Contribution | Sorry, I can't bring you 360 °all-round care.

Contribution | Sorry, I can't bring you 360 °all-round care.

Disorganized "care" would rather be missing than spamming /Little Sydney nonsense, nonsense, nonsense | effort | fun | surprise | messy and sensitive.

A sensitive person will hit rock bottom because of an occasional word, comment, or expression, and troubles will follow, and then it will be like being pressed the red button of "stop" for a long time.

Last night, I was rarely reading quietly because of a reply on Wechat. I couldn't calm down. I feel guilty as if I did something wrong, but is it really my fault? would it be even weirder if I went to say sorry strangely? Finally, I had to go crazy and ask Zhang Jingbao for help: "what if I can't figure out other people's hearts?"

"what does it mean to figure out what's inside?"

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"it means that you can't read the atmosphere well and measure other people's mood properly, and make popular and warm comments at the right time." I complained bitterly, "Girls are really annoyed, their moods and thoughts change faster than cancer cells, and they want to get 360 °comfort and care from others, but they don't express them at all."

in fact, if you think about it the other way around, I am the same. Although I have always felt that I am an informal girl who looks down on the little girl's fragmentary reading. Although I always thought my style was sunny, straightforward, naive and lovely. But I admit that I am also a sensitive person, so concerned about no one's words. I also admit that there are times when I am dominated by bad emotions, remorse for the unchangeable past, sentimental for the imperceptible future, and want to vent implicitly, but in the end, people don't understand me at all. and then complain that no one in the world understands me at all.

in fact, everyone in this world is an individual and has his own track of life, and his mind and state of mind have their own unique cycles and frequencies that cannot be accurately calculated and estimated by others. After all, we are not precision detectors. Why do people around us have to understand you and catch your implicit complaints perfectly?

when I think of this, I am not so nervous. There is a game called reading air, in which there are various scenes to exercise your ability to observe words and expressions, but I am mostly funny. The end of the game tells me that sometimes it can be less considerate.

in the dead of night, let those who, like plant photosynthesis, produce bad emotions during the day corrode them with tears alone at night, and let the innocent me and you sleep. Please don't blame the people closest to you, saying they are heartless. We just try to be objective, but we are by no means indifferent.