Don't let procrastination ruin your life!

Don't let procrastination ruin your life!

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there is a good saying in a book: "procrastination is a trick of the mind that keeps you hopeful, but just as you hope and wait, time goes by, and in the end, you will come to a dead end-death." and then there won't be any other opportunities. " Yes, life is short, why not now? Why procrastinate?

some people put it off year after year, from this year to next year, from this spring to the next spring. As the ancient poem goes: if you don't work hard when you are young, you can only be sad when you are old. What we are talking about is wasting our time, putting off what we should work hard to do in our youth until we reach adulthood. As a result, there is nothing left to grieve.

the world is unpredictable. What has not been done this year may be occupied by other things next year, and new and unexpected situations may arise. All good wishes, in this way, dragged on year after year, became a bubble, an unreachable dream.

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someone drags from January to January, from one month to the next, from a hot summer to a cool autumn. In the end, the unfinished work piled up into a hill; the skills you want to master have not been learned; the housework to be done is still left behind; you want to have a slim figure, but you are still fat and fat!

such people are often "giants in words and dwarfs in deeds." There are a lot of ideas, but I can't take that step forward! Little do you know that time is fleeting and time waits for no man!

No matter how small it is, there is still a day-to-day procrastination, and today until tomorrow, there will always be endless things waiting for him. "tomorrow after tomorrow, there are so many tomorrow. I live for tomorrow, and everything is wasted." How many people in this world are tired of tomorrow, but do not know how to cherish the good time of today, until countless tomorrow passes, "white youth head, empty sorrow"!

the word "drag" in the world, how much remorse it leaves, how much regret it leaves and how much scenery it misses! Drag to and fro, but I am afraid to drag the old time, drag the old face, drag the mood. Moreover, this procrastination, people also slack off, the environment is also messy, affairs are also accumulated, the scenery is also decadent, your life, the whole is in a vicious circle, fatigue is always accompanied by a shadow!

the only thing that can save you is the word "diligence and self-discipline". Remember these words all the time. When you are faced with a task that should be done today, but you want to put it off until tomorrow; when you are ready to tidy up your room, but do not feel that you can hold your phone and can no longer put it down; when you get up early and want to go to morning exercise, but the weather is dark and sore all over When you yearn for a scenic spot, but are always afraid of a long journey, think of these words!

if you want to gain something in life, you must swallow all the bitterness and hardship in your stomach; show persistence and patience in your hands and legs, gnash your teeth, eliminate interference, and set out toward your goal. Day after day, year after year, when you overcome yourself, when habits become natural, the dream flowers molded by sweat and tears will eventually bloom!

Life is short, please don't procrastinate! If you think of something, start to do it immediately without leaving any buffer, you will find that life is actually simple and beautiful!