Family style is the best real estate in a family.

Family style is the best real estate in a family.

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Cai Yuanpei once wrote in the cultivation of the Chinese:

"A family is also the school at the beginning of life." The character of a lifetime, the so-called constant change, is probably born in the family. "

A good family style is very important and benefits from inheritance.

if good character cultivation, living habits and even a skill are passed on to future generations, it will have a far-reaching impact on future generations.

A good family style is better than a million famous schools.


A good family style requires good learning

the writer Qian Zhongshu grew up under the influence of a good family style.

Qian Zhongshu's father, Qian Jibo, a master of Sinology, is a famous professor of Chinese literature in Tsinghua University. He has a preference for ancient books and usually reads and copies books and writes down his views on excerpts.

he is also extremely strict with his son. When Qian Zhongshu was 15 or 16 years old, he was beaten for not studying hard.

when Qian Zhongshu was a student, he not only had to finish the homework required by the school, but also read ancient classics.

this "erudite scholar" later inherited his father's rigorous style of scholarship, doing learning in a down-to-earth manner, cherishing time like gold and being indifferent to fame and fortune.

he didn't stop working and writing even during the war. He devoted all his life to the study of literature and pushed Chinese literature and art to the world.

Qian Zhongshu always kept his father's teachings in mind and passed them on to his daughter Qian Kui with practical actions.

Qian, like his father, is indifferent to fame and wealth and never takes part in mountain tours and water tours. When she goes out for meetings or lectures, she either goes back to school immediately or reads books and prepares lessons in the hotel and seldom goes out to play when the meeting is over.

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in the late stage, he was not feeling well and it was inconvenient to move while lying in the hospital bed, but he was still obsessed with the volume and was diligent in thinking.

the pursuit of knowledge has made the Qian family's life simple and remarkable for several generations.


A good family style requires good words

what is not available is always stirring, and those who are favored are not afraid.

the family is like the most familiar stranger. You are most likely to hurt him and ignore him most.

when we are used to accepting love from our loved ones and take it for granted, we lose our gratitude and become a little more picky. If something goes wrong, we will pick our eyebrows and eyes.

our impoliteness to our loved ones stems from our "strength".

A person only reins when he is afraid of losing. We are sure that the love of our loved ones will be inexhaustible before we pick and choose, and only then will we be malicious to the people around us.

A good word warms you in three winters, but a bad word hurts you in June. Verbal injuries from relatives tend to be more lethal. A careless word may become a wound in each other's heart that is difficult to heal for a long time.

Don't forget that where there is a family, there is you. The family needs us to be gentle.

to praise and thank, do not take for granted;

to encourage and affirm, not ridicule and ridicule;

to discuss and suggest, not dominant communication;  to respond carelessly, not perfunctory;

to disagree and not to let the other person change by complaining.

in the name of love, speak well and convey that feeling as it is.


A good family style requires good deeds

the ancients said, "good fortune is far away. Be virtuous to carry things and support your family with virtue. "

Fan Zhongyan found a fortune teller when he was very young.

when he met, he asked, "take a look at it for me. Can I be prime minister?"

the fortune teller was startled.

said to Fan Zhongyan, "at such a young age, why do you have such a big tone?"

Fan Zhongyan was embarrassed and said, "can you see if I can be a doctor?"

the fortune-teller wondered, "Why are these two ambitions so different?"

Fan Zhongyan replied, "because only good faces and good doctors can save people."

after hearing this, the fortune-teller was very moved and said to Fan Zhongyan, "you have such a kind heart, you will certainly be prime minister in the future."

Fan Zhongyan later became an important official of the imperial court, relieving students, reducing corvee, establishing Yitian, and doing good deeds to benefit the world.

he also made use of the salary saved over the years to set up Yizhuang in his hometown.

his descendants continue, and his good deeds are continued. There are countless successful people in the family, and the family business is prosperous.

in the past, family style was the foundation of the inheritance of a large family; now, family style is still the foothold of small families.

A good family style has a far-reaching impact on the next generation, and even determines the attitude and courage of children away from home.

A good family style is the real real estate of the family.