Do not like to see a person, no need to fall out, no need to speak bluntly, as long as.

Do not like to see a person, no need to fall out, no need to speak bluntly, as long as.

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between people, being comfortable is the best condition.

if the three values are different, you don't have to be strong, you don't have to be comfortable, you treat each other with your heart, you don't have to force yourself.

No matter any relationship, it is not to add to our block. if you feel tired, it is better to break up with one beat.

for the rest of a person's life, if you don't treat others sincerely, they will pay you back.

it doesn't matter if you are bearish, but if you let it go, you will not add trouble to your life.

people's hearts are different, so why go the same way, do not disturb each other, and be well with each other, that is, a sunny day.

it's not easy for people to live. Don't put a burden on yourself. Live comfortably.


to see clearly a person, there is no need to fall out.

Human nature is inherently complex and elusive. If we delve into it too much and care too much, it will torture ourselves and only increase our worries and worries.

everyone has different experiences, different ideas, and different feelings. You don't have to care too much about everything.

different experiences are bound to have different perceptions, different patterns, and different lives.

the world is disturbed one after another, and the hearts of the people are not as simple as we thought. If you see a person clearly, you don't have to argue, don't be critical, and don't care too much, just let yourself go.

if you get along with each other for a long time, if you can't get along, it's good.

some people appear in your life just to teach you a lesson, deceive you, defeat you, do not have to be too sentimental, hurt also see through, also recognize clearly.

calm as things change, the hearts of the people are cold, try to improve yourself, don't pay your heart wrong, don't give the wrong kindness, because some people will not be grateful, but will only take it for granted.

people live in the world, is a unique individual in the world, you have your wonderful, you have your characteristics, do not go humble to please, live in other people's world, to be the protagonist of your own drama, so good!


different ways

Haruki Murakami says:

not all fish live in the same sea.

I think so deeply. If there are differences between people, they are like parallel lines. No matter how far they go, they are not people on the same road.

when you have people who don't like you and don't like you, there's no need to care too much about it. The best way is to learn to treat it with a normal mind.

We are not RMB, so we can't make everyone like it, let alone satisfy everyone.

what's more, some people are already different from you, so why injure themselves and please them humbly?

the eagle has the ambition of the eagle and the joy of the sparrow, and is destined to linger in different heights.

Why insist? why care? it's a different way. If you please in every way, it will only bring humiliation. The more you care, the more you embarrass yourself.

A truly wise person knows how to stay away from people with different values.

the three values are different, there is no resonance, he can not understand what you think, or even scoff, at this time to get along, there will inevitably be contradictions.

different ways do not conspire with each other. Instead of wasting time and energy on people with different values, it is better to use your time and energy to improve yourself and attract people who understand you frequently to share the joy of life and comfort the helplessness of life.

everyone's journey in life is long and lonely. in this lonely journey, we are all eager to meet a soul friend who has the same frequency with our thoughts and hearts.

if you are lucky enough to meet, cherish it, and if you don't meet, manage yourself with your heart.


Don't let villains and bad people become your stumbling block

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pattern, which often determines the height of life.

the larger the pattern, the greater the harvest, the smaller the pattern, and the more you lose.

improve the pattern of your life, ignore the troubles of right and wrong, ignore trifles, let your heart relax, and don't let bad people and bad things become stumbling blocks on your way to success.

keep broad-minded and generous, not to help those unreasonable villains, but to show the pattern of our own self-cultivation.

learn to judge people is not easy, forgive people's difficulties, learn to tolerate, learn to understand.

the great wisdom of dealing with others is not to embarrass others, but also to let yourself go.

but tolerance should also have a bottom line. Don't tolerate those who make progress by an inch. For those who don't know how to cherish it, stop the loss in time and take back your good.

knowing how to respect others and leave decency to others is not only a kind of understanding, but also a way out for yourself.

as the saying goes:

the great wise must be modest, the great good must be tolerant, only the little wise will be aggressive, and the small good will haggle.

people's life, there are always some encounters, enrich our lives, there are always some encounters, wasted time.

Don't worry about it too much. if it is beautiful, it is called the gift of time. If you don't get what you want, you can't break our wings.

people in the world, in a hurry for decades, fleeting, get along with others, do not criticize others, do not lower themselves.

do not conspire against each other, people who do not like you, you can not be moved, learn to let myself go, see a person clearly, do not have to tear face, do not need to say, just stay away.

in the rest of my life, you don't have to take everything too seriously, relax your heart, take the big things seriously, and don't worry about the little things!