Contribution | it is best not to do "business" with classmates

Contribution | it is best not to do "business" with classmates

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this is a contribution, and his experience of selling refreshing noodles made me feel very interesting, so I pushed it out to show you. As a matter of fact, there will always be contributions from readers, but some topics are so far from the disorganized style that they are not selected. We still accept contributions, but we will also review them. Thank you for your support and apologize to those who were not selected.

Zhang Jingshi

I believe many students have heard their parents say that their children will make money if they go to high school. If I had heard my parents say this again, I would have asked them a few questions directly. "do you think they are very successful, and I should follow suit?" "you think their children are better than yours, and you want me to follow suit?" "do you know what very important things they sacrifice to get such a small profit?"

Let's put aside those three questions and talk about my own experience. At that time, I foolishly thought that my parents were right about how mature their children were. So I also hope that I can be for what my parents call mature people, coupled with the economic downturn in the family at that time, the mother's living expenses are not enough to eat, but I dare not say, afraid to put a heavy burden on the family, want to earn some living expenses and pocket money. At that time, after the high school entrance examination, I had just entered the first year of senior high school, and everything was a fresh start. When I thought of it, I thought I could do "business" at that time. At that time, I was still very handsome. I became a member of the life committee. Coupled with my extroverted personality, I often helped my classmates. I soon fell in love with most of the students in my class. There is appearance, there is a relationship, the poor is the business opportunity. So I asked a lot of students if you had any refreshing noodles, and they all said they were delicious. In a flash, I decided to sell refreshing noodles in the dormitory!

the origin of refreshing noodles is relatively close to my home, so it is more convenient to pick up the goods, but my mother is in charge of picking up the goods. When I do business for the first time, I don't know if I can sell something. I'll buy a box of goods first. The men were so supportive that they sold out in three days. So I boldly bought two or two cases, which could be sold out in a week. The good times didn't last long. In the third week, some students had acne, sore throat and other hot symptoms. One case can still be sold out this week, but I have to do something, or I won't be able to sell one case. So I reported this to my mother, and in the fourth week I brought a large bag of Radix Isatidis, but I no longer remember whether I bought one pack of Radix Isatidis or two packets of fresh noodles to give away a pack of Radix Isatidis (in fact, I calculated the cost of Radix Isatidis. Almost no money). However, according to my analysis of myself at that time, I should be a profiteer. I should buy two packs and send one pack of Banlangen. Well, it must be.

it seems that the problem has been alleviated, but it does not solve the problem of hot gas. It is always Banlangen, the effect varies from person to person, anyway, most people say that the effect is average. I can still sell a case in a week, but I found a problem that has nothing to do with refreshing noodles, but has a great impact on me. It is that the classmate relationship that I finally built up seems to be slowly breaking up. From time to time, I have heard people say that I am stingy, but now I think that I am really stingy. I have such a good relationship with my classmates that I can't even send an extra bag, but it is a small profit business and I can't earn much. Quite a few students directly asked me for more than one more bag, asking me to send one more bag. It makes me feel bad, but I'll sell it because I can still sell one case this week. Later, the students slowly began to get tired of eating. Should I buy more goods to sell? The answer I gave myself was no.

I am a member of the living committee, but I find it more and more difficult for me to arrange for my classmates to clean up. It seems that more and more students are reluctant to talk to me. I didn't do anything special except selling refreshing noodles. By the time I really realized that I shouldn't sell refreshing noodles, my refreshing noodles couldn't even be given away, and the students didn't want them. Heat is a problem. I think what is more important is that many of my classmates no longer like me. The handsome guy who helps others is an iron rooster. I lost my dignity as a class cadre, leaving a negative impression of refreshing noodles. Originally arranged for the cleaning work, quite a few students did not listen, or even deliberately did not do it, pretending not to hear me. So most of the time, I do the cleaning work for many people by myself. Of course, some kind-hearted female classmates who saw me working so hard would take the initiative to help. I really thanked them very much at that time. In the last 1 /3 of that semester, it was very difficult, and there were only a few friends left. Maybe I should have done the business regardless of the cost, so that my classmate relationship would get better and better, but at that time, the financial situation of my family really could not be seen directly. I could not do this. I had enough money to survive without breakfast. Fortunately, our school divides liberal arts and science early in this year, and in the new class, I no longer dare to be a successful child of those people.

back to the first three questions, I really think parents need to reflect

"you think they are very successful, I want to emulate?"

parents think that other people's children can make money in high school is a sign of maturity and intelligence. I think they are really ignorant. Originally, when you were a student, the purest classmate relationship was hardly linked to any interests, was not affected by the negative energy of society, and it was possible to obtain the purest friendship, which is a unique treasure in the world. how much money cannot be exchanged, but you ask your children to give up such precious treasure for ten or twenty yuan a week. Is this a loss? I am really glad that I didn't do that kind of business after I divided my class. now my senior year is coming to an end, and I still have a strong relationship with my classmates after I was a freshman. How many true friends can you have in your life? Now it is basically a student friend who becomes a true friend in his life. Can you make friends after work in the future? It is a pity that when I work, I basically face my colleagues. I don't have many opportunities to meet friends. Usually, people come out to play, bring their own friends and then get to know each other.Introduce me. However, it is not a wise choice to be friends among colleagues, unless your colleagues do not have any conflict of interest with you. If we go too far, let's get back to the point and earn more than ten or twenty yuan, while consuming the possibility of getting friends.

"you think their children are better than yours, and you want me to follow suit?"

if parents are like this, then they are not only ignorant, but also selfish. It is abhorrent to ask their children to pay such a heavy price just to satisfy their vanity. It is impossible to tell whether that is the right thing to do. If we compare a person who has done something wrong with his own children, we will ask them to emulate the wrong practice and think that the wrong thing is right, abhorrent and pathetic. Everyone has something better than others, but can it be found? The more you grow up, the more you feel that it is not easy to find the strengths of others, which requires the discoverer to have a certain comprehensive level.

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"do you know what very important things they sacrifice to get such a small profit?"

in fact, parents don't think about it at all, and to be exact, they don't have this level of thinking at all. If you want to get this level of thinking, you must constantly learn and reflect. However, most parents show such a situation: they do not read books themselves, but ask their children to read books, often nagging their children that they do not study hard, but they really do not read books no matter what happens. How can this improve their own level of thinking? If we go a little further here, many parents simply do not have a concept in their minds, that is, no matter what parents do, they always set an example for their children. For example, parents are filial, and their children are basically filial, so there is no need to say XXX that you should be filial to your parents in the future. Parents often read and study at home, and I am not sure that their children will often read and study at home, but they will not resent reading. Expect children to have good habits and good behavior, parents must first lead by example, otherwise unconvincing, how can a mother who is too lazy to do housework ask her children to take the initiative to do housework? Back to the point, parents only set an example for their children to say but not to do, not to mention that this will make their children learn their bad habits of words but not deeds, they refuse to think and reflect, and they do not know the wrong direction for their children. what will happen if their children really do what they say? The result may be a lifetime of wealth (such as the friend I mentioned above). It is more likely to let their children become the second them, or even a vicious circle to their children's children.

in short, don't let money wash away your friendship when you are a student.