Harvard University Research: exercise is the cure for everything

Harvard University Research: exercise is the cure for everything

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what changes will long-term exercise bring to our lives?

A netizen from Zhihu replied:

I have better living habits, and I have recovered from my stomach troubles for many years; I have come out of the shadow of being lovelorn and regained my confidence in life; and I am more persistent and planned in doing things.

can exercise not only make us have a healthier body, but also improve our mood and efficiency?

Professor Reddy of Harvard Medical School gives an affirmative answer.

after years of follow-up and investigation, a large number of studies have found that the more important significance of exercise is that it can strengthen the brain, and the relationship between brain and exercise is detailed in the book "exercise transforms the brain."

exercise to transform the brain has been reprinted 16 times, translated into 10 languages, and promoted reform in the field of education.

after reading this book, we can not only refresh our understanding of sports, but also let exercise guide us to change our lives and live better and better.


exercise can improve your ability

A school in the United States once conducted an educational experiment called "Zero physical Education".

students are required to do a lot of physical exercise before having a cultural class.

as a result, the 19000 students who participated in the activity not only became the healthiest students in the United States, but also became the smartest students.

Why can exercise make people smarter?

originally humans thought that the neurons in the brain were fixed.

but through scientific experiments, scientists are surprised to find that

exercise can promote the proliferation of neurons and enrich the neural network of the brain, thus enhancing our memory and improving learning efficiency.

best-selling author Zhang Meng runs at 7 o'clock every day, reads and writes at 8 o'clock, publishes a book for 7 years in a row. The reason why Zhang Meng is able to maintain efficient output is that Zhang Meng is good at making use of the time when her brain bursts out of vitality after exercise and starts to grow, arranging difficult work at this time, virtually improving work efficiency than others.

for young people, exercise can promote brain development; for the elderly, exercise can delay brain degeneration.

the official WeChat account of Wanda Group once posted President Wang Jianlin's daily schedule for decades: get up at 4: 00 in the morning, exercise for 45 minutes, and then have breakfast.

as an entrepreneur, Wang Jianlin spends an hour working out even if he has a full schedule every day, even if he goes abroad, rain or shine.

with the increase of age, exercise brings him not only the firmness of the body, but also the clarity of thinking and the agility of judgment.

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Rousseau: "my body must keep moving in order to get my mind moving."

the brains of people who exercise for a long time are also getting smarter, and before they know it, they open the gap with other people in life.


exercise can improve your bad mood

Jennifer Shaw, a teacher at Harvard Medical School, said: "people only know that exercise is good for physical health, but do not consider its effect on mental health."

people who love exercise and exercise more can get rid of the influence of negative emotions such as depression and stress more quickly.

CCTV host Bai Yansong once suffered from depression, serious insomnia and difficulty in communication.

later, he used running as a way to relieve depression, gradually cured the disease, and became the ambassador of running.

Bai Yansong said:

"now depression and anxiety are common problems faced by young people, but why are sports students so much happier? I have experienced a lot of setbacks and the possibility of depression, but I am still happy to live, why? When I'm not feeling well, I go out for a run. When I sweat, I feel much better! "

Studies have confirmed that exercise can secrete dopamine in the brain, and dopamine can not only improve mood and well-being, but also activate the attention system, resulting in a sense of satisfaction and control of life after success.

people who exercise more will become more confident as they get better.

at the same time, in the movement of breaking through oneself again and again, I become to enjoy the challenge and love life.

the survey of mental health in China shows that the lifetime prevalence rate of depression in Chinese adults is 6.8%, of which depression is 3.4%, and postpartum depression is more widely concerned by the society.

star Qin Hailu revealed on a variety show that she also suffered from "postpartum depression."

I cry every day and have great doubts about myself. In the end, I have to entrust the child to my good friend Liu Tao to take care of it.

while a 37-year-old returnee doctor in Changsha, Hunan Province, suffered from postpartum depression after his second child, with his 5-month-old daughter, jumped on the roof of the residential area, and two people died on the spot.

depressed people, silently bear psychological pressure and torture, can not be resolved, can not be relieved. And exercise can provide them with an outlet to vent and become a cure.

Jefferson said, "exercise should not be less than two hours a day, regardless of the weather." If the body is weak, the mind will not be strong. "

if we attach importance to exercise and stick to it, we can not only make our psychology healthier, but also contribute to the peace and happiness of the society.


there are three ways to strengthen your body and brain

exercise can make our life healthy and beautiful, so how can we make exercise to maximize its effectiveness and achieve greater significance?

Professor Reddy mentions the following methods in his book exercise Transforming the brain:

first, find an exercise you like and stick to it.

as the saying goes, "each has his own love".

if exercise is not a happy thing for you, you can't go on for a long time.

so, please try to find a sport that you like and fit.

for example, running is widely publicized, but you just can't love it.

on the contrary, you enjoy playing ball, dancing and cycling.

then follow your inner choice and do your favorite exercise.

second, constantly enrich the types of exercise and stimulate brain vitality.

if we want to exercise the brain, we have to give it moderate pressure to practice repeatedly in its own stretching area, so as to stimulate the brain to continue to learn and evolve.

therefore, we should update our sports plans from time to time, add new sports, and then constantly challenge and adapt.

after you get used to the rhythm of mountain climbing, you can try to play ball; when you get used to the intensity of playing ball, you can experience dancing.

third, please start challenging work after exercise.

whether you are used to exercising early in the morning or in the evening, don't waste the opportunity for your brain to grow neurons, strengthen the hippocampus, and improve your memory and learning efficiency after exercise.

you can perform high-intensity and difficult mental activities within 1-2 hours after exercise.

students can recite and solve problems after exercise; office workers can spend their time writing summaries and making forms; entrepreneurs can think about and plan their future careers.

you know that only when the brain is fully used after exercise can you really become "smart".


"the ecosystem of people who exercise regularly is like a clear spring, while those who are sedentary for a long time are more like a pool of stagnant water."

in primitive society, man was an endurance animal.

but with the progress of the times, more and more people are engaged in mental work and sedentary for a long time, which leads to a series of diseases.

now we know that exercise not only contributes to mental activity, but also relieves work stress, which is a very cost-effective deal for modern people.