Five words that make you never get angry

Five words that make you never get angry

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"I am angry with the world, it is also angry with me, I am dissatisfied with the world, it is also dissatisfied with me, and it sends back whatever I vent."

too many people resonate, it is a fool who cannot be angry, and it is the wise who can not be angry.

those in the middle hover between anger and regret.

when you are angry, think of five words: silly, sincere, smiling, empty and tolerant.

when I read it, my anger died down.


can pretend to be stupid. You don't have to know everything

Life is always out of sight.

the more bad-tempered you are, the more clearly you can see, and those with a good temper will pretend to be stupid.

there is a training institution in Shaoxing. During the class, the girl's hair was stuck with foam glue, the teacher cut a handful of the child's hair, and the whole family made a scene at the door.

the teacher said to help with it, but the girl promised.

although the grandmother who came to pick up the child was not happy, it didn't stop the teacher from taking the child into the house to having her hair cut off.

things could have come to an end here, but the child's parents and grandma refused to do it and asked the teacher to lose money, saying that they had lost their family's luck.

in their mouths, the custom in their hometown is that only their uncle can cut their hair, and the children are not old enough to cut their hair, so it is almost unforgivable for the teacher to cut his own hair without permission.

and the child doesn't even know why he is angry: "I don't think it matters."

pretending that customs don't exist, or pretending that your hair hasn't been cut, is all right.

if you don't see it right, you can have trouble with your teacher and be instructed by netizens, which is far more troublesome than "bad luck".

A lot of awkwardness goes by, but it is not really aggrieved, everything is clear and embarrassing, and it is not good for yourself.

blindfolded, "accident" becomes a story;

pretending to be silly, it is easy to keep kindness and avoid anger.


be sincere, learn to transposition when something happens

sometimes get angry, and there are many times when you ask for your own anger.

if you don't know how to transposition, you can't get angry.

I read an article in which the author's brother brought his sister-in-law home for the first time and it was not very pleasant.

my sister-in-law likes tomatoes, so she keeps sandwiching it into her brother's bowl: "try it, it's really delicious."

there was not much in that dish, and his sister-in-law clipped it for him several times.

my brother put it aside for the sake of face, and then he got angry: "how many times have I told you that I don't eat tomatoes at all? why do you give it back to me?"

my sister-in-law was also wronged, and the atmosphere was awkward for a long time.

when he left, the author called his brother over: "Don't keep talking about your sister-in-law, she is so kind to you."

when you keep talking about transposition, you are actually asking others to transposition.

if you want an apple, you can't give a banana to others, and if you want a star, you can't get the moon, and people who love you are not thoughtful enough to lose their temper and hurt those who love you.

look at people's hearts from another perspective, you will find:

A candy given to you by a child is goodwill, no matter how bad you think it is;

A poor friend who lends you some money is loyal, no matter how bad his words are at that time.

it is enough to be willing to give others what you care about.

there is no anger to be angry, because there is more sincerity, but also read the minds of others.


smile more and keep your anger down

how important is it to live with a smile every day?

someone replied: "probably when you laugh from your heart, you feel that eating is delicious, the sun is bright, sleeping is comfortable, and everyone around you becomes lovely."

smile in the mirror, everyone is less angry.

when we meet with a smile, all enmity and hatred will be cancelled.

there are even experiments that even fake smiles can help people get rid of nervousness, and the power of smiling is far stronger than we thought.

the painter Gu Kaizhi went out and sealed a box of precious paintings for his friend Huan Xuan.

Huan Xuan pried open the box, stole the painting away, and gave him an empty box.

whether there is malice or not, two things are certain:

open the box by force, the painting may be damaged.

knowing that it is someone else's treasure, it is out of line to joke about it.

but that's it. Instead of being angry, Gu Kaizhi clapped his hands and smiled: "all wonderful paintings have spirituality and fly away like immortals."

laughter is not only an expression, but also a positive attitude.

someone wants to mess with you, but if you get angry, it's you who can't get off the stage. You laugh, but he has no temper.

when you try to think positively and smile, big things become small things, bad things become good things, and ordinary troubles are not worth mentioning.

smile on the lips, the whole world is sweet.


empty more, get rid of the bad mood

crush an adult, one small thing is enough, the mood is low, and a good temper is a luxury.

all you have to do is wait quietly, nurture slowly, empty your mind, and wait for the anger to dissipate.

Little Red Book A blogger shares the secret of not getting angry: being alone, emptying.

she takes time off to go for a walk on her own on weekends, regardless of her husband, children and work. She only cares about herself during this period of time, and the air is full of relaxation and joy.

the more gloomy she feels, the more she calms down first.

calm down, focus on finding food strategies and exploring new online celebrity stores, and the troubles are over.

once there was aHer colleagues complained to her every day, and she also became irritable and full of negative energy every day, making her child cry.

later, as soon as her colleagues complained about her, she shouted "stop", or she paid no attention to her work, but at first she was happy, and slowly her colleagues did not complain to her. She was too good-natured towards people and things.

emptying sounds easy, but it's not difficult to do it, just a little courage.

there are negative emotions all around, so isolate yourself and stay away from the source of the bad emotion. If you are a little farther away, there are only beloved things in front of you, and only peace and happiness in your mind.

if anything goes wrong, you don't have to be an irritable person.

be quiet for a few more seconds, let go more, take the initiative to block anxiety, clear your worries, and you'll already win.


know how to be tolerant and let go of yourself

have you ever experienced such a time?

you are angry when others do something wrong, you blush with anger, but the other person doesn't care.

scold others, but feel bad all day.

conflicts with people are inevitable. Concessions may not be at a loss, and you may not take advantage of them if you do not give way.

there is a place of interest in Anhui, called Liuzhi Xiang, which is actually a small hutong.

during the reign of Emperor Kangxi, Zhang Ying's family lived here, and his neighbor was also a large family. Both families felt that the other had occupied their own land, and no one could compete with each other.

my son wrote to Zhang Ying for help, but he replied, "thousands of miles of books are only for the wall, so it doesn't matter if you let him have three feet."

the family was a little ashamed and retreated the fence three feet. When the people next door saw it, they also felt that they were in the wrong, and then gave way three feet.

now Liuzhu Lane has become a tourist attraction, not by the scenery, but by this tolerant and humble legend.

see others get jealous, their own losses to hold back, everyone is like this, often in a hurry, fire arch fire, no one can feel better.

know how to let others, can tolerate others, but others respect you three points.

in anger, press the pause button and ask yourself: would you rather be right or happy?

if you want to be happy, smile and bow your head, don't be a person to mess with, don't be a person to mess with, and be smart.

be tolerant, be at peace with each other, and be comfortable with each other.


"borrow me for a lifetime" said: "at that time, I was not afraid of suffering, only afraid of being angry. Unlike now, I am not even afraid of being angry, or even angry. "

as you walk, you will understand that anger looks pleasant, but it is actually too tiring.

if you are silly, you will have less trouble; if you are sincere, you will have less misunderstanding; if you smile more, you will feel better; if you let go more, your impulse will go away; if you understand tolerance, life will be easier.

if you want to recite these five words silently, it is difficult to get angry.

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try to understand the people around you, be tolerant of inexplicable things, and the whole person is warm and sunny.