Emotions determine the level of your life.

Emotions determine the level of your life.

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when New Year's Day was on vacation, the reader @ Tingting talked to me about her recent status.

describe it in one word: poor.

to sum up, the husband is not worried and the child is not obedient.

she has to nag behind her ass all the time, saying too much, her family is also annoyed, and she is also angry.

the life of the whole family has changed from laughter and laughter to grievances.


I talked to her and found that almost every family has the problems she faces.

Ting Ting said that she is 34 years old this year, and she is not busy at work. The main thing she does every day is babysitting.

the child has just turned 8 this year, and he is at the age of jumping up and down, so he doesn't worry at all.

once I took him to the park to play, and the child had an argument with a child and broke each other's glasses.

in a moment of anger, Tingting slapped the child in front of an outsider.

that day, the child went home crying and didn't even eat dinner.

not only for the children, but also for the husband, Tingting.

once, before going to work, Tingting specially told her husband to bring home a bottle of cooking wine.

my husband made a good promise on the surface and forgot about it as soon as he got off work.

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when she came back empty-handed, Tingting stood at the kitchen door with her waist crossed, saying, "Why are you so useless?" so that her husband was ashamed on the spot. In those days, the family often quarreled about trifles.

although Tingting will regret it afterwards and feel unnecessary, she lost her temper at that time and couldn't control it.

A famous psychologist once said:


is led by the nose by emotion, caught in a vicious circle, or calmly analyzed and solved calmly depends on you.

Bad mood is an instinct, and controlling it is the skill.


I heard a friend tell a story about his mother.

he said that when his mother was young, she had a bad temper and was always angry with her family.

at that time, the whole family dared not say anything.

especially the father, no matter how bad his mother's mood, he will patiently coax his mother.

my friend is very confused, and my father has a bad temper outside.

he once saw his father rush forward to argue with him because someone jumped the queue.

I have also heard my father's colleagues say how difficult his father is at work.

Why is it that as soon as you get home, only your mother obeys?

once when he went out, he specially asked his father: is it very suffocating to have been married for so many years?

unexpectedly, my father said:

Marriage is one person's patience with another person.

your mother has no hobbies and few friends. She has devoted most of her life to this family. When she has a temper, I should let her.

after hearing his father's words, his friend immediately admired his father.

the father is not emotionless, but put aside his emotions in front of the person he loves most.

it is said that after marriage, family life is trivial, that is, quarrelling and quarrelling constantly.

but it was the father who showed him a different look of marriage.

it turns out that for a good family to be stable and lasting, it depends on this patience.

psychologists have said that

A person with a family in his heart is bound to know how to leave the best mood to the person closest to him.


I don't know if you have seen Animal World.

A few days ago, I saw a clip in Animal World, saying that on the prairie of Africa, there is a kind of bat that sucks the blood of Mustangs.

they stick their sharp teeth into the Mustang.

Mustangs don't like it, of course. At this time, a group of wild horses will shake their tails angrily and go on a rampage in an attempt to get rid of bats.

but the bat is so light that the Mustangs not only failed to get rid of the bat, but made them suck blood all over their belly.

even some Mustangs will die suddenly.

many people think that the blood sucking of bats must have caused damage to the Mustang's body.

but zoologists have found that the amount of blood consumed by bats is too small to kill the Mustang.

the real causes of Mustang death are rage and galloping.

not only animals, but also humans. I don't know if you remember the bus falling into the river not long ago.

at that time, a passenger had an argument with the driver who was driving because he had missed the station.

when he beat the driver, the driver couldn't help returning his hand.

finally, the steering wheel went out of control, the bus fell into the river, and 15 lives disappeared in an instant.

many people feel sorry that if someone could go up and persuade them at that time, if the driver could be more patient.

unfortunately, the result does not allow us to assume that the tragedy has already happened.

the reason why I am writing this article today is to tell you that uncontrollable emotions will hurt others as well as yourself.

I hope those of you who are reading the article can understand that when you encounter problems, deal with your mood first, and then deal with things.

because losing your temper will not make things better, but will make the situation worse and worse, and the loss will outweigh the gain.

you know, we only live once.

sometimes, if you spare others, you actually let yourself go.