From today on, I'm going out with cash!

From today on, I'm going out with cash!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the night before last, I felt sick for a long time because of a video.

A white-haired grandmother braved the cold rain and went to medical insurance alone.

and when she took out the cash and gave it to the staff, the staff said impatiently:

the old man did not speak, sitting alone at the counter, stooping, helplessly with gloves, as if he had done something wrong.

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this picture, let me have a kind of unspeakable heartache.

I think of my 80-year-old grandmother. If she was bullied like this outside, I would definitely burst into tears.

I wonder if this staff member thinks that there are old people in her family, and if she sees her own parents being harassed by outsiders, can she remember how she has treated the elderly?

No one can be young forever, we will grow old eventually.

when one day, we are also left behind by the torrent of the times, we also become the helpless old people. I hope we can be luckier than they are today.


Child, please stop and wait for me

Last year, during the Spring Festival transportation, there was an old man in Shanghai Railway Station who went to the railway station six times to buy a train ticket back to his hometown.

however, he can't get a ticket every time.

in desperation, he had to kneel and kowtow to the staff just to ask for a ticket home.

someone reminded him:

"you can buy it online."... "

after hearing this, uncle sat in the corner and collapsed. He cried and said, "I won't."

it has been suggested that children should be asked to help.

the uncle said helplessly, "I don't want to trouble my daughter."

after watching this video, it's really sad.

most of the time, it is not that his parents do not want to learn, but that no one is going to tell him how to register online and buy tickets.

for the young, this is the easiest thing;

for the old, it's like another world.

I remember a short film:

A retired father applied for an intern position, and the interviewer asked him why.

the reason given by this father is sad:

it turns out that he just wants not to be abandoned by the times, learn more and take care of his daughter more.

he told his story.

having dinner with his daughter in a restaurant, when he saw the bill on the table, the father offered to pay for his daughter.

the daughter didn't look up and said, "No, Dad, it will pay by itself."

the next day, my father planned to go to the business hall to pay the money, but he was laughed at for not knowing how to withhold fees automatically on the Internet.

one day it rained and the father took his daughter off work with an umbrella.

unexpectedly, my daughter called an online taxi on her mobile phone, because her father came and had to make a long detour to take her father home first.

the father looked at the argument between his daughter and the driver and looked lonely:

"when I was a child, she always praised me as Superman.

now that my daughter has grown up, she doesn't need the old-fashioned Superman like her father. "

looking at the lonely look on my father's face, I am really sad:

just like this father, our parents may not understand these trendy things, but they still have a heart eager to integrate into the world.

everything we take for granted is like an insurmountable gap in their eyes.

if no one stops and reaches out to help them, they will probably never get past it.

some people say that the world of the young is colored, while that of the old is black and white.

those old people who have been eliminated by society need our patience and understanding.

only our love and care is the only antidote to panic in the elderly.

Let them know that we can be troublesome, we can rely on them, and we will never dislike them no matter how many times they ask.

only by warming the hearts of the elderly can our world be a better place.


remember there is a saying: "when times abandon you, they will not even say goodbye."

some time ago, an old man had an argument with the subway staff in Dalian.

according to regulations, you need to show your personal health code or epidemic pass when you take a bus.

but the old man obviously did not understand what the staff meant and asked several times, "what is the health code and what phone number do you want?"

the old man kept asking, and the staff could not explain it clearly, so they simply called in a security guard.

the security guard kept emphasizing: "Show me the health code!" I made it very clear! "

Uncle still doesn't understand, "without this thing, you didn't give it to me."

after the contradiction escalated, the staff said they would call the police, and the old man said excitedly, "what crime have I committed?"

after the video was released, some people in the comments said that he was pretending to be crazy and foolish, and labeled the old man as "arrogant uncle".

but from the video, the old man is not an eloquent person, and when the staff asked him to put on his mask, he also put it on cooperatively.

in fact, the old man is not unreasonable, he is just flustered.

because I don't know the health code and I don't know where to get the health code.

the staff would rather call the police than explain what the health code is, let alone help me download the health code.

looking at my uncle's embarrassment makes people a little sad.

if my parents metHow distressed I should be in this situation.

in a society with the progress of science and technology, the living habits familiar to the elderly have been completely subverted by the times, and the world forces them to change and adapt.

as long as their pace is a little slower, someone will tell them that you are being abandoned by the world.

Louis Aronson, a famous geriatrician, once said:

if one day our parents encounter such difficulties, I really hope that a warm-hearted crowd can come around to help them and patiently teach them how to operate step by step.

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maybe you repeat it several times, but they still don't understand.

maybe their slow movements will cause your impatience.

but I hope you don't yell at them and don't find them troublesome;

Please explain to them how to do it clearly so that they can understand it more easily;

Please give them a little more time so that they can wear presbyopic glasses and find their location on the phone screen.

We are more patient and less impatient.

they are just old and there is nothing wrong with them.

to learn to be considerate of others and to make fewer demands on the elderly is to help others and leave a tradition of tolerance to the world we live in when we grow old.

when we get old, I believe we also want to be treated gently by everyone.


A grain of ash from the era of

falls on an individual's head is a mountain.

in the high-tech era, how can we prevent the elderly from being thrown off the runway?

this society should not be indifferent, but should be full of human feelings.

when popularizing and popularizing advanced technology, the basic rights and interests of those minority groups should not be ignored.

in the Law on the Protection of the Rights and interests of the elderly, it is clearly stipulated that "the elderly have the right to enjoy social services and preferential treatment, and the right to participate in social development and share the fruits of development".

the laws issued by the state are not written on paper for people to read, but to truly fall into life and serve more elderly people.

We can set up mother-and-baby rooms for mothers;

We can provide special access for the blind;

We can provide exclusive services for people with mobility disabilities;

similarly, we can also provide help to elderly people who do not know how to use smartphones, making it impossible for them to pay for mobile phones, scan codes, facial scans, etc.

I hope to see more public places, provide exclusive public service system for the elderly, and provide equal services to different objects.

I hope that the relevant departments will be more thoughtful and perfect in the process of policy formulation and implementation, so as not to let the elderly be forgotten in the era of convenient society.

there is a classic dialogue in the Great Gatsby:

whenever you want to criticize others, remember that not everyone in the world has the advantages you have.

it is hoped that this society will always exude goodwill to let the elderly go with the times.

on November 24 last year, the State Council issued the "implementation Plan for effectively solving the difficulties in the use of Intelligent Technology for the elderly", which really solved the difficulties for the elderly in using intelligent technology.

one of them mentions that no unit or individual may refuse to accept cash.

at Nanjing Geriatric University, smartphone training courses are also held to guide the elderly in the use of basic mobile phone functions.

in local public places, we have also begun to promote mutual authentication between city bus cards and health codes, with health certificates issued by communities or designated hospitals, or paper health codes printed, so that special groups such as the elderly can take the bus more easily.

more and more people are concerned about the plight of the elderly, and more and more policies begin to take care of them.

in an era of civilization, we should show more humanistic care to help the elderly integrate into this new world.