Educating your children will always be the most important career in your life.

Educating your children will always be the most important career in your life.

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Spencer, a famous educator, put it well:

We may not accumulate too much wealth and fame throughout our lives, but every parent has accumulated some good experience and conduct through life.

I think deeply that parents are the first teachers of their children, and their words and deeds, parents' character, parents' habits and so on will imperceptibly influence their children.

it seems that educating our children well is not only a matter for teachers, but also the most important cause in our lives.

whether they are babbling or growing up, parents are always the role models for their children to learn and the benchmark for their children to strive for. If parents do a good job, their children will not be too bad.


the words and deeds of parents affect the conduct of their children

. The interpreter here is not only the teacher, but also our parents.

teachers are the ocean of imparting knowledge, while parents are the benchmark for us to learn all our lives.

parents are the first teachers of their children from birth to babbling, and they are the objects that their children rely on to imitate.

therefore, the daily words and deeds of parents, the moral character of parents, and the energy transmitted by parents will directly affect the next shaping of children's character.

parents are indispensable objects in the process of children's growth. Children, whether in childhood or adulthood, will imperceptibly regard their parents as role models to learn from, while parents have done a good job, pay attention to moral cultivation, and behave generously in order to establish a good family style for their children. This is the best gift for parents to give their children.

talk on paper ends up shallow, so you must practice it yourself. the same is true of parents' education for their children. no matter how gorgeous the theory is, if they do not lead by example and do not take practical action, they will only talk on paper. it doesn't make any sense to the child's growth process.

how a person's conduct will play an important role in the future growth path, good character, the road will be more and more smooth, poor character, no matter how great the ability, can not go far.

parents are the best benchmark for their children. Parents must set their own rules and cultivate their own character, and their children will be assimilated imperceptibly.


parents' responsibility affects children's sense of responsibility

as the saying goes:

what you want your child to be, you have to be that way in the first place.

if parents have responsibilities, their children will not shirk their responsibilities, or even complain about life.

A responsible and life-loving child must have a pair of responsible parents behind him.

if parents are lazy, unfilial to the elderly, evasive to their work, and do not do their duty to their families, they will only be greedy for pleasure and like to shirk when they encounter problems.

parents like this are full of hostility, complaining about heaven, complaining about fate, blaming their laziness on others, not reflecting on themselves, and trying to make progress.

inevitably, it is very difficult for the children they raise to understand what is meant by responsibility, and they will only spend their lives in mediocrity.

parents play different roles and division of labor in the family, and their final responsibilities are also different.

Father, we should not only work hard, but also be considerate of his wife's housework and the hardships of raising children, and take the initiative to share.

wife, although it is hard to run a house at home, she should also understand the difficulties of her husband's struggle outside. She should understand more, support more and blame less.

A family has a different division of labor, but its responsibilities are unambiguous and work together to create a harmonious, warm and loving little family.

Children who grow up in such a family atmosphere must be contented and grateful. Under the influence of such responsible parents, children will become more and more responsible.

when problems arise, parents should set an example for their children, take the initiative to assume responsibility, not to evade the problem, and think calmly and make solutions. If this goes on, children will see that their parents take the initiative to take responsibility. Will also be responsible for their own actions.

in a family, parents should be more tolerant, quarrel and complain less, solve problems actively, never let problems ferment, and avoid accusations and abuse if they can communicate and negotiate, so that children can learn and grow up happily in a warm, loving and harmonious family, so that children can climb another tall building, both physically and psychologically.


the quality of parents affects the upbringing of their children

I remember a news report that

A child ate snacks in a subway car and deliberately scattered debris on the passengers next to him.

the passenger sitting next to him couldn't stand it and finally complained.

in the face of this situation, the father of the child not only does not apologize, but says that the child is not sensible. Is it necessary for you as an adult to haggle over everything?

someone was kind to each other, and the father of the child turned around and scolded the persuader again.

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after reading this report, it not only makes people feel sorry, but also reminds me of the "bear child"

someone once said: behind every bear child, there is a parent with low quality.

non-committal, in the carriage, the father could have taught his children not to litter and affect others, but scolded so loudly, it can be seen that the quality of this parent is not high, so impolite, unruly bear children are also expected.

A person's upbringing is an important event of a lifetime's spiritual practice.

the upbringing of children, to a large extent, comes from their own parents. if parents are of high quality, know how to think of others, do not destroy the common environment, do not occupy shared resources, and know how to think of others, they are also giving to their own children.Set a good example, and then under the education of such quality parents, there will be no problem with the upbringing of children.

A child is born like a blank sheet of paper, and the quality of parents is an important factor in graffiti.

it is better to be poor and rich than to be educated.

it is not ability, but your character and upbringing that determines how high a person flies.

A person with ability, coupled with upbringing, will be recognized, praised and respected in society. He will be welcomed wherever he goes, and he will have both ways to do things.

parents with no quality will never be able to cultivate an educated child. I hope that every parent can make their own rules, improve their own words and deeds, conduct, and quality, and then educate and guide their children. in order to achieve the true meaning of education!