I have doubts about reading.

I have doubts about reading.

Give you a copy of the grocery store?

during the summer vacation, some people will yell in their moments about how many books they want to read. I am the same, but the people who yell seem to suffer from the crime of "dying in the light". What is said, what cannot be done. I still remember that at this time last year, there were only a few disorganized fans of more than 300. At that time, I made a promise to build muscles and pass CET-4, but now I look back and find that nothing has been done.

another sad year.

so, fans of 2014, if you are still looking at clutter today, tell me whether your goals for last year have been achieved. I don't know how much you have changed in the past year. I hope you can write it down and tell me.

back to the book, I was recently reading Haruki Murakami's Kafka by the Seaside, which tells the story of a 15-year-old running away from home, and then interspersed with stories that still seem irrelevant for the time being, such as Nakada, who can communicate with cats, and the teenager named Raven. I heard that this book won the World Fantasy Award in 2006, so it's worth reading.

when I was sitting on the sofa this afternoon, blowing the fan and watching "Kafka by the Sea", I suddenly thought of a question: "in what kind of mentality does Haruki Murakami write a novel?"

he has so many descriptions in his novels that even the process of bathing for teenagers is extremely detailed, and some mundane processes take more than half a chapter. Why would he do that?

("1Q84" from the following excerpt)

Qingdou stood on the footbridge across Waiyuan West Street, leaning against the railing and looking at the two moons for a while. However, no one looked at the moon but her. The people who passed by saw Qingdou standing on the bridge looking at the moon, but cast a glance in surprise. They seemed to have no interest in the sky or the moon and hurried to the subway station. Looking at the moon, Qingdou once again felt as tired as yesterday. She thought, she can no longer look up at the moon like this, it will not have a good effect on me. However, no matter how hard you try not to look, it is hard for the skin to lose sight of the moon. Even if I don't look at them, they are looking at me. They know exactly what I'm going to do in the future.

the old lady and green beans drank hot and strong coffee from classical cups. The old lady poured a little cream along the rim of the cup and drank it without stirring. No sugar. Green beans, as usual, drink black coffee. Tamaru made sandwiches as promised. Cut it small enough to eat it in one bite. I ate a few green beans. It's just cucumbers and cheese in the rye bread, which is very simple, but tastes elegant. Tamaru makes this humble meal very elegant.

like the above two paragraphs, what is the meaning of its existence? I think if there is a typographical error in a certain edition of "1Q84" and these two paragraphs are omitted, it will only be like a few drops of honey in our frozen lemon tea, and it will not affect our evaluation of the whole cup of frozen lemon tea.

but does it really matter?

every time I read Haruki Murakami's book, as he said, "things around me slowly withdraw from my sight like a movie, and then listen to my breath sink into the deep sea." As his seemingly unnecessary descriptions fall into the world he has created, he follows the protagonist through what he has experienced and feels the wonderful life.

I suddenly found that the articles I followed by Subscription account lacked this kind of "unnecessary description". They may pursue the so-called "boxing to flesh", hoping that all the sentences in the article will serve the point of view, and the stories they tell focus on the bullying turn of the plot and the unexpected ending, rather than allowing us to really integrate into the story and experience the emotions.

maybe that's why novels are divided into "short stories", "medium stories" and "long stories" according to length. I'm not criticizing curious short stories. I'm just as a sharer. I hope you can also take some time to look at those long stories made by heart, which may not allow you to grow quickly, and then make a qualitative leap after reading them. But it can be tasted carefully, and maybe you can remember the plot in three years' time and tell the woman around you what you think of the book.

fragmented fast reading has its pros and cons. It does broaden our knowledge and allow us to understand a world that is too large to describe. But what it can give us is also like scratching the surface, and can not infiltrate the roots of knowledge. And most of the time, after reading an article, we think we are standing on the shoulder of the author and see what he sees, but in fact, the successful person who wrote the article stepped on a high and frightening mountain, and we are just "flying in the clouds". As soon as the wind blows, it will fall with a whew.

I remember that I once saw a Japanese short film called "Life is not a Marathon". At that time, I was so excited that I wanted to realize my dream immediately, but I lost my enthusiasm just one day later. So I watched it again a day later, and this time it lasted only half a day. Over and over again, I had developed immunity to this short film, and even if its soundtrack rang in my ear two hundred times, I was unmoved.

instead, it is "1Q84". Although I have seen it three or four times, each time I read it, it makes me think about something different. Zhu Xi said: "if there is no doubt about reading, we must teach those who have doubts and those who have doubts, but we must undoubtedly come here in order to make progress."

I don't expect to solve all my questions on my own, but I hope we can think more when we are reading. In the few remaining summer holidays, we have to read a few books carefully, take notes if we can, and try to read them if we can't.Don't be disturbed by the outside world.

by the way, I asked you to recommend a book you like to me the other day. The most recommended number of times is Higano's non-suspense novel "worry solving grocery store". Since everyone's enthusiasm is so high, I might as well obey the order and see whether to buy a physical book at Dangdang or buy an electronic version of it directly on KINDLE.

also, I'm going to send a copy of the worry-relieving grocery store with the disorganized Vitasoy funds. If you want it, can you tell me why? If the book is really in your hands, please lend it to those who want to read it after reading it. Remember, disorganized fans are preferred.

how to get the worry Store:

tell me why you want to see it?

what is clutter to you?

how many books will you read this summer vacation?

do you want an electronic version of or physical book?

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