From today on, give yourself a strong reason!

From today on, give yourself a strong reason!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


those of us who live in the world,

everyone has their own hard work, and

everyone has their own difficulties.

shoulder the responsibility, to bear the pressure in

heart, to bear the hard work of making money

, to hide the sadness behind


there are so many people that we can't help but face them one by one.

there are so many helplessness that we all hold back our tears.

We can't fall down. There's family behind us.

We can't run away because we're adults.

if not strong, who will be brave for you?

if not brave, who will share it for you.


when we live on our own


discovers that there is no one to accompany us;

when aggrieved,

discovers that there is no one who understands us;

when we are helpless,

finds that there is no one to rely on.

when we are sad,

finds that there are no people who care about us.

only when we are confused,

find that there are no people who support us.

when something happens,

finds out that there is no one who can help us.

it turns out that we are one person all the time,

everything is on our own.

so, what if you are not strong?

how can I not be brave?

Life makes us difficult.

We can only move forward bravely.

Life gives us the test, and

We can only fight alone.

only when you are strong, can you take good care of your family.

only by being brave all the time can

break through layers of difficulties.

it's no use relying on anyone, and it's no use asking anyone.


give yourself a strong reason

social reality,

give yourself a strong reason!

cannot be eliminated because of weakness, and

cannot be defeated by setbacks.

once you fall down, it is difficult to stand up.

once you fail, it is not easy to succeed again.

if you are not strong, you will only get more injuries.

if you are strong, you can see the light of victory.

Life is not easy.

give yourself a strong reason!

you can't evade responsibility because of hard work, and

you can't become lazy for pleasure.

Let yourself work harder,

endure, it will not be bitter,

stand up, and it will pass.

you are not strong, and your life is poorer.

if you are strong, your dreams will come true.

We are alive,

No one is easier than the other, no one is easier than the other.

for your own success and for the well-being of your family.

from today on,

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give yourself a strong reason.

No matter how difficult it is, we must move forward bravely.

No matter how bitter it is, we must grit our teeth and stick to it.

believe that all your efforts will not be in vain.

your strength will win you all.

Let you live the life you aspire to.

meet a better self!