Don't expect too much of anyone! (recommended collection)

Don't expect too much of anyone! (recommended collection)

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as a human being, the higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

I thought I could be recognized, but I only waited for my loss.

thought I could get my heart back, but my heart was broken.

I thought I could wait for heartache, but I was only sad and lost.

most of the root causes of pain in the world are often inescapable of the word "expectation".

as the writer Ma de once said:

if you want not to be hurt, the best way is to never expect anything from anyone!

be bearish, go or stay at will; let go, love and hate go with fate.

in this way, it will not be easily hurt.


not everything, others can empathize with

some time ago, Yang Mi said a word in an interview and immediately went on a hot search.

the host asked her, "are you not very good at saying 'you've worked really hard'?"

Yang Mi said bluntly:

under the fine taste, I think deeply.

in life, everyone has their own hardships and tiredness, but these feelings can not be felt by others.

the bitter support you think is just an understatement in the eyes of others;

the grievances you think are full of grievances may be hypocritical in the eyes of others;

the grief and pain you think is just an understatement in the eyes of others.

as Mr. Lu Xun wrote in "just Collection":

"A man downstairs was sick to death, and the family next door was singing a gramophone, opposite to playing with children, and there were two people laughing and playing cards upstairs. On the boat in the river, there was a woman crying over her dead mother.

Human joys and sorrows are not the same. I just think they are noisy. "

therefore, there is no empathy at all in this world, most of which are just self-knowledge.

if you don't recognize this, you are the only one who will be disappointed.

there was such a story:

A little monkey was hurt. He covered the wound and walked back.

along the way, as soon as he saw his companion, the little monkey opened the wound for people to see.

I thought I would get sympathy and comfort from everyone, but as a result, everyone didn't care, because in their eyes, it was just a small wound.

finally, less than half a mile from home, the grieving little monkey died of wound infection.

in real life, people are not this little monkey.

always hope that others can see through their own sadness and sadness, but do not know that if the needle is not stuck in their own body, they will never know how painful it is.

so don't count on others, and don't expect others.

some hardships are destined to be tasted by yourself; some things are doomed to be carried by yourself!

to let go of expectations and learn to go your own way and live your own life is the best way to arm yourself.


not all "friends" can become friends

people will meet a lot of people in this life.

but there are few left in the end.

after all, not everyone is willing to be in the same boat with you on the road of wind and rain.

some people, just to be with you for a while, then turn around and leave.

just like the saying in "the Dead of Mountains and Rivers":

in this world, no feelings are unbreakable except blood relationship.

especially those so-called "friendships", they may be brothers one second, and they may fight each other the next.

so never overestimate your place in the hearts of others.

the more you overestimate, the more disappointed you will be; the more you expect, the more you will fail.

this truth was told as early as in a fable:

once upon a time, a sheep was playing on a hillside when suddenly a wolf sprang up next to it and wanted to eat it.

the sheep jumped up and tried to resist with their horns and shouted for help to their friends.

as soon as the cow saw that it was a wolf, it ran away quietly, while the horse saw that it was a wolf and ran away.

the donkey stopped and found that it was a wolf and slipped down the hillside quietly. When the pig passed by, he found that it was a wolf, rushed down the hillside, and the rabbit left like an arrow.

the sheep can escape only if the dog rushes out and bites the wolf by the neck.

when it gets home, the "friends" who escaped before will gather around again.

Niu said: why didn't you tell me? My horn can gouge out the wolf's intestines;

the horse said, "Why didn't you tell me?" My hoof can kick the wolf in the head;

the donkey said: why didn't you tell me? I gave a roar to frighten the wolf.

the pig said, "Why didn't you tell me?" With an arch in my mouth, I let it fall down the hill.

the rabbit said, "Why didn't you tell me?" I can run fast. I can send messages.

in this noisy group, there are only no dogs.

thus it can be seen that not everyone can be called a friend, nor is it true that the other person will treat each other with all your heart.

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when the water is full, it will spill over, and people will be aggrieved when they love deeply.

only remind yourself all the time: eat seven points full, treat others seven points good, will not be burdened by the expectations of the heart.

Emily Bronte once said:

No matter how good you are, you have to be rational. Don't overestimate yourself and don't expect others. That's the best way to treat a relationship.