Deflagration! The scene of "Chinese first" swiping the screen and crying over the whole network is the real China!

Deflagration! The scene of "Chinese first" swiping the screen and crying over the whole network is the real China!

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there is a hot topic on Zhihu: "what moment made you burst into tears for your motherland?"

A netizen shared a story about vaccination.

the matter is very small, but it is very touching.

in the Arabian Peninsula, there is a small country-Oman.

about 3,000 Chinese people work here.

now the global epidemic is serious, everyone is looking forward to getting the vaccine, and the vaccines in most countries are very tight.

about 1,000 Chinese people in Oman have been vaccinated in China, and another 2,000 people do not know what to do.

as a result, in order to ensure that these 2,000 compatriots can be vaccinated, our country donated 100,000 doses of vaccine directly to the government of Oman.

there is only one condition: you must call the Chinese first.

in order to express its gratitude, the Omani government has also sent the best doctors in the country to vaccinate the Chinese people.

the mother of the netizen who talked about this is the one who received the Chinese vaccine in Oman.

Source: Zhihu netizen @ Leavemealone

after her mother told her this "little thing", she was particularly moved:

"although we are a big country with 1.4 billion people, the country has not ignored the needs of a small number of individuals."

"even the 2,000 compatriots in the small country of Oman are always remembered and protected by the motherland."

and netizens drew a particularly vivid analogy:

this is like going to a friend's house to lodge. Your parents are worried that you can't eat meat, so they send a pig directly to the friend's house, so that you can eat a mouthful of meat and let the other person treat you better.

do you feel very down-to-earth and proud in an instant?

for the sake of others, if we are Chinese in Oman, standing on a foreign land, in fear of an epidemic.

as a result, the motherland sent a lot of vaccines without saying a word. let's fight first.

it's hard not to be moved.


what is more touching is that after this "little thing" was posted on Weibo, many netizens also shared their experiences of being vaccinated in various countries.

whether in Vietnam, Thailand, Germany, Malaysia, Laos, which we are familiar with....

still in Rwanda, Mauritius, Uganda, Kuwait, which are not so familiar.

all can be vaccinated with vaccines from the motherland, and all of them are "Chinese first".

in fact, it all comes from the Spring Seedling Initiative, a special program launched by the state to enable overseas Chinese citizens to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

since March this year, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies and consulates abroad have been taking active actions to do their utmost to assist overseas compatriots in getting vaccinated.

many countries have received our donated vaccines on the condition that only one Chinese will fight first.

A set of data released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 10 shows that so far, more than 1.18 million overseas Chinese citizens have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in more than 150 countries.

this data also reminds me of another number: 1 billion.

as of June 20, the vaccination volume of COVID-19 vaccine in China has exceeded 1 billion doses, ranking first in the world.

although 1.18 million is really small compared to 1 billion.

it is precisely because it is small that it can better reflect the motherland's real love for every compatriot, and better show how valuable it is to "not let a person be left behind."

whether it is 1 billion at home or 1.18 million overseas.

each of us is a child protected by our motherland.

every dose of vaccine we get free of charge is a gift from our motherland.


not every country can do this kind of preference and protection.

for example, the United States, which has always called itself a "lighthouse".

it was written on the website of their embassy in Afghanistan:

there is also a Korean artist who once told such an experience on a variety show:

in 2015, he was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, but the phone of the South Korean embassy could not be reached.

finally contacted their Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but unexpectedly, the staff kept throwing pots at each other, but did not solve the problem for him.

on the other hand, the Chinese special plane soon came with relief supplies.

after leaving all the supplies to the locals, he took all the Chinese back.

in the end, he didn't wait for the plane sent by South Korea.

I did everything I could to buy a ticket to Guangzhou and then transfer to South Korea.

at that moment, he suddenly had doubts about "patriotism":

"this country has not done its full responsibility for my life and safety, and there is no contact."

"I felt that I was not well protected, so my patriotism was shaken."

in this video, some netizens left messages like this:

so why do we love China?

because China also loves me.


at the end of the movie Wolf Warriors 2, a Chinese passport appears.

there is a sentence written on the passport:

and this sentence is by no means just a hot-blooded line in a movie.

in 2011, there was war in Libya, and rioters frantically attacked Chinese companies and Chinese construction sites.

tens of thousands of Chinese are in danger.

to protect overseas Chinese, China called 182Civil aviation chartered flights, five freighters, four military aircraft and more than 20 foreign cruise ships were leased.

in a short period of eight days, all 35860 Chinese citizens were successfully brought home safely.

the speed and quantity shocked the world.

at that time, the Chinese fleet slowly approached the seaport and began to shout:

it is conceivable how the Chinese felt when they heard this sound.

there is a particularly moving detail.

according to those who have experienced the evacuation of overseas Chinese, everyone desperately wanted to leave during the war.

but many people's passports have been lost, and the local military will not allow them to pass without identification.

at that time, the staff of our embassy said, "this is very simple. Those who can sing the national anthem are Chinese."

so the national anthem has become a passport in the flames of war. Whoever sings the national anthem will follow the powerful China.

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"when I flew back to Beijing, there was an employee lying on the ground and kissing the ground. Everyone was in tears and excited!" Back to China, our own land! "

and in 2015, the civil war in Yemen broke out, which is the prototype of the story of Wolf Warriors 2.

more than 10 Western developed countries, including the United States, Britain, France, and Germany, have closed their embassies in Yemen and asked their citizens to evacuate on their own.

our Chinese Embassy, however, became the first retrograde and began to evacuate overseas Chinese at all costs.

the state directly dispatched naval frigates and used armed forces to bring 613 Chinese citizens home safely.

there are days of fighting on one side and warships flying five-star red flags on the other.

hearing the naval officers and men on board shout, "Chinese come here," many compatriots shed tears of excitement.


however, this kind of strength and confidence does not always exist.

in 1998, the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea broke out, with heavy casualties.

at that time, there were about 100 Chinese nationals in Eritrea, but at that time, the national strength was limited, and it was impossible to evacuate overseas Chinese on such a large scale as now.

so the Chinese government has come forward to reach an agreement with the United States to help transfer Chinese nationals.

but when the United States organized the evacuation of overseas Chinese, the United States suddenly backed out.

citizens of Europe and the United States can leave with the US military plane, but not the Chinese, nor can women and children.

in desperation, the embassy had no choice but to find five small fishing boats for more than 100 Chinese compatriots.

they drifted for two whole days to get to Saudi Arabia, and many of them got sick.

although it is not life-threatening, the humiliation and helplessness are on everyone's mind.

this is also a scar in the history of Chinese diplomacy.

A country is really like a mother.

sometimes, although she loves her child deeply, she can't give him the best protection.

just 20 or 30 years ago, our navy could not come up with a very decent warship.

in the coup in Somalia in 1991, the state urgently commissioned a fishing boat and snatched 244 Chinese.

in 2004, when China evacuated overseas Chinese from Indonesia, it could only be a cargo ship.

but just ten years later, the situation is different.

our mother is strong!

Bureau seat Zhang Zhaozhong once burst into tears when he talked about the course of the Chinese navy:

the course of the Chinese navy is also the course of China.

how much helplessness, how much humiliation, how much hardship we have experienced before we are where we are today.

and fortunately, we are where we are today!

finally, our diplomats can confidently say to the Americans that you are not qualified to talk about strength in front of China.