hope parents can take this as a warning, stop letting their children become addicted to the Internet, and pay more attention to the people around them."

never overestimate a child's self-control, nor underestimate the erosion of junk happiness on a child.

the online world is ever-changing. Dynamic music and gorgeous life are far more attractive than the boring knowledge in books, and it is easy to pull our children further and further away from their studies.

if parents do not stop and interfere in time, children will indulge in it and sink step by step.

as a parent, don't let your child lose at the starting line because of his or her temporary indulgence and ruin the bright future.

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I have seen an educational short film "listen, Children are talking", and the scene in it is impressive.

the 10-year-old girl sat lonely on the sofa without saying a word.

is surrounded by the noise of mobile games and the sound of TV lines.

it turns out that the girl's father is playing Masters while her mother is watching the play.

in such a "garbage" environment, how can children be expected to be self-conscious, self-disciplined and study hard?

in fact, most of the time, children indulge in junk happiness, rooted in the family, because in the parents.

if parents want to keep their children away from garbage and happiness, parents must observe these three "floodgates":

set rules

Children lack self-consciousness when they are young, and do not expect their children to stay away.

every self-disciplined child needs a push from his parents.

the best way to keep children away from garbage is to solve the problem fundamentally and make relevant rules for children according to different ages.

before the age of 6, parents try not to let their children come into contact with mobile phones and other electronic products. Even if they use them, they should delete games, short videos and other entertainment APP;

6-12 years old. They should not be overly suppressed. They can negotiate with their children about the length and frequency of playing mobile phones, and seriously lay down rules for using them. If there is any violation, they must be punished.

12-18 years old, adolescent children generally have strong self-awareness, parents should manage properly and guide them appropriately.

at the same time, parents must lead by example and not immerse themselves in it while forbidding their children to play with their mobile phones.

even if you can't put it down and stay away from electronics, how can your child avoid being poisoned by junk happiness?

replacing the happiness of nothingness with companionship

Professor Li Meijin told a story:

A father found that his son was infatuated with games in his second year of high school. instead, he took his son to sign up for a table tennis class during the summer vacation.

every weekend, the father asks to compete with his son. As a result, in order to beat his father, the son had to redouble his efforts to practice and gradually got rid of online games.

in fact, when a child builds intimate links with other people and things and derives pleasure from the real world, he will forget the brief bubble pleasures of the virtual world.

therefore, parents might as well enrich their children's life, cultivate their children's interests and hobbies, and encourage their children to make more friends in life.

on weekends, take children out, climb mountains, visit parks, and experience the beauty of nature, so that children's eyes can live in other colors.

care more about the child, accompany the child, and fill the child's life with love and tenderness, so that the child can be truly happy.

Love and tolerance are always the best medicine

what if our children are addicted to junk happiness?

A doctor from the Chinese Academy of Sciences once told a story with his father.

since he was a child, he was addicted to games, rebellious and tired of learning. when he was 14 years old, when he was the craziest Internet addict, his father quietly went to the Internet bar to find him, silently watched him in the corner for 10 minutes, and left without saying a word.

the next morning, he saw a letter left to him by his father on the sewing machine and wrote:

son, my father went to the Internet bar yesterday. When he saw you playing games, he knew that you wanted face in front of your classmates and didn't dare to disturb you.

I came back with no sleep all night, and my head was full of what you looked like when you were a child. I don't know where the obedient son went when he was a child.

your head teacher is going to give up on you, and your mother also said that you should be resigned to fate, but I am your father. I know that you are just lost. Your father must have taken you home.

he doesn't know how long he cried and slapped himself in the face after reading the letter.

it was hard for him to imagine how angry and disappointed a father was when he saw this.

but the father did not lose his temper, but chose to guide the lost child with endless love and tolerance.

since then, such affectionate letters have never been broken, illuminating his dark life a little bit.

Love and packageRong is always the best medicine to cure a child.

when the child is addicted to garbage and happiness, rough beating and scolding will not only make the child more rebellious, but also make the parent-child relationship worse.

whenever you stand with your child and beat the problem side by side.

only by infusing strength with love, can children feel the warmth and beauty of the world and experience more advanced happiness, can we really pull our children back.