For the rest of your life, love the person who is free for you.

For the rest of your life, love the person who is free for you.

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once saw a passage:

people who want to send you home are on their way from east to west;

people who are willing to eat with you love ups and downs;

people who are looking forward to seeing you can come through thousands of mountains and rivers;

people who love you deeply will always be free for you.

I think so.

whether a person cares about you or not depends on whether he is free for you.

people who really love you can't help thinking of you, can't help looking for you, and will want to spend more time with you.


people who don't love you

are always busy

my friend Xiaoqing told me recently that she broke up because her boyfriend was too busy.

she said that at first her boyfriend was still very attentive to her and responded to everything, even if he was busy at work.

but in the past two months, he has always said that he is very busy, perfunctory, and seldom take the initiative to find Xiaoqing.

even if Xiaoqing takes the initiative to communicate with him, he will feel that Xiaoqing is too troublesome and doesn't understand at all.

later, Xiaoqing accidentally found the Wechat message on her boyfriend's mobile phone, which was a flirtatious private message with other girls and sent a lot of messages.

my boyfriend stumbled, explaining that he was just a friend.

finally broke up.

Xiaoqing said:

at the beginning, I loved you in every way, and I relieved you no matter how busy I was at work, but then I forgot you again and again, and even blamed you for being unreasonable.

it's not that you've changed, but that he doesn't love it.

people who don't love you are always busy.

people who don't love you always think you don't understand.

in Red Rose and White Rose, there is a saying:

"if a person doesn't have time, it's because he doesn't want to have time, and if he can't leave, it's because he doesn't want to walk away. If a person gives you too many excuses, it's because he doesn't want to care about you."

in the TV series Thirty, the same is true of Chen Yu and Zhong Xiaoqin.

Chen Yu always has no time to accompany Zhong Xiaoqin. He is too busy.

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Zhong Xiaoqin sent him Wechat, but he hardly replied.

Zhong Xiaoqin called Chen Yu to pick her up after dinner. Chen Yu pleaded that she didn't have time and let her take a taxi home.

Zhong Xiaoqin is pregnant. Chen Yu says he doesn't want to have children too early because he is too busy.

Chen Yu is busy raising fish and working, but he is busy with his wife Zhong Xiaoqin. He never knew how to take care of his wife's emotional needs, which eventually led to divorce.

in fact, he is not too busy, but does not want to spend time on this relationship.

every "no time" has poured cold water on people's hearts.

disappointment accumulates over and over again, and if you save enough, you will leave.


people who really care about you

will always be free for you

in wife's Romantic Travel 2, Zhang Jiani talked about her love affair with her husband.

they first met at dinner, and since then, they have been free to help with whatever they need to do.

Zhang Jiani is moving. Mai Chao said he was nearby. He could come and help her and bought a bunch of daily necessities for her.

on holidays, she goes to Hong Kong with her family.

at that time, Mai Chao asked where she was. After hearing this, he said that he was also in Hong Kong.

Zhang Jiani asked him if he wanted to go shopping with her family, and he just said "yes".

in Zhang Jiani's description, Mai Chao has been available to her since the day he met her.

people who really care about you are free for you all the time.

what you say, he will keep it in mind; he will respond to your message in a timely manner.

he won't put you aside and keep you waiting and make you think.

if you are always ignored by the other person in a relationship, it means he doesn't care about you that much.

I saw a story on Weibo.

when girls fall in love with a boy, they take the initiative to chat with each other, hobbies, work, study, life, food, games, history, gossip. We talked about everything.

but the boy was indifferent and replied perfunctorily.

she asked boys out several times, and the boys always said they were busy these days.

finally she gave up.

because she understands that unilateral initiative is useless and has been "busy" all the time, which shows that he has never taken himself to heart.

there is a message that is very gripping:

Don't take the initiative in wishful thinking, don't try to please others, it's only humble and disturbing.

he is the background of your life, and you are his A, B, C, D.

writer Zhang Haochen said:

those who really love you will always be free for you.

he will reply to your message in time, chat with you and ask you for an appointment.

because you are always the one he cares about most.


the person who is free to you

will give you sense of security

recently. At the party at the end of the year, I met Xiao Jie again. When friends started talking, everyone said she had a good husband.

after five years together, Xiao Jie's husband always put her first, from lover to marriage.

when she sends a message on Wechat, her husband will reply as soon as he sees it.

she was criticized by the leader, and she felt aggrieved, so her husband called to comfort her.

when my husband is on a business trip, he will report his itinerary to Xiao Jie every day.Busy will make a video call to Xiao Jie, do not let Xiao Jie worry, also gave Xiao Jie full sense of security.

when I go home, I will bring some local specialties, or buy some practical gifts for Xiao Jie.

he will take the time to watch a movie with Xiao Jie, put on a few bags of snacks and two cups of milk tea, and enjoy warm time together on the sofa.

he will keep Xiao Jie's words in mind and put them into action.

"because I love you, I care about your uneasiness."

A woman is a creature without sense of security. She needs you to give her a little more attention, a little more company, and actions to prove your love for her.

it is said that where a man's time is, his heart is there.

the man who is free for you is the man who really loves you.

he will appease your restless mood and give you the largest sense of security.

Haruki Murakami said:

for the rest of my life, love the person who is "free for you".

even if there is a rush of cars and horses and wind and rain on the way, he is willing to step across mountains and rivers and cross the sea to see you.