Does it matter whether you go to college or not?

Does it matter whether you go to college or not?

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the college entrance examination is coming soon, and the moments are repeatedly flashed by videos of cheering for the college entrance examination of the life of the old Youtiao, eleven pieces of advice for the college entrance examination, cheering portraits of so-and-so school, nostalgia for youth and slogans of those years.

reply to Jing to tell some nonsense to the brothers and sisters of the teacher.

Don't lose heart too much, it's no use. I have seen a bunch of high achiever who have high hopes and should be admitted to the key points in the exam, and I have also seen a bunch of scum who usually did worse than me in the exam. I have also seen the key points that made me jealous at the last minute. The college entrance examination these two days, there is no inevitable basis to speak of.

however, that doesn't seem to be what I'm talking about.

what I want to say is--

"does it matter whether you go to college or not?"

two nights ago, I was in the open space downstairs of the dormitory, sitting side by side with the hostess in two chairs, chatting and blowing water. When talking about the power consumption of air conditioners, she unexpectedly used a bunch of professional terms to explain to me how to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, a high-end domineering physical problem for liberal arts students like me (science students, don't laugh). No matter which subject she seems to have all the knowledge, I can't believe: "Auntie, how do you know this and remember so clearly?" I forgot all about it a long time ago. " She told me proudly that she had also been to high school, but failed by two points in the college entrance examination. She said that she envied us that we could go to college. In their time, there were less than ten people in a class. It was such an honor to be admitted to college at that time. Unlike now, anyone can go to college, but it is divided into key universities, ordinary universities and colleges.

graduated from high school at the age of 24, got married at the age of 25, had children at the age of 26, and came out to work at the age of 27 because she liked reading and found a job in the library. She said that the happiest years of her life were at that time. The library was like her own home. Every day, you can read at will, practice your writing, and all the staff will come to her for leave, because often only if you ask her to write, the leader will approve it. I looked at the corner of her mouth with a smile, looking at the distance, firm, beautiful, thoughtful, obviously dark in front of me because of the light in my eyes, as if it were a shining road, where all the past appeared and led me forward.

looking back at myself, I can't remember anything I learned in high school. I just graduated less than a year ago. The hostel aunt was in her fifties and graduated for more than 30 years. She knows all the things I learned but lost in less than a year.

I told her that it was a good time for you to have nothing. If you like one thing, you study it with all your heart. Unlike us now, the outside world is infinitely possible, facing all kinds of interest temptations every day, where there is no one who wants to sit down and study. Aunt obviously does not understand, she said that she still envies us to have a college life. I said, "it doesn't matter, that's the way life is. There is no better life. Don't you think you went to college in another way?"

when I passed the hostel the next day, she was still sitting at the window with a pair of golden presbyopic glasses, reading and marking with her finger, for fear of missing something, as if in an incomparably sacred ceremony.

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at that moment, I suddenly felt that everything I told her last night was bullshit! In the face of the infinite temptation of the world, we can't calm down and do what we want to do. Talking so innocently seems to be the world's fault, it's none of our business, it's the environment that doesn't allow us to do it, it's not that we don't do it ourselves, we are also very helpless. I can't believe I found an excuse for myself to say so plausibly.

"does it matter which university you go to?"

in the first semester of freshman year, people who think they have just finished the college entrance examination bask in the sun, enjoy and have fun every day, never go to class if they want to sleep, and never save money for themselves if they want to eat and drink (as if they earn money). Every day, people are wherever wifi is, and turning all the TV series on the Internet upside down seems to be what I want to do in college. Every day is depressed, and there is a class of roommates who are more depressed than me. At that time, there was a lot of time, young, wayward, uncared for, and there was no need to feel guilty about profligacy.

in fact, no matter where you go, if you are not a god who firmly knows where you are going from the beginning and puts it into practice without being shaken by others, you will be reduced to the kind of person who does not know what you are doing every day. Today is always the same as yesterday, and tomorrow is always the same as today. A good school can provide you with a good environment, but there is no way to force you to go to the west if you don't want to move forward at the foot of Wuzhishan.

Oh, by the way, it's okay. Fortunately, I was the first one around me who was bored and wanted to break away from this life, and really did something to get out of it. I abandoned the majors that my relatives and friends thought were "suitable for girls", "can safely find a job for the rest of my life", "can make money while teaching my husband and children", and pressed the confirmation button at the end of the online application form. I never thought it would send me without warning to radio and television studies that my relatives and friends thought I was "working hard" and "can't find a job at all unless you have a hard background", "rich people daydream", "need hidden rules" and "crazy to choose".

fortunately, at least up to now, I have been taking actions to prove to them that I have made the right choice. Whether it can find a job or not, I have always thought that if I am destined to come out after graduation to be an ordinary clerk, from 9 to 5, do those jobs that can no longer be modeled (personal hobbies, some people may like them, but not me), and live a life that is too boring to be boring any more. To be the kind of person who is too ordinary to be ordinary, why don't I do what I have always wanted to do but never dared to do before when I still have the right to choose and don't need to be responsible or "pushed to follow the flow of life"?

so if my younger brothers and sisters who are about to take the college entrance examination ask me, is it important to go to any university, I will tell you what major to choose is more important! Because you love it dead or alive.If you are not a major, you will lose these four years directly, no matter whether you go to Tsinghua University or Lanxiang.

does it matter whether you go to college or not?

does it matter what university you go to?

half of the people who have been there tell you that it is important.

but who you are

what kind of person you want to be

is more important.