Good parents should do three things well: parent-child relationship, habit cultivation, and correct study.

Good parents should do three things well: parent-child relationship, habit cultivation, and correct study.

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in family education, many people think that how to raise an excellent child is a compulsory course for parents.

but many people don't know that this is an elective course.

if you are a good parent, it is a required course for every parent.

parents are lifelong teachers of their children, and their words and deeds influence their children imperceptibly.

good parents must do the following three things well.


good parent-child relationship

is more important than good education

now many parents have such doubts in education: why is parent-child relationship better than all education?

some parents even think that the parent-child relationship is not important, as long as the child gets good grades, can be admitted to a good university, find a good job, and have a bright future.

but in fact, in the process of receiving education, it is the parents, not the school, who have the greatest influence on the children.

School teaches children knowledge, skills, etc., while families teach children emotion, self-esteem and self-confidence.

therefore, the importance of establishing a harmonious parent-child relationship to the growth of children is self-evident.

give high-quality companionship to children

Children need companionship. If parents are always busy with their work and ignore their children, then their character will be affected to a certain extent in the process of growing up.

therefore, parents must attach importance to the companionship of their children, achieve high-quality companionship to their children, give the initiative to their children, listen to their children more, play with their children more, and respond to their children's interaction more.

respect and encourage children

Children need more respect and encouragement from their parents from babbling to adulthood.

parents should understand that "love and acceptance" is a necessary nutrient in the process of their children's growth, so they should pay attention to their children's problems and listen to their inner voices.

if you love your child, please respect him, accept him and encourage him.

parents should set an example for their children

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parents' words and deeds have a profound influence on the cultivation of children's personality and the formation of values.

because children like to imitate, and parents like to imitate most.

parents should strive to be what kind of person they want their children to be, which is also conducive to promoting parent-child relationship.

Please remember that a good parent-child relationship is more important than any education.


habits determine the fate of children

Education begins with the cultivation of good habits

Napoleon Hill said:

the power of habits is great. Once people form a habit, they will unconsciously run on this track.

A good habit will last a lifetime; on the contrary, a bad habit will endanger a lifetime.

Childhood is not only the initial stage of one's life, but also the key period for the formation of various habits.

therefore, parents should pay attention to the cultivation and edification of their children's good habits, including study habits, living habits, dealing with others, and so on.

Fostering study habits

cultivating children's good study habits from an early age is very important for children's learning.

parents should cultivate their children's learning habits as early as possible:

the habit of self-study preview, the habit of paying attention to class, the habit of positive thinking, the habit of daring to question, the habit of organizing notes, the habit of reviewing after class, the habit of completing homework independently, the habit of reading and practicing calligraphy.

develop living habits

A good living habit can accompany a child for life.

good living habits include sanitary habits, eating habits, working habits and so on.

these habits need parents to cultivate little by little in their children's daily life, let their children learn to do their own things, learn to do housework, and so on.

cultivate the habit of treating others

the habit of dealing with others is the habit of interpersonal communication. Only by adhering to the good habit of communication can we be good at it in the process of interpersonal communication.

it is important for parents to cultivate their children's habit of treating others, and parents should cultivate them as soon as possible.

five good habits of interpersonal communication, please remember: sincerity, trust, restraint, self-confidence, enthusiasm.

the habit is not formed overnight, but a superposition of micro habits, which requires the patient guidance of parents.


it is the responsibility of children to study hard

it is the responsibility of parents to "force" him to work hard

We all know that this is an era of academic certification.

as Zhang Xuefeng, a famous teacher for the postgraduate entrance examination, said in the orator,

therefore, parents and teachers have warned their children that you should study hard and study hard so that you can have more choices in the future.

however, children feel that their studies are hard. They get up early to go to school every day, and the teachers of various subjects take turns to fight, and all the assignments have to be completed one by one. Therefore, I am unwilling to learn.

at this time, we should let our children understand that learning is a kind of responsibility, and the appearance of studying hard is the most beautiful gesture of youth.

but because the child's consciousness is not enough, parents should properly "force" the child.

early rules and strict enforcement

there are no children who are born to love to learn, only parents who know how to guide.

at this time, it is necessary for parents to make rules for their children first and enforce them without moving.

the rules should be more accurate, such as when to finish your homework, when you can watch TV, etc.

appropriate regulations on rewards and punishments can stimulate children's interest in learning.

Let children feel their learning achievements

sometimesThe child lost interest in study because he was only frustrated by his study.

so parents should properly let their children feel the achievements brought by learning and experience the fun of learning.

when children learn, they can start with simplicity. When children finish, parents should know how to affirm and praise them in time.

parents should learn with their children

their children are very capable of imitating. At school, they often follow the example of their teachers; at home, they follow the example of their parents.

if parents want to make their children fall in love with learning, they must pay attention to their words and deeds.

A parent who likes reading must have a child who loves learning.

so parents should lead by example and be a person who loves to learn.

Please remember that far-sighted parents are a little ruthless. If you push the child now, he will be grateful to you for the rest of his life.

behind every outstanding child, there is a pair of parents who are good.

educating children is the most important cause for parents. Parents must know how to educate their children correctly, so that their children will become better and better.