Don't talk too much, don't get familiar too fast, don't think too much.

Don't talk too much, don't get familiar too fast, don't think too much.

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Don't talk too much, give yourself some leeway

people often say, "you can't eat a full meal, you can't talk about it."

if you eat too much, you will easily hurt your body and stomach. If you are too full, you will easily hurt others and yourself. If you do not leave yourself a way out, there will be no room for manoeuvre.

Xu you, who was originally a subordinate of Yuan Shao during the period of the three Kingdoms, although he was a military general, he was also resourceful and devoted to Yuan Shao's advice, but he was not appreciated by Yuan Shao. In a fit of anger, he turned to Cao Cao.

when Cao Cao heard that Xu you was coming, he didn't even put on his shoes, so he went out to greet him barefoot, saying that with Xu you joining him, his big deal would be done.

later, Xu you concentrated on assisting Cao Cao. Xu you made great achievements in several world wars, but he was proud of himself and never left room for speech.

on one occasion, when officials in North Korea and China were discussing major issues, Xu you called Cao Cao by his nickname in front of everyone and said, "A Yin, without me, how could you have got Jizhou?"

even when Cao Cao went out to do business at the east gate of Huangcheng, Xu you boasted in front of everyone, "the Cao family would not have been able to enter this door if it hadn't been for me."

finally, Cao Cao couldn't stand it and killed Xu you.

the old man said, "when you fall in love, don't be extreme, and don't overdo it if you are reasonable."

Yes, do not go too far in dealing with the world at any time. If you give others a way out, you are also leaving a way for yourself. If you force others to a dead end, you will come to a dead end.

to survive in society, it is originally a high knowledge. We should not talk about the rules, but also pay attention to the hidden rules, and we should pay more attention to the ways and methods of speaking.

the philosophy of life is to say the right good words and the right bad things.

you know, dreams can not be too beautiful, it is difficult to realize; people can not be too false, it is difficult to make heart to heart, smart people, all understand, say seven points full, and three points to protect themselves.


Don't get to know someone too fast. Leave some time for your relationship.

it is said in

that people don't get to know each other too fast.

between people, no matter how good the relationship is, it takes time to verify and precipitate.

Bai Juyi and Liu Yuxi, born in the same year, were both famous poets of the Tang Dynasty. They both had great names and appreciated each other's poems, but they met for the first time in the middle of the year.

in 826 AD, both of them met on the road of being demoted. It can be said that they felt sorry for each other, but it was too late to meet each other. So, they sang songs to the wine, sang poems and merrily, you poured wine for me, and I prepared vegetables for you.

after this, the two did not get too close, but kept correspondence.

Wear stunning formal sparkle gowns and flatter your body. There are arrivals in the latest fashion trends.

after slowly getting acquainted with each other, when I know each other's preferences and if there is anything good, I will find a way to send it to each other, especially Liu Yuxi. After knowing that Bai Juyi likes to drink and can make wine, he will get him high-quality glutinous rice from Jiangnan.

later, the two encountered bad luck in Korea and were forced to live separately, and their letters never stopped. I understand your loneliness, and you sympathize with my repeated relegation.

in their old age, the two men were transferred back to the capital and held concurrent posts in the Prince's Mansion, so they often made an appointment to have fun with each other.

Sanmao once said: "the best among friends is like good tea, light but not astringent, fragrant but not pungent, coming slowly, like a long stream."

A passionate emotion can not stand the test of time after all. After all, only a long stream of water can make a Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling).

Today, with the development of the Internet, we can make love in a few minutes, fall in love in a few days, and be a brother in a few dinners.

but not so many contacts between people are familiar at first sight. Getting too close to anyone is a disaster, and getting too familiar too quickly is all hurt.

so don't rush to get along with others. Before making heart-to-heart contact, don't get to know each other too quickly, leave three minutes to love yourself, and time will leave you with the truest person


Don't think too much. Give your mind a holiday

as the old saying goes, "there is nothing in the world.

things that didn't happen originally, just because we think too much, cause us to frown all day long, so we might as well take action to make the future possible.

Fang Guoyu, a famous historian, also worked hard when he was a child. in addition to studying in school and class, he also studied poetry with his husband when he was free. He hoped that he could also become a poet in the future.

while studying poetry, Fang Guoyu admired Li Bai at one time and envied Su Shi at the same time. He always thought that a shot would be a masterpiece. In the twinkling of an eye, six or seven years later, he still had not written a decent poem.

in 1923, when Fang Guoyu went to Beijing to study, his husband taught him that he was simple in nature and that the reason why he did not become a poet was that he lacked practical action, so that he lacked "talent", but if he could work hard, he would certainly become a scholar in the future.

bearing in mind the words of his mentor, Fang Guoyu began to study step by step and practice step by step after arriving in Beijing. A few years later, he achieved a little.

later, he wrote two books: Guang Yun Sound Convergence and five mixed works of Yu Xuezhai, which made a lot of contributions to the study of Chinese history.

A philosopher once said, "Life is not fair, you have to get used to it."

think about it, it is!

if you are not satisfied with the status quo, actively change it, use your actions to express your opinions and aspirations, instead of thinking too much, worrying, worrying, or even complaining about the future.

in this life, life is already very hard, and life is even more difficult. If you can't figure it out and can't see through it, it will only make your heart suffer and make people suffer.

you know, life is short and energy is limited.Every day there is endless work, wake up there are still a lot of things to do, think too much, will only be physically and mentally exhausted, depressed mood.

you have to believe that God is fair, and you have to suffer as much as you worry about. You might as well put it down and look at the world from another perspective, and you will find that the sun is shining outside and the smiling faces around you are constantly.

Don't think too much, it is wisdom to be open-minded; only when you look lightly can you be happy, and your life will be as wide as your heart is.