Idle people worry a lot, lazy people get sick, and busy people enjoy many things.

Idle people worry a lot, lazy people get sick, and busy people enjoy many things.

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Shen Congwen has a famous saying:

many people dream of living a leisurely and comfortable life, but they do not know that behind the leisurely life, they have already secretly marked the price.

as the saying goes: idle people worry more, lazy people get sick, and busy people are happy.

people are too idle, sometimes it may not be a good thing, but it may bring you more troubles and disasters.


people are too idle to get sick

I have read such a short story:

A rich man asked a Zen master:

"I have had a strange disease in recent years." Every day, my head is dizzy, my hands and feet are weak, and it doesn't work if I take a lot of medicine.

recently I often suspect that my wife drugged me, and my son tried to seize my property and was too scared to sleep at night. "

the Zen master asked, "what are you doing every day now?"

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the rich man replied, "nothing. My wife is in charge of the housework and my son is in charge of the property. "

the Zen master told him, "it's not difficult to cure this disease." After you go back, you will move a few piles of firewood from the East Court to the West Court every morning, and then move the firewood back to the East Court from the West Court in the afternoon. You will be cured after 30 days like this. "

30 days later, the rich man came to the Zen master cheerfully: "after listening to the master, my illness has gradually improved." If you look at my wife and son, it doesn't seem so bad. "

the Zen master smiled: "in fact, you are not sick at all, you are just too idle."

as the saying goes, "there are all kinds of diseases in leisure."

Medical research also shows that moderate stress is beneficial to the secretion of health hormones and enhance the body's immunity.

when a person is too idle, it is easy to have wishful thinking and breed all kinds of strange thoughts, such as the wife feels inconsiderate, the son feels unfilial, the friend feels unreliable, and everyone wants to take advantage of himself.

over time, a variety of mental or physical diseases follow.

there is a saying in "persuading the people": we do not see idle people with long energy, but we can see that labourers have strong muscles and bones.

although busy people look tired, they don't have time to slowly guess other people's minds, they don't have so many distractions, they are clean and simple, but they have less trouble.

Health is busy, heart disease is idle. Keeping yourself busy and thinking less about those messy things is the best way to maintain good health.


people are too idle and easy to get into trouble

A Dream of Red Mansions once called "insulting her daughter and foolish concubine fighting for leisure". It was about Tanchun's biological mother, Aunt Zhao, who did not hesitate to tear her face with her own daughter in public for 22 silver. In the end, she didn't get the money and lost face.

speaking of this Aunt Zhao, she can be said to be a typical example of "if you are idle, you will make trouble".

since she has no right to be in charge and refuses to do her duty, she has nothing to do, so she often gossips and disturbs the whole family.

because she didn't like Baoyu and Sister Feng, she colluded with Ma Daopo to play tricks on them and almost killed two people.

for the sake of a bag of rose nitrate, she did not hesitate to lower herself and rushed to fight the little girl Fang Guan.

even her daughter Tan Chun said, "Auntie often makes people feel cold several times."

there is nothing in the world, but idle people ask for it.

if a person is too idle, it is easy to ask for trouble and brush around with a sense of existence.

think of such a joke:

question: why are the ancient harem concubines so good at intrigue?

answer: it's not all because they are idle. They have to find something to do for themselves.

there is no shortage of idle people around us:

if the host couple quarrel, they must inquire about it; when the West mother-in-law and daughter-in-law quarrel, they do not forget to sow discord in the past.

A little thing, after their embellishment, will often become more and more serious, and it will be difficult to end.

if you spend a long time with such idle people, you will not only waste your time and energy, but also easily get caught up in talking about right and wrong.

A true wise man knows how to reject these idle people, and better how to avoid becoming such idle people.

as the old saying goes, "people have too much leisure, and they are busy to solve a thousand worries."

as long as you keep yourself busy, you won't have time to talk to idle people, let alone energy to get involved in irrelevant things.

Don't worry about what you shouldn't care about, and don't ask what you shouldn't ask, so that it can be trivial and trivial.

the highest wisdom of a person is to stay away from external interference and focus on doing his own things well.


people are too idle and easy to fall

We often envy those who "have money and leisure" and think that this is the most perfect life.

colleagues sometimes joke: "if I win 5 million tomorrow, the first thing I do is quit my job and prepare for retirement."... "

the ideal is plump, but the reality is very bony.

an organization conducted a 10-year follow-up visit to a group of people who "won 5 million lottery" and came to the conclusion that

those who won 5 million did not change their lives through this money. most people returned to their previous living standards a few years later, and some even regressed.

among them is a 22-year-old Xiao Wang who won 5 million yuan after working for less than a year.

not surprisingly, Xiao Wang quit his job immediately after winning the lottery and started a "pension model" with money and leisure.

I woke up naturally at home during the day, went out to nightclubs, ate at once, and made several girlfriends.

millions of luxury cars, just buy them; tens of thousands of yuanThe bag will be delivered as soon as you say it.

before long, more than half of the money was spent.

Xiao Wang panicked and invested the rest of his money in stocks. As a result, his investment was wasted because he didn't know the market.

in just over a year, Xiao Wang lost all his bonus and owed a lot of debt.

what is even more sad is that after Xiao Wang is used to such a lavish and idle life, he will never be able to return to his original state of life.

he looks down on his previous job, and he is afraid of being laughed at by his colleagues. He refuses to go back to work and stays at home all day.

his mother wiped her tears and said, "if I had known this, I might as well have missed the 5 million."

there is a good saying: the worst way to get rid of a person is to keep him idle all the time.

the love of rest and work and the desire for enjoyment are weaknesses that everyone will have. Once people are idle for too long, they will lose the motivation to forge ahead and become more lazy and incompetent.

over time, work skills are abandoned and out of touch with society. Apart from being gluttonous and lazy, the whole person is basically "scrapped".

there is no road in vain in life, every step counts. Don't expect good luck to fall from the sky, but pursue down-to-earth happiness.

only keep yourself busy, study more, read more, think more, work hard, and make your soul richer and more capable.

and these are the riches that no one can take away.


it is a blessing to be idle;

it is a disaster if people are too idle.

proper leisure is the honey to regulate life; excessive leisure is the poison to kill the will.

the best way to live is to be busy often and relax occasionally. When you are busy, remember to have a proper rest; in your spare time, remember not to forget your original ideals and aspirations.

May you be busy and busy for the rest of your life, free from illness and peace of mind.