Don't let "traveler" define your life.

Don't let "traveler" define your life.

Say it like I know a lot about life.

I came to this world naked, and will I go back naked in the twinkling of an eye? But it can't be flat, so why do you have to walk in vain?

-"in a hurry"

walking, the sky slowly dawned, as if I had been to this place. I don't know when, every once in a while, there is always a moment when the scenery and the sound I hear seem to have been experienced and are so familiar, but I can't tell why I am so familiar. I know exactly what will happen in the next moment, but in a moment this feeling fades away, no matter how hard you try to remember, just like the water in your hand, you can't retain it after all. But in the next inadvertent moment, the water will fill the palm again, and the sense of familiarity will visit the heart again.

the old man looked back at me with a smile and whispered that I remember you. It is said in the story that most of the old people you inadvertently meet and care about are not ordinary people. When I was young, I went to climb a tree on the riverbank with my little friend. I met an old man walking under the tree, pulling a cart loaded with freshly cut grass. Then he told us a story. He said that during the Anti-Japanese War, he once hid in a tree to avoid searching. However, after many years, I could not remember what the old man looked like, only the one wearing a straw hat. The blurry figure pulling the rickshaw was the same childhood as my equally vague dream.

yours and mine, memories are like luggage, laughing and crying. When I was young, I obviously loved to cry, but I didn't know what sadness was, so some memories were forgotten when I cried and laughed. When I grew up, I understood the joys and sorrows, so every time the sadness and happiness became so unforgettable and earth-shattering. Will stay in the depths of memory. But when the memories of the luggage slowly piled up on your shoulders, the journey began to let you learn to let go, reluctant to give up will make you very painful, so the choice is the most precious, the most profound memories.

as we walked, stubbornness became soft, and we grew up, and someone stood where I left that day and put the memories into a distance. They all say that things are unpredictable, people are sinister, there are no eternal friends, only permanent interests, and people are selfish. When one day, we are no longer stubborn, no longer have the edge of youth, when stubbornness becomes soft, when the edges and corners gradually wear off, when one day we begin to say the words we once hated most, we will bid farewell to ourselves at a stage forever. we begin to miss the carefree and carefree more and more frequently, and begin to recall the past. So Uncle Nanpai said in an interview: "I would like to trade my life for ten years of innocence."

in front of my ear, the pigeon stopped on the eaves. In restoring that yesterday, the more I tried to help it, I couldn't help crying, and some people disappeared. When you are over 20 years old, you will find that time goes by faster and faster, and you will find that the people around you begin to stop slowly, with their memories of you, with your past time, in the journey of time. You will feel more and more lonely, but you have to put up with that loneliness, because your journey is not over, you still have a long way to go, you begin to unconsciously think about the meaning of life, all the way. What do you get, what you lose, what you want.

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my stubbornness went against the shoulder of the crowd, slowly approaching the stars from the dazzling sun, someone turned around, recognized my crying face, smiled gently at me, and laughed out tears don't be sad. Some people say that at the end of your life, everything in your life will flash before your eyes like pressing the fast forward button, and all the luggage that you have lost along the way and still on your shoulder will be displayed again in front of your eyes. however, this time your journey will be over, but have you found the meaning of the journey?

We come to this world naked, and we will go back naked. Why do we have to go this way for nothing? The answer you can give is not your answer, your understanding, is the understanding of others. You don't know what you want to gain from this journey of life, so in order to avoid drooling, you must first live a step-by-step life. You will become so busy that you no longer have time to think about it. Until your old age is coming to an end, another traveler dies quietly in other people's lives.

walking, I don't know how long it took to brighten the sky.