Enthusiasm first, or ability first?

Enthusiasm first, or ability first?

Grasp every detail, try to do what I can do, to learn what I will not, this is my "enthusiasm".

"say in front"

in fact, I really didn't think that I would express my opinion as an interview subject one day.

Last month, a very powerful friend said to me, "I want to give you a little interview."

I immediately replied to him: "but the chaos is still very small."

he said, "Oh, so you mean you don't think you're good enough."

"I don't think it's enough. It's not even enough for 2000 fans."

he immediately hit me on the head: "I dare to look for you, but you dare not face it." He he. Don't learn Chinese modesty. "

I felt severely humiliated at that time. Haven't adults been teaching us to be modest? Haven't you been telling us the story of "Kong Rong yielding pears"? But now I have been seen through at a glance, knowing that I am only hypocritical and acting.

I know that it's not because I'm not good at acting, but because everyone is used to this atmosphere. When others praise you, you can't admit it generously, but you should be shy so that they can praise you as a "modest" person again.

can come out of the society, and all fake things will be broken. When I was working at McDonald's, a child defecated in the wrong place. When I found it, I quickly told the manager, the manager said to me directly:

"then go and clean it up."

he didn't say why, because I was paid 9.4 /hour, I was his subordinate, and he didn't have to say those polite things to me. I didn't say anything, so I went to clean up the rubbish silently.

and after my last summer job, my salary was not paid to me until October because I went to school before I finished my work. No matter how many polite words you said at that time, it was useless. If you had to go back to school, no one would understand you. As long as the work was not finished, your salary would not be in your hands.

when I was working in a factory in junior high school, I felt it was okay to be late every day because I was a summer job. From time to time, I lost my temper with the supervisor of the workshop and asked for leave if I wanted to. At that time, the supervisor said to us, "do you think you can come here and leave if you want?"

To inspire fashion and to show your preference to inspired style, you need emerald green gowns for prom. Our magnificent garments will hugely boost your confidence.

I was very angry and said that as long as she paid me, I would leave immediately. If not, I would cut the crap.

now I think about it, we are really young and frivolous. When we work, we only earn pocket money, while others work as breadwinners. Who still talks hard with you? You just give him what the boss wants, he praises you, you admit it, he scolds you, you just introspect.

get rid of those Chinese-style modesty. What this society wants is ability and self-confidence that matches it.

so, I already think I have enough to weigh. Although there are still many shortcomings, but as before, I will learn what I should learn as quickly as possible.

those who interview me, those I interview, those who always give me advice, and those who keep asking me to give advice, retweet disorganized, and read disorganized.

the most corny but the most sincere, thank you.

"Sorry, the preface is a little long."

"ability or enthusiasm first?"

there is a new fan who told me that he was interested in joining us, but he was afraid it would be hot for three minutes.

I said, if you want to join, why don't you tell us your abilities?

he said: "I just have a warm heart, in terms of text editing ability, I may not be very good."

I wanted to refuse him, but I was embarrassed to face to face, so I wrote it in the picture and text to seriously talk about my understanding of "enthusiasm", which can be regarded as a warm respect for him.

some people think that I am diligent and willing to write so many words every day. In fact, I am really not diligent, this is not modesty, this is the truth. I have never felt that I am better than others, because people who are really good are "making a fortune in silence". On the contrary, people like me say more and do less. So when I talk about "enthusiasm" and "ability", you can look at it the other way around, because I am very likely to be wrong. I just want you to think about it and discuss it together.

I think ability always precedes enthusiasm. And most of us think just the opposite, that "as long as there is perseverance, the iron pillar is ground into a needle."

Don't dream. If your talent is a thick wood, you can only grind it into a toothpick.

the last time Akiba came to our school to give a speech, it was about how to make a resume. One of the most important points is: "be targeted in the work experience column. Tell him what you are capable of interviewing for any job, and then use your college experience to prove that you don't have anything."

We do things, too. If you want to learn PPT, don't rush to ask the great god PPT what to do. You have to learn about every function of PPT, use each shortcut key once, and then imitate the PPT interface of the great gods. it is not until you encounter a bottleneck that you ask him, "how can the custom path of that animation be as technological as you are?"

as soon as you go up, you send a private message: "Arvin, can you teach me how to do PPT? I will learn anything."

as a result, when people return to you, they realize that you haven't even downloaded PPT2013.

the word "enthusiasm" can be understood as "an almost paranoid love for something". In Hong Kong movies, actors often refer to "enthusiasm" as "heart". The implication is whether you have that hot heart.

but how can you prove your "enthusiasm" to others?

mouth is not enough. You say you are enthusiastic about writing. Do you insist on writing 1000 words a day? You say you are passionate about dancing, so you can't help looking in the mirror.Swing your body?

Bigan can dig his heart to prove his loyalty to King Zhou. If I asked you to write ten thousand words when you said "enthusiasm" and we would talk about enthusiasm, would you think I was retarded?

recently I have been watching LEGAL HIGH, in which there is a passage:

(the above picture took me 15 minutes)

well, I also want to be the one who works hard, grasps every detail, learns things that I don't know yet, and reads books that I have turned away. This may be my enthusiasm.

what about you? Enthusiasm is not just talk.