How much virtue a man has, how many blessings he has

How much virtue a man has, how many blessings he has

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Fan Si Xun, there is such a story:

when Yuan Ruifan was young, he met a fortune-teller on his way to take the exam.



Yuan Xiaofan thought it was unreliable. Who ever wanted to take the county examination, the government examination, and the school entrance examination all came true.

in a big shock, Yuan Ruifan was discouraged. Since he was doomed to be short-lived, why try again?

until he met Master Yungu.

Master Yungu said to him, "always say that you deserve your fate and seek your own happiness."

as long as you work hard to do good and practice virtue, you can ask for your own happiness.

Yuan Baofan listened to the Zen master and began to do good deeds and accumulate virtue.

later, he not only passed the Jinshi exam, but also had a son who died in his seventies.

the ancients said, "Heaven is hard to die, but fate is normal."

Heaven is impermanent, and fate is uncertain.

A person can have his own good fortune and good fortune as long as he accumulates his own virtue.


accumulate blessings to the good: accumulate virtue and do good, and blessings come naturally.

We often say, "those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed come back."

those who like to give to others will certainly be treated kindly by others.

do good deeds without seeking blessings.

if one knows how to do good deeds, good fortune will come naturally.

Fan Zhongyan met an old Taoist priest when he was young.

ask him about his future.

he said, "take a look at it for me. Can I be prime minister?"

the Taoist priest was startled and asked him, "at such a young age, why do you have such a big tone?"

Fan Zhongyan was a little embarrassed and asked, "can you see if I can be a doctor?"

the Taoist priest asked, "Why are these two aspirations so different?"

Fan Zhongyan said, "because only good faces and good doctors can save people."

after hearing this, the Taoist priest was very moved and said to Fan Zhongyan, "you have such a kind heart, you will certainly be prime minister in the future."

later, Fan Zhongyan really became prime minister.

when he became prime minister, he relieved his students, reduced corvee, established Yitian, and did good deeds to benefit the world.

his family flourished for 800 years from the Song Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty.

Wang Yangming said that people always do good, and they must be rewarded.

A person has a kind heart, often does good deeds, and says kind words, and the whole person will give birth to a warm and warm aura.

such a person is gentle and amiable.

others don't think they will be friendly to him.

they are welcome wherever they go, and they have people to lend a hand wherever they go.

the road of life is naturally broad and smooth, safe and blessed.


accept blessings with an open mind: the low water becomes the sea, and the low man becomes the king.

as the ancients said, "everything can be done with an open mind."

Blessed are those who are humble, and those who are arrogant often invite misfortune.

blessings, like water, always flow to the lower places.

but many people are always arrogant and have to promote themselves everywhere.

after a long time, the blessing will be gone.

Di Qing of the Northern Song Dynasty served as a secret envoy, relying on his own meritorious service and arrogance.

his men embezzled military funds, but he still protected and carried them.

he distributed the emperor's reward to the soldiers, who did not thank the emperor, but were grateful to him.

there was a flood in the capital, and many officials' homes were flooded, but he occupied Daxiangguo Temple to avoid the flood.

the long-term arrogance caused dissatisfaction among courtiers, the emperor was worried, and Di Qing was eventually disgruntled.

because it can not be reused for a long time, it ends up in a depressed end.

it is said in "Fan Si Xun": "only humility is blessed."

Blessing can be carried only if it is kept low.

monthly profit leads to loss, and water overflows.

once a person is too satisfied, the good fortune will naturally flow away.

learn to restrain yourself and be humble to others. After a long time, the blessings will naturally come.


peace and happiness: control your temper and keep your good fortune.

people often say that impulse is the devil.

people are emotional animals, in the face of difficulties, it is easy to impulse, resulting in unexpected consequences.

learn to control emotions and maintain emotional stability and peace, which is a person's top EQ.

Wen Yanbo, prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, used to be an official in Yizhou.

when we entertained the guests one day, it snowed heavily, and the party was not over in the middle of the night.

the soldiers of the entourage got angry and tore down the pavilion outside and burned it to avoid the cold.

when the guests saw it, they thought the soldiers rebelled and their legs trembled with fear.

Wen Yanbo drank calmly and said, "it's really cold, so let them burn the fire."

when the soldiers saw this, there was no place to vent, so there was no more trouble.

Wen Yanbo defused the crisis cleverly in one sentence.

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the next day, Wen Yanbo found out who was the first to remove the well fence and sent him away.

the ancients said: "Mount Tai collapses in front and does not change its color."

the more urgent the situation, the more you should calm down and deal with it calmly.

when the state of mind is stable, there will be no deviation in decision-making and action.

to be stable is the first step to avoid disaster.

if your heart is confused, then your life will naturally be a mess.


keep correct and nourish happiness: be carefulSelf-cultivation is the way to disaster.

the ancients said, "A gentleman is alone and persevering."

means that a person will never have bad ideas or bad ideas, even without supervision.

there are always some bottom lines that cannot be crossed in life.

if you can't control your desires and take the wrong path, you will be punished sooner or later in life.

Lu Yuanying, who stayed in Dongdu in the Tang Dynasty, was a chess master who always liked to play chess for fun with his staff.

once, he was playing chess with his staff when he suddenly had an urgent document to deal with.

while he was leaving, the staff secretly moved the pieces.

as soon as Lu Yuanying came back, he found that the pieces were passive, but they were silent, and his staff finally won the game.

the next day, the aide was talking eloquently about how good he was at chess, and Lu Yuanying sent someone to send gold and silver and asked the aide to find another job.

if you want people to know, don't do it unless you do it yourself.

those who are truly blessed can stick to their hearts and the bottom line no matter what the circumstances.

only in this way can one win the trust of others and face the ghosts and spirits of heaven and earth calmly.

the bottom line is like the dam of life. Once it collapses, it will break the whole life.


self-discipline cherish blessings: if you are not exhausted, you will not enjoy all the blessings.

Zeng Guofan once said, "reverence is the way to carry blessings."

blessings are never unlimited. Only when one knows how to cherish happiness and fear fate can one keep happiness for a long time.

if you do not know how to exercise self-discipline and abstinence, your blessings will soon run out.

Li Linfu, prime minister of the Tang Dynasty, was instructed by an expert who said that he had been prime minister for 30 years.

but soon after he became prime minister, he was sent into exile.

he was puzzled, so he went to the expert to find out.

the master said, "if you kill thousands of ducks for a bowl of duck tongue soup, and your servants dominate and oppress the people, your blessings have long been exhausted. How can there be thirty years of prime minister Fufen?"

if virtue does not match, there will be disasters.

once a person's position and character do not match, it will bring disaster.

so the wealth of many people in life is always a flash in the pan, windfall quickly becomes a sudden disaster.

you have to be hard to strike iron, and you have enough character to match enough wealth.

so the richer people are, the more careful they are to cultivate themselves and improve their moral character.

only such people can have a long flow of water and good fortune.

the ancients said: to cultivate oneself with virtue, to carry things with virtue.

if one wants to be blessed, one must first fix his virtue.

Germany is a ship. If the ship is not strong enough, no matter how lucky it is, it will sink into the water.

morality is the foundation, and if the foundation is not solid, fame and wealth will become the straw that crushes itself.

how much virtue you have, how much happiness you can have.

only by accumulating virtue and doing good deeds, modesty and peace, can such people be stable and happy all their lives.