Don't put your feet in other people's shoes.

Don't put your feet in other people's shoes.

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I don't know if you have noticed that many people like to tell other people what to do in their lives.

there are such people around me, from life planning to food and clothing, they always like to interfere with other people's decisions and impose their own views on others.

forget completely that the most important thing in interacting with others is to be measured, to know advance and retreat, not to judge easily, and not to interfere at will.

to use a metaphor:

it is not easy to put your feet into other people's shoes.


No matter how good the relationship is, respect each other

there is an anonymous respondent who has shared his growing experience.

says he is at home and has hardly made any decisions.

once during the Spring Festival, a little girl came to the family and held on to her doll.

that was the reward given to her by her mother when she finally took the first place in her class, and she always cherished it.

but the girl next door was naughty and threw the doll around. After a while, the doll was dirty all over.

she tried to stop it, but she was stopped by her mother.

Mother said to her:

regardless of her tears swirling in her eyes.

when she left, she wanted to grab the doll, but the little girl was crying and wanted to take the doll home.

she looked at her mother with crying eyes, hoping that her mother could save her favorite doll.

Mom said:

that day, after the little girl left, she locked herself in the house and cried for a long time.

she was sad that the doll had been taken away and that her mother had failed to respect her opinion.

at this point, I think of a plot in "where is Dad going?"

Huang Lei's daughter has a lot of puppies. Lu Yi's daughter Belle likes the dog very much and hugs it stubbornly. Huang Lei also came to ask Huang Lei:

Huang Lei looked at her daughter and knew that she didn't want to and didn't make decisions for her daughter.

but to Belle:

having a conversation not only gives the child enough respect, but also gives her control over her belongings.

the same is true of the relationship between parents and children, and so is the communication between people.

the closer you are, the more you respect each other.

this is a rare accomplishment.


think differently, keep a distance

writer Ma Boyong said one thing.

he has a good friend's mother, who is very nice and warm-hearted, but too enthusiastic.

when we eat together, she will not hesitate to give the guests what they think is delicious.

will also try their best to prevent them from eating what they think is not delicious.

once, the two families attended someone else's wedding together, and there was a plate of Braised Intestines in Brown Sauce on the table.

Ma Boyong was so greedy that as soon as he picked up his chopsticks to clip them, his friend's mother got up and picked up the plate and moved her large intestine to another table.

Ma Boyong felt a little disappointed and could not help saying:

Nothing can stand to be compared with burgundy party dresses. Here are the absolute best choice to make you shine!

the mother of my friend did not analyze why the large intestine was not clean, nor did she admonish the child to eat it in an adult tone.

but keep saying:

she naturally "stands from Ma Boyong's point of view", thinking that she has made this decision for him well.

but I didn't know that Ma Boyong was full of grievances at that time, but because he was young, he had to swallow it.

the same scene happened when he was studying in New Zealand.

once at a classmate dinner, a girl was making scrambled eggs with tomatoes when she was stopped by a boy beside her.

the boy's tone was very angry:

even missed and almost knocked over the candy in the girl's hand.

the girl is also very aggrieved. She has been doing this for more than ten years, but how she got here has become a mistake.

under the noise, a party broke up in discord.

I have read a sentence:

instead of hurriedly correcting others, it is better to keep a proper distance and give each other room to play.

everyone has a personality, so there is no need to force others to be the same.

the world will accept us only if we have room for the world.


take care of yourself, Mo du others

"hated courage" there is such a concept:

in anyone's communication, there are generally only two kinds of topics, one is "one's own project", the other is "someone else's project".

how to tell the difference is very simple--

who is responsible for the outcome of this matter is whose subject.

I have seen such a story.

there is a high school student whose academic performance is very good. Before every exam, she would arrange to go to the study room with her friends in the dormitory to persuade them not to play any more, to study hard, to take key classes together, and to go to college together.

there are a few friends whose grades can't come up. She also holds books, teaches them knowledge points, works with them on problems, and sometimes sacrifices her study time to accompany her roommates to relax and study.

because she spent so much time with her roommate, she had to stay up late to review at that time.

in order to improve her roommate's performance, she made a lot of efforts, but after the final exam results were announced, she was the only one who was admitted to the key class.

other roommates, no matter in terms of academic achievement, attitude or habits, there is no change.

at that time, the high school student did not understand. She did not understand why she had worked so hard for them, but they were not grateful at all.

even speak ill of her behind her back and think of herIt's too much.

several roommates even banded together to exclude her, giving her a lot of anger both openly and secretly.

later, after graduating from high school, they parted ways, and the girl was admitted to a good school. Although several roommates were not admitted to a good school, most of them had their own way out.

it was only when she grew up that she knew that everyone in this life was destined to take a different path.

the happiest thing in life is not to live like others, but to live more like yourself after working hard.

Happiness has to be defined by itself after all.

those who take the wrong turn and take the wrong path in the eyes of others will achieve a unique life in the end.


before he died, Jung said to his apprentice, "you don't even want to change others."

as a teacher, you have to learn from the sun, only emitting light and heat.

everyone reacts differently to receiving sunlight. Some people feel dazzling, some feel warm, and some even avoid the sun.

there is no sign before the seeds break the soil and germinate, that is because it is not at that time.

always believe that everyone is his own savior. "

in fact, if you count people in this lifetime, you will find that there are thousands of ways to live in the world, but all the good ones have something in common-

live your own life and follow the path of your choice.

not reaching into other people's lives and feet into other people's shoes is a kind of morality and a kind of self-cultivation.