Don't kidnap individuals in groups.

Don't kidnap individuals in groups.

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when we were young, my mother often told ghost stories to frighten us in order not to let us go to the pond to play in the water. "if you play around by the reservoir, the water ghost will drag you into the water and drown you." You want to struggle, but you find that fresh water keeps pouring in as soon as you open your mouth, and you want to escape, and the water ghost grabs your hands and feet so that you can't move. "

at that time, I was so scared that I never dared to run to the pond and wander around. But unexpectedly, with the rise of Wechat, I have a feeling of being "dragged into the water".

I have been dragged into a work group before, and there is nothing wrong with my original intention. After all, we all work together, and it is good to have a group to inform. But the group builder did not set the rules, and that group can be used not only to post announcements, but also to chat. This makes it possible for those working groups to share what they have seen and heard that day. Of course, there is nothing wrong with sharing. However, if a notification group is also used as a chat group, then the notification content will often be pushed up by those chat records, and the notification group will lose its original function.

and the most painful thing is that you obviously don't like listening to the people inside talking, but it often occupies a front seat on your Wechat interface. Although Wechat allows us not to disturb the message, the red dot and the number of messages are always upsetting.

quit the group, and you are afraid that others will say that you are arrogant and disdain to chat with them. You don't go back, and every time you expect to see some useful information, you find that you are topped by these groups.

but after hesitation, I dropped out of the group and withdrew several other group chats that were extremely active, but I never bubbled in them. After I retired, I felt relaxed. No matter how much they thought of me, I couldn't see it, because I didn't add their Wechat from the beginning.

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when I wrote it, I was afraid that I would seem to be disrespectful to those friends, but I was really not proud. I was just bored. I hope I can understand more.

you see, I want to write an article about it. I have to give you a shot. Is this really not a kind of "kidnapping"?

A few days ago, a teacher and sister said to me backstage:

"Why bother to prepare graduation gifts for brothers and sisters? we say that there is a lot of pressure."

I thought it was amazing at that time. Don't you want to send it or not?

she replied to me like this:

"sometimes when the brothers and sisters of the community organization graduate and say they want to share money to buy gifts, do you refuse?"

I thought about it for a long time and found that I really couldn't refuse.

when I was a freshman on Girls' Day, I didn't even prepare a gift for my girlfriend, but I was told by the monitor that I wanted to buy a present for the girls in my class, and one boy was responsible for the gifts of 3 or 4 girls. At that time, I thought they were all joking. Who would really choose a Girls' Day gift carefully?

but I found that all the boys in our class went to the Hong Kong store to buy chocolates or dolls one by one, which simply refreshed my values. The moment I stepped into the Hong Kong store with them, I found that I was so stingy and narrow-minded.

it suddenly occurred to me that if I didn't send them off, would the girls in charge of me tell others that I was stingy? Although the two of them played better with me, the usual jokes were heartless. But if every boy gives other girls Meiji chocolates and small dolls, and I just hold two pieces of fun that I think are delicious, will they be disappointed?

at that moment, I felt that I had been kidnapped by the whole group.

although I am shameless, I still think the word "stingy" is too lethal for me to bear. So I bought two jin of bananas and a few apples and gave them two points in the class on Girls' Day. This is one of the things I did to untie me, and it proves by the way that my girlfriend is the most important girl to me.

of course, I was scolded by the girls as "shameless", but I know they were also joking, because a few days later, they gave me a rape flower, and it was a wrapped rape flower.

although the experience is interesting, it is indeed a "kidnapping". First of all, the monitor put forward the suggestion of "giving gifts", and then the people around me agreed, and as a collective class cadre of this class, I had lost the right to choose. How could I jump out and spoil everyone's fun? So they can only be forced to think about what girlfriend to send so that they won't get angry, and they have to think about what to send before they feel satisfied.

I think the younger sister thinks the same way, so she is worried about it.

it's a pity that there's not much I can do. I can only say a few more nonsense here.

if we feel that a brother and sister is very helpful to us, so we have to give them graduation gifts, that's good. But can you give it to yourself, because that shows how important he is to you.

after all, your brothers and sisters may be just your brothers and sisters, and there is no need to upset anyone because of this kind of thing, but the most terrible thing is that sometimes we are not happy and dare not say it. For fear of being mentally isolated by others.

in fact, the greatest discovery after the Renaissance was not Darwin's theory of evolution, but Copernicus' proof that the sun was the center of the world. He used science to tell the world not to think he was the center of the world. And what we think is not necessarily what other people think.