"Dad, I'm sorry, my divorce is a disgrace to you." the father's answer went viral on moments.

"Dad, I'm sorry, my divorce is a disgrace to you." the father's answer went viral on moments.

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Dear daughter:

Last night, Dad received your text message.

you said you were divorced.

you also said, I'm sorry, because the divorce humiliated me.

silly boy, you are not sorry to me, nor are you a disgrace to our family.

Dad was very distressed because he always thought my baby daughter was very happy. Unexpectedly, my daughter also learned to report the good news and not the bad news.

Dad is also very guilty that he did not help my daughter, nor did he pay close attention to your marital status.

the daughter who made me spoil and grow up has seen all the ugliness in the world in just a few years and tasted all the bitterness she has not experienced in the past two decades.

Dad couldn't sleep all night, so he got up in the middle of the night and wrote this letter to you.


what is marriage?

Mr. Qian Zhongshu once wrote in besieged Fortress:

Love, fertility, life, responsibility, the relationship between two people, the union of two families.

Marriage is a grand topic in any way, and it contains too many meanings.

but Dad has been married for more than 30 years, the biggest feeling is that

the most essential meaning of marriage should be: when two people are together, they must be better off than when they are alone.

if your partner does not have the ability to protect you from the wind and rain, but he is the wind and rain, then why get married?

Young people always think that love is everything, as long as they fall in love, everything is not a problem.

however, there is always a time to cool down, and a day to fade.

No matter how strongly you love, you have to go back to such trivial things as firewood, rice, oil and salt.

when you really start to face these problems, the problems are exposed.

the true value of marriage is sometimes not reflected in the major issues of right and wrong, but in the small details.

when the weather cools down, someone can remind you to put on more clothes.

when you come home from overtime at night, you can see that there is a lamp waiting for you in the living room.

when you have something to say, someone listens to you.

in the highlights and shadows of life, there are people who accompany you, help you, rejoice for your happiness, and grieve for your sadness.

if none of these are present, the two people will not be together for long.

in the movie in the mood for Love, Su Lizhen, played by Maggie Cheung, said this after learning that her husband was having an affair:

"I never thought marriage could be so complicated. I thought I could do it alone."

but when two people are together, it is not enough to do well by themselves. "

the best state of marriage is not to consume each other, but to be evenly matched; not to fight alone, but to grow together.

Mr. Jin Shijie's words in "leftovers are King" represent the sincerity of parents all over the world:

my daughter should want to marry the person she likes and grow old together.

hold your head high, very stiff, looking forward to, as if you had won.

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with me, she can only be happy and nothing else.

with Dad, it's the same.

when you are born, you are raised as an adult and support your marriage, not to make you suffer all the sufferings of the world.

is not for you to continue the incense, but for you to experience the happiness of your subordinates.

and now, you choose to divorce and, as your father, will stand with you unconditionally.


Marriage is for happiness, divorce is also

Today, too many people demonize "divorce".

traditionally, people think that divorce means the failure of marriage, the failure of life, and the end of loneliness.

especially divorced women, they have to bear more prejudice and discrimination.

indeed, I have to admit that divorce is a great blow and harm to a person.

Marriage is not a child's play. After divorce, you need to be responsible for your children, you need to divide your property, and you need to face the uncertainty of life.

but Dad wants to tell you that if you can bear all this,

or it is a relief for you to return to the arms of happiness, then your mother and I will support you.

A low-quality marriage is not as good as a high-quality single.

do you remember the aunt who came to our house before?

your uncle has been gambling and cheating since he was young, stealing family money and raising women outside.

my aunt raised her four children by setting up a snack stand by herself.

later, my uncle had a 4th wife outside and insisted on divorce from her aunt, but my uncle and aunt refused to do so.

two people are so forced to carry a long-dead marriage.

until the uncle's guest died in a foreign land, the two men did not usher in reconciliation.

in fact, with my aunt's ability and ability, there is still a lot of youth to pursue their own new happiness.

when she was spending time with her uncle, she also used up her youth and life.

it's not really worth it.

Marriage is like a pair of shoes, only you know whether it fits.

A suitable marriage is fine, but a failed marriage is like an inappropriate pair of shoes.

it grinds you to flesh and blood and makes you unable to walk. If you don't give up, you can't move forward.

when I say this, I'm not preaching the benefits of divorce. I just want to tell you that

getting married or getting divorced is just a different way of life.There is no right or wrong, no praise or criticism.

people's life is so short that they just want to be happy.

Marriage is for happiness, so divorce is for happiness.

all destinations are in the name of love.


Marriage is optional, but not required

some time ago, Dad saw a very interesting conversation on the Internet.

the daughter asked her mother, "is it okay not to get married?"

Mom said, "if there are fireworks outside and the smell of food in the neighborhood overflows, and the family travels hand in hand in the street, you can help yourself not to cry."

the daughter asked:

the taste of the meal overflowed, who cooked the meal? Who washes the dishes? Who cleans up the house? Who put the child to bed?

travel hand in hand? Have you bought the school district house? Who helps with the homework? Is the child obedient?

I was out shopping, eating, carrying the cake I just bought, ready to go home to play games and read novels.

I ran into a dishevelled and tired couple playing outside with their children, and it was hard not to laugh.

this reversal surprised my father.

the times are really different. Dad has a lot of friends, and his children are not allowed to fall in love when they go to school.

when the time comes for graduation, they urge to find a partner to marry, as if marriage is like a task.

A lot of children are forced to have a difficult relationship with their parents, or they are not happily married and make do.

Dad doesn't like to see such a scene, so I didn't get much involved in your marriage.

Marriage is optional, not required.

Love is necessary, but love is not.

for everyone, marriage and love are just a part of life.

if you are happy enough right now, don't care why other people have something you don't have.

of course, I hope you won't be knocked down by this little thing in front of you. I encourage you to still be in awe of love and marriage.

it's just that you must remember to polish your eyes before choosing your partner next time.


the last and most important point.

Dad wants to tell you that you are still young, you still have plenty of time, you have to allow yourself to try and make mistakes.

divorce is just a very small hurdle in your life.

you have to be as strong as you were when you were a child, fall down, get up by yourself,

pat the dirt on your body, then smile and start all over again.

I really like what the writer said when he stayed up late:

all the examination papers of life can be painted and corrected, and the painting is really too messy, so the paper points are deducted at most.

not to mention alteration, you can even cheat, make a cheat sheet, peek at the answer of Wang Xiaohua next door, follow the cat and draw a tiger, and you can score.

there is always enough time, and the bell for the end of the exam will not ring until the last minute of life.

before that, you have plenty of time to learn and change.

in fact, the same is true of life. Some people go through plain sailing and some people experience hardships, but no matter what circumstances they are in, people should not lose the courage to love and live.

with your parents, you don't need to play a wife, you don't need to play a daughter-in-law, and you don't need to play a daughter.

We hope that you can live your life more as yourself.

maximum freedom, self-esteem, self-improvement, self-love.

well, after all you've said, it's time for you to dislike your father's nagging again.

in short, don't forget that your parents will always be your support, and they always want you to be happy.

your home is where your mother and I are.

it's dawn. Dad's coming to pick you up.

always love your dad