Five habits that make families more and more prosperous

Five habits that make families more and more prosperous

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Zeng Guofan said: "in every family, diligence can keep a few points, but there is no failure; if there is none, there is no invincibility."

all failures are due to laziness, and family failures are all due to laziness.

too much leisure is not a blessing, but a curse.

parents are too idle and will be nagging and picky;

women are too idle and will make something out of nothing;

men are too idle and will muddle along;

children are too idle and will play with things.

Han Yu said, "your work is good at diligence, but wasted in play; what you do is done in thought, but it is destroyed by following."

"people go high", the most taboo in life is to drift with the current, can not stand the temptation, can not stand the temptation.

suffering is the only way for a person to get better and better.

as the saying goes, "Heaven rewards hard work". The family is thriving with diligence, but the family is not poor.

take action, it is possible to stimulate their own potential and make the family thrive with each passing day.



if diligence is the way to start a family, then persistence is an indispensable part of family prosperity.

people, hard work is the key to winning, and persistence is the most important thing.

in life, many people fail not because they are not smart enough to seize the opportunity, but because they give up before success comes.

people who don't have the patience to hold on, even if they get through more mountains and rivers, they won't be able to usher in the willows and flowers.

there is a joke: "efforts may not be successful, but it must be easy to give up."

those who give up halfway are doomed to mediocrity.

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in a family, if the parents' way of doing things is to face up to difficulties, then the children will be indomitable.

perseverance is nurtured from generation to generation, and the career will be successful from generation to generation.



there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "Father and son are in harmony, husband and wife are in harmony, and the family is fat."

Family harmony is the greatest success in one's life.

in life, many people often make a mistake: give a good temper to outsiders and a bad mood to their families.

I don't know that family members are the dignitaries in our lives. Only by being kind to our families can we be treated gently by life.

"everything is prosperous at home". A harmonious family is inseparable from the humility of the family.

humility to parents is filial piety;

humility to a partner is wisdom;  humility is management;

humility is to cherish brothers.

"the fire is high when everyone gathers firewood". The family is friendly and can cross the hurdle no matter how sad it is.

Why should such a family not be prosperous?


filial piety


filial piety   04  filial piety    filial piety

filial piety to parents is a person's greatest merit.

everyone comes because of their parents, don't forget their roots and don't know how to be grateful.

Thanksgiving is not only the philosophy of life, but also the wisdom of life.

with gratitude, one can be contented and happy.

as the saying goes, "filial piety gives birth to a filial son, and disobedience gives birth to a rebellious son."

filial piety to parents is not only the embodiment of personality, but also the atmosphere of a family.

if a family wants to be immortal, filial piety must be passed on from generation to generation.

abide by filial piety, good family style, is the best fengshui for a family.



as the ancients said, "one porridge and one meal is not easy to come from."

frugality is the way to run a family.

A family accustomed to extravagance, no matter how rich it is, will slowly decline.

the blessings of a person's life are limited. If a person wastes wantonly when he has a lot of blessings, he will lose himself when he is exhausted.

Zhuge Liang said: "quiet to cultivate self-cultivation, frugality to cultivate morality."

frugality is not stingy, but cherishing; profligacy is not generosity, but waste.

every family should pass on the frugal style from generation to generation, so that future generations cherish their blessings, gather money, and let the family prosper.