Disorganized "freshman check-in"

Disorganized "freshman check-in"

Disorganized "freshmen" meet the article for the first time, Zhao Qiancheng editor /Qiancheng Zhao, nonsense, nonsense, nonsense | effort | fun | surprise |

in the twinkling of an eye, it is another year's college entrance examination season, and another group of senior high school students are facing liberation. Looking at them, I can't help remembering that summer, my third year of high school. It may seem absurd to say that in such an extraordinary period, I fell in love with writing uncontrollably, perhaps because the long-term reading accumulation finally broke out, or because I met a partner with common interests. so that every composition topic has become a kind of expectation, every time I will ask the Chinese teacher to explain why the score of this composition is so low. I still remember a book called "Thorn Bird" that my friend and I shared before the college entrance examination: "the bird has thorns on its chest. It follows an immutable rule. She is pierced by something unknown, driven away, and dies singing." At the moment the thorns pierced, she did not realize that death was imminent. She just sang and sang until her life was exhausted and could no longer sing a note. But when we put thorns in our chest, we know. We are clear about it. However, we still have to do so. We still stick thorns in our chest. " Perhaps in such a period, their own behavior is no different from the thorn bird, and the reason is only because of love.

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after entering college, I was gradually busy adapting to college life and busy with various activities, and my writing was slowly shelved until I saw the disorganized recruitment a few days ago. I suddenly remembered the hobby that had been forgotten to accompany me through a period of youth. I suddenly thought that maybe I shouldn't throw it away, so I sent my resume to the chaos. Luckily, I was accepted in disarray.

I have entered into chaos as a writer. Although my current writing level is still lacking, I believe that as long as I persist slowly, keep thinking, practice frequently, start slowly from basic writing, and constantly improve my writing ability, I will eventually be able to write high-quality articles with unique ideas, and eventually move towards excellence with this team and chaos.

I still don't realize that I'm in a mess.

yesterday afternoon, when the weather was so muggy that I wanted to dive into an ice-carved coffin filled with ice for eternal rest, I received a message from Zhang thorn saying that he was coming out to "talk". In fact, my reaction in the middle of my sleep was: shit! Talk about my ass. It must be another bunch of people coming for an interview in disguise, and they will probably ask me what I think of International Children's Day, the shipwreck, MERS, poisoning and so on. The subconscious is resistant. But the physical action still let me skip the lesson of Peng Xiaopang, who regards roll call as a lifelong career. The mouth says no, but the body is still quite honest. Should it be used here?

pull away.

it turns out that my brain is still a little bigger, not many people, no interview, no assessment, really just "chat". And I haven't realized it yet. Does that mean I'm in a mess?

when I reacted to it, it was a mixed blessing. I am worried that what I write will not meet everyone's expectations, that it will be dragged down into chaos, that the team does not have the kind of blood and cohesion I want, and that there is a gap between worry and hope. But I also thought, disorganized dare to recruit me, what else I dare not try. There is one thing that really matters in college, and that is: who you meet and where he takes you. I hope that chaos can take me to a good place, on the contrary, I hope I have the ability to bring chaos to a better place.

talk about two things that I know and I don't know very well.

one, I think the most important thing is not to let chaos become a serious team that can only deal with work! Yesterday, Zhang Jingshi asked me if I had ever thought about getting anything in chaos. At that time, I said I didn't think about it. Later, I was surprised to realize that I didn't have something I didn't want. From my yearning for college before entering college, what I dreamed most was to have a team, share common hobbies and values, and do one thing together. And if this team is very serious, very boring, little communication, only high-intensity rigid requirements, things can not be spread out, then I believe that such an incident like "plagiarism" will never happen only once.

II, I think the disorganized position should be to become a cultural brand. It is mainly the improvement of the sense of tweet design, as well as the increase of activities (I like the previous activities of "study in Dongguan"), and I play more creatively. I think no matter how well you write a simple article, you are not sure that others will have the desire to read it when they open a dense text, let alone try to understand your thoughts and opinions. And have their own creative design is different, read in fun, unconsciously absorb in reading, the brain will naturally be willing to spread.

I think you want to say: "nonsense!" I understand all the reasons. the question is how to do it? " In fact, I also feel that I am talking nonsense, because I have not thought about how to do it. If you are free, why don't we think about it together and try?