Home, the cleaner it is, the more blessed it is! (good text in depth)

Home, the cleaner it is, the more blessed it is! (good text in depth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

I often hear old people say: money does not enter the dirty door.

because the God of Wealth likes clean and bright homes best.

A clean and bright home can not only make the family harmonious, but also attract happiness.

A clean house hides the happiness and future of a family.


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your room

is your life

cleaning the house is a small matter of life, but it reflects the attitude towards life.

there is a famous study that has lasted for many years and found a phenomenon:

successful people with a strong sense of happiness tend to live in a clean and tidy home, while unfortunate people usually live in messy and dirty.

then he fumbled out such a conclusion:

as Liu Yuxi said, "We are shabby, but we are virtuous."

A clean house has nothing to do with rich or poor, and attitude towards life has nothing to do with education.

A clean appearance or a tidy house can reflect one's enthusiasm for life.

Clean people not only respect themselves, but also have the ability to live their lives vividly.

people have a clean spirit, and their demeanor comes by themselves.


the cleaner the house is, the more blessed it is.

it is said in

that the cleaner the house is, the more blessed it is.

every time I go back to my hometown, I can see that there are guests from the neighbor Aunt Zhang's house, and the children nearby always come to their house to play.

the reason is obvious at a glance. As soon as I entered their house, all the floors and furnishings exuded a clean smell.

looking at the clean and spotless house and the calm and orderly courtyard full of flowers, it makes people feel indescribable sense of security and cozy.

"money does not enter the dirty door", and such a clean house attracts both people and blessings.


cleaning the room

teaches us gratitude and happiness

in recent years, there is a word to improve happiness, called "sweeping power".

there is an analogy like this:

cleaning is a wonderful little thing. It can exercise people's patience and mind, cultivate our sense of gratitude, and is a subtle way for life to slowly improve.

as a famous saying: people are not grateful for happiness, but happy because of gratitude.

if a person loses gratitude, he will be arrogant, self-centered and unable to tolerate the shortcomings of others.

humility arises only when you really clean every corner of the room.

at the same time, cleaning enhances a person's perception of happiness.

in the process of cleaning, we seriously deal with every small detail of life, become gentle and delicate emotionally, and learn to be grateful for small people and things.


embrace positive energy

from the beginning of cleaning the room

the ancients said: "if you have been in an orchid room for a long time, you will not feel its chaos if you have lived in a dirty room for a long time."

the house imperceptibly affects the owner's mental outlook and attitude towards life.

A clean, simple room seems to have a sunny property, which can make people full of energy and hope.

while living in a dirty and smelly environment, people's mood will inevitably become impetuous, bored and accumulate negative energy.

many people do not like to tidy up their rooms, claiming that although the room is messy, it eliminates the time to clean up and makes life more comfortable and relaxed.

however, whenever I need to look for something, I always go crazy because there are too many things, too messy and can not find them, and my mood suddenly changes from sunny to overcast.

the surrounding environment is disorganized, the head is more and more confused, can not calm down, the mood is depressed, people will become more and more irritable.

how can you go well with a person full of negative energy?

if you want to live a good life and have a good mood, you have to start by cleaning the room.


cleaning the room

is to clean the mind

someone in Zhihu once asked, "my life is a mess. How can I change it?"

A high-vote answer is: "when you are in trouble and there is nothing you can do about the situation at hand, clean the house."

cleaning the room can often clean your mind.

divorce is the golden rule to become clean and simple, and the only way to please the soul.

people are as simple as they are.

peace of mind means physical well-being.


A clean home

contributes to the harmony of the family

the ancients said: "the high hall is plain, there is no effort to roll; the open window is clean, and there is peace of sitting and lying down."

A home, a house, does not need magnificence and luxury, as long as it has a clean and comfortable living space, it can bring a good mood and harmonious atmosphere to the whole family.

when the family is in harmony, you can work harder and focus more on your studies, because you know that no matter how tired you are, you will have a clean and warm home to rest.

it is said that everything is happy at home, and a clean house is the beginning of family harmony.

the windowsill inside the house is clean, the room is fragrant, and there is a strong wind outside the house. I am complacent, my family and my beauty.