Girls who are promising ten years later all have these four qualities.

Girls who are promising ten years later all have these four qualities.

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as the old saying goes: if jade is not carved, it will not become an instrument.

every child is a piece of uncut jade, wrapped in flawless inside by hard stone, and only after carving can the gentle and beautiful quality be revealed.

Education is a process of carving.

educating girls to pay attention to quality cultivation, the cultivation of the following four excellent qualities is more important than any education!


self-confidence: I am sure that I

all say that my daughter is a sweet little cotton-padded jacket, very soft, very sensitive, and born considerate.

however, many parents raise their daughters to be meek and weak, which is not a correct education.

in this unequal society between men and women, girls should be more confident and have gentle and firm strength.

in a pork shop in the mountain village of Yunnan, a girl who helped her parents sell pork became popular.

she is in charge of helping hands, washing meat, cutting meat, barbecue everything, skillful movements, without the slightest complaint.

when she is free, she practices ballet in the open space behind the shop.

the graceful posture and firm eyes form a sharp contrast with the bustling market and blend wonderfully into it.

when I first saw this picture, I couldn't help sighing that this is the power of life.

No matter where you are, you still thrive like a Reed; no matter what the situation, you never forget your dreams.

it is self-confidence that allows her to dance in the pork shop without cowardice, but only with confidence in her dreams.

Girls, to be beautiful is an advantage, and to live a beautiful life is a skill.

self-confidence is a kind of beauty in itself. it is not attractive in appearance or persuasive in words, but defeats others with oneself.

to cultivate a confident daughter, parents need to support and let go.

confident children all have a belief that "I am capable" and think that they have the ability to do a thing well.

set up such an idea to the child from an early age, give her timely help and affirmation, constantly encourage, and create opportunities for her to show herself.

Let her daughter's life become her life. Supporting her to be herself and affirming herself is the parents' biggest lesson.

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self-discipline: push yourself

some people say: self-discipline is the only fair acquired competitiveness.

because there is no secret to success, the stupidest and best way is to push yourself.

Huang Lei has many daughters and has often been popular since her exposure, and her excellence has conquered many people.

4-year-old can read English, 8-year-old translation of English novels, 12-year-old onto the stage of drama, many achievements have exceeded countless peers.

Sun Li often posted videos about her daughter, one of which received 830000 likes.

in the video, many people are doing difficult fitness movements, with firm eyes and sharp movements. I'm afraid many adults will feel inferior to themselves.

A girl with self-discipline will be excellent sooner or later.

Children with self-discipline are more responsible and know what to do and what not to do.

she will not evade her responsibilities, nor will she evade difficulties and challenges. It has become her habit to try her best to face up to difficulties.

people are excellent not because they are good, but because they are good.

there is a short film in Thailand in which a fat girl is ridiculed as a "pig" and "fat guy". She is determined to lose weight.

walk a few kilometers every day to carry water, rain and wind, never waver, until she fills up the dry well and sees that the water reflects her slim figure.

she finally realized that only you can change yourself and do the right thing every day.

Gorky said: "even a little restraint from yourself will make a man strong and powerful."

Let your daughter learn self-discipline and have a sense of security with "everything under control". Only then can she be free in a real sense.


self-improvement: the heart is strong enough to be an asshole

writer Feng Tang wrote a book to his daughter, which goes like this:

making soup is more important than writing poetry, his craft is more important than men, hair and chest and waist and buttocks are more important than faces, and inner strength is more important than anything else.

A girl with a strong heart can grow into a towering tree without fear of the wind and rain of the world.

Yes, even as a woman, she must have roots that go deep into the earth and branches and leaves that grow into the sky like a big tree.

Resham is a female college student immigrated from the Middle East. She is studying at Manchester Metropolitan University in England. Her dream is to be a model.

on her birthday, however, the sky fell unexpectedly, was attacked with sulfuric acid, burned a large area of her face and whole body, and was almost disfigured.

for girls, this is definitely the most terrible blow, but Resham is brave and strong.

she made public the whole process from injury to recovery, and the treatment was painful, but her optimism and tenacity inspired countless netizens:

"No one can take away your beauty." "you shouldn't hide any more, you're beautiful!" "you are the bravest girl I have ever seen!"

10% of life is an event, and the remaining 90% depends on how you deal with it.

No one can take away your distance, even if your face is ruined, even if your future is lost, you can still make a comeback with a strong heart.

being a jerk inside is more important than anything else. In

this killer is not too cold, the girl asks the killer, "is life always hard, or is it just childhood?"

the killer replied, "alwaysYes, it is. "

Let your daughter learn to face life with a smile, grind her teeth and bear hardships. Some hardships must be eaten by themselves, and some sense of security must be given by themselves.


self-reliance: I fight for myself

We are sad to find that "the theory of the uselessness of girls' reading" is still rampant today.

there are many poor families who cannot afford their daughter to go to school, so they leave her until she is in her teens and marry off in a hurry.

these parents feel that the girl doll will be someone else's family in the future, and reading is a waste of money and time.

there are many patriarchal families who spoil their sons as emperors and use their daughters as nannies.

these girls, who are only a few years old and teenagers, are forced to be the "little mothers" and "demons" of their younger brothers, and they work hard for their younger brothers all their lives.

it is precisely because there are so many such girls that Zhang Guimei founded a girls' high school.

she hopes that girls can learn more knowledge, go to college, get out of the mountains, and really fight for their lives.

in just 12 years, she let 1804 poor girls who might drop out of school out of the mountain and into college.

the girls in the mountains can open a new chapter in life only by being independent.

every girl can have a say in her life only if she is independent.

MiyazakiHayao said:

"Don't rely on someone easily, it will become your habit." When parting comes, what you lose is not someone, but the pillar of your spirit. Learn to walk independently no matter when and where, it will make you walk more calmly.

teach girls not to rely on their parents, men and marriage.

the life you want to live, realize the happiness you want, strive for the happiness you want.

all women who pursue independence can live on their own, and they are the only legitimate masters of their own life and soul.

make her daughter more independent. When she has the strength to live for herself, every step she takes will not be in vain.