For people with poor character, these are all the words you have to keep your mouth shut, so you must not make a deep acquaintance.

For people with poor character, these are all the words you have to keep your mouth shut, so you must not make a deep acquaintance.

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there is a saying in "Fa Yan": "words are the voice of the heart."

speech is the voice of thought, and one can often hear the inner voice from a person's words.

thus preliminarily judge a person's character and whether it is worth interacting with or not.

those with poor character can't keep their mouth shut without the following three words. If there are such people around you, please be careful not to have a deep acquaintance.


nonsense  A paragraph of nonsense on the Internet some time ago was very popular:

in life, people who love to talk nonsense are probably like this.

gossiping is an indispensable part of their lives.

because the days are too empty and pale, they need to use other people's spare time to add their own color.

they often talk openly, speculate on other people's thoughts with their own opinions, and never see the good of the people around them.

embellishment is their skill, and "outspoken" is their excuse.

is keen to treat his mouth as straight and mean as humor.

they can only see the shortcomings of others and never see their own vulgarity and ill-breeding.

the Buddha said, "if you take care of yourself, you are the Buddha; if you take care of others, you are the devil."

those who blindly stare at the steps of others will eventually go awry.

day after day, you will become narrow and distorted when dealing with such people.


sow discord

where there are people, there is right and wrong.

one thing, if more people talk about it, it will become complicated, or even confuse black and white.

in life, many contradictions are inseparable from the sowing discord of some people.

as the saying goes, "three people make a tiger". When a lie is repeated several times, it will become truth and bring about irreparable consequences.

once heard a legend:

once upon a time there was a man named an Tingbo, who was very eloquent, but usually had nothing to do but liked to sow discord.

two people who have a good relationship will start to fall out because of his icing on the cake.

A brother born of the same origin will begin to "fry each other" because of his drum lips.

later, an Tingbo was rewarded with evil. He was down and out all his life, and his throat and tongue often fester.

those who sow discord behind others will eventually pay the price for their own evil words and deeds.

it is impossible to be true or false, and those distorted facts will return to their original state one day.

by then, the illusion will collapse along with their integrity.

people who like to sow discord have bad intentions, and to associate with such people will only cause trouble.


A lie of wanton promises

the Master said, "I don't know what a man can do without faith."

honesty is a person's soul and the biggest card in one's life.

Historical Records records a classic story about honesty:

during the warring States period, there were disputes in the world and the collapse of etiquette and music, and Qin Xiaogong summoned Shang Martingale to preside over the reform.

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Shang Yang set up a piece of wood three feet long outside the south gate of the capital and promised a reward of 10 taels for moving the wood to the north gate.

people have questioned how it is possible to get such a high reward for hard work.

when Shang Yang saw that everyone was unimpressed, he raised the reward to 50 taels.

A strong man couldn't help it. He picked up the wood and walked to the north gate. Later, Shang Yang gave him the reward.

Shang Yang used this to establish an image of integrity in the hearts of the people, laying the groundwork for the eventual reunification of the state of Qin.

with honesty, everyone believes; with honesty, everything is impossible.

Heine said: "Life cannot make brilliant flowers out of lies."

in life, some people make wanton promises and ignore the trust of others.

there are a lot of lies, taking promises as empty talk and promises as jokes.

do not know that people can not stand without faith, and those who wantonly shout "here comes the wolf" will eventually "die in the mouth of the wolf".

an unfaithful man cannot move an inch.


Cai Kangyong said, "the way of speaking is also the way of being a human being."

every word and deed is character.

people with poor character all see ugliness, speak ill, and shut up with gossip, bad words, and lies, making their lives fall into a vicious circle.

as the saying goes, "circles determine life". It is really important to spend time with.

May we all be able to stay away from the "evil" and meet the good for the rest of our lives.