Don't overdraw yourself (deep)

Don't overdraw yourself (deep)

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what is a person's best state?

the best state is not profligacy, but a moderate life;

the best state is not to pinch others, but to maintain moderation;

the best state is not to let things happen, but to cherish what you have.

in fact, the best state of a person's life is to do something for any period of time.

Don't covet too much, don't be jealous of others, don't overdraw yourself!


Don't overdraw your true feelings

there is a saying on the Internet:

there is a relationship account between people. If you can make the other person happy, save a little more; if you always make the other person sad, save less.

Don't be profligate and feel that money is inexhaustible. When the deposit becomes zero, that is when the other party wants to leave.

people, if you don't save, you always take, who will take whatever you want?

tea length dress is more than just a sense of charm, but also a flattering silhouette. Find your favorite and it will remain fashionable and fabulous for the years to come.

if you don't do it, you will always be greedy, who will always be used to it?

there is a saying:

Don't always offend people who are nice to you, otherwise you won't even get down on your knees.

when a relationship, only take, do not save, wantonly consume other people's good, do not know how to be grateful, do not know feedback. One day, you will face loss.

so, when the other party "deposit", you should also "save", remember, the truth can not help but consume.


do not overdraw health

some people say, health + truth + money = 1, is that so?

in fact, health itself is equal to 1, only with health, you can have what you want, and you can have more opportunities to create!

A person's life, do not overdraw health, the body parts need to be taken care of, you always use it, do not care, do not rest, when the parts do not move, the disease will come.

Don't always overdraw healthy, rest, exercise, exercise.

only if you are good to your health, your body will give you better response and feedback.

details are changing your life all the time. If you have a healthy body, you will have a wonderful life that you can imagine.


Don't overdraw the bottom line

Buddha said: a person's life is the cycle of cause and effect. In fact, what you give, you will get, and what you sow, you will have.

the bottom line of being a man, you have to be clear, no confusion, no overdraft.

what is the bottom line?

can be envied, but not hurt because of jealousy;

can make money, but not because of greed to cheat;

can be flattered, but not humble because of deep love;

can make concessions, but not because of cowardice without dignity!

people, some things, can be confused, some things, do not allow carelessness! You must have the principle and dignity of being a human being! You have to be kind and standard in doing things!

there are rules in heaven and earth, there is order in the world, be a man, don't overdraw!

if the gold is too rigid, it is easy to break, and if the jade is too hard, it is fragile.

only by not overdrawing can harm be avoided;

only by moderation can we live freely;

can we have a good life with a good attitude!