Do not dispute the length of the right or wrong, a light look at the wide world of fame and wealth

Do not dispute the length of the right or wrong, a light look at the wide world of fame and wealth

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

I have seen such a limerick: "No dispute over the length of the limerick, but a light look at the wide world of fame and fortune." I advise you not to pretend to be troublesome, and the more time goes by, the more happy you will be. "

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Life is short and things are complicated. Regardless of length, right and wrong run far away. Looking down on fame and wealth, the sky is high and the earth is wide.

the Historical Records says: "the world is prosperous, and the world is bustling for profit." It means that all people in the world are busy running about for their own interests.

because of this, there is exhaustion in the world, there is haggling, there is selfishness, there is a struggle for fame and fortune, there is intrigue, there is a premeditated frame-up, and there is discord.

however, one does not come to this world to fight, but to be happy, or to realize the value of one's own life. To live comfortably and happily is our pursuit of life.

people, don't live too hard. Life is like a play, but after all, it is not an act, there is no need to put on makeup or put on a "mask" to "play". Life is not magic, give people a false impression, in order to make everyone laugh.

A happy life should be to laugh and sing if you want to, live a simple and natural life, and live a magnanimous life.

Life is like a long-distance train, one stop after another; everyone is a passer-by, and most people just meet and walk away. Knowing that no one in the world is perfect, there is no need to form a grudge because of trifles. Don't compare yourself with others, don't plan and ask for greed if you have more money and less money. You should be satisfied if you have enough to eat and drink.

talk about grudges and grudges, say what you are long and short, if you look down on all unhappy things, all troubles and worries will turn into smoke and smoke.

Don't take it too seriously when you hear others flatter you; don't take it too seriously when you hear what others say that hurt you. If you have reason, don't hold on to it and don't forgive others; if you lose reason, don't argue three points. It's normal to suffer small losses, but don't get angry and hurt people.

in a certain sense, fame and wealth is only temporary and illusory, because for everyone, wealth, glory and Watson do not bring, death does not take, why should we fight for a red face with a broken nose! Learn from Yue Fei: thirty famous dusts and dirt, eight thousand miles of cloud and moon. " If you are so indifferent to fame and wealth and enter the realm of selfless mind, you will have no gain or loss to speak of.

if you are obsessed with utilitarianism, you will be bound by "reins and riches". If you keep your eyes fixed on utilitarianism, you will always think about fame, and you will inevitably worry about gain and loss. The more desires, the more restraints; the less desires, the more relaxed the heart. Want to release the burden is not difficult, as long as indifferent to fame and wealth, look down on gains and losses, with a peaceful and tranquil state of mind, to treat their own life.

fight for fame and profit, only do not give up, it is difficult to achieve the satisfaction in the heart, can only be difficult to get along with themselves. Only by staying away from fame and wealth, looking down on success or failure, and being content with indifference, can we reduce the burden of the soul. It is the magnanimity and atmosphere of life

that is not indifferent, and it is impossible to be far away without serenity. When we look down on everything, we will naturally understand that there is another kind of gain in the loss along the way, that is insipid and quiet, calm and calm.

Don't judge whether others are right or wrong, regardless of their strengths and weaknesses. If you always look at others with your own eyes, there will be a lot of discomfort in your heart.

Don't be too obsessed with power and money, don't be too eager for fame and fortune. If you are greedy for profit and vanity, you will be locked up in a cage of troubles forever.

A wise person should know: "Don't fight for long or short, but look down on fame and wealth."