If a man is immoral, he will destroy himself! (depth)

If a man is immoral, he will destroy himself! (depth)

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to be a man, you must be without virtue.

the so-called "virtue" is not only a person's moral cultivation, but also a person's superior fengshui.

people who are virtuous, although no one sees them, there must be heavenly knowledge when they do good;

those who are immoral, although they accumulate evil, they will inevitably suffer disasters.

as the ancients said:

if a man is not virtuous, it is useless to work hard, and it is difficult to walk for a long time.


Goethe once said:

A person's most important way of life is nothing more than two words: morality.

people of noble character have clean souls and kind hearts.

No cheating, no cheating.

as a result, it is easier to gain the trust of others and the favor of fate.

do you remember the story of "bitter pomelo" in the primary school textbook?

the author has an uncle living abroad who returned to his hometown Fuyun Town from as far away as South America with his 15-year-old daughter.

because I hadn't eaten grapefruit in my hometown for a long time, the three people went to the market early the next morning to buy grapefruit.

during the selection, I met a little girl who didn't flatter and yell like everyone else, but introduced her own grapefruit a little bitter.

when my uncle offered to buy ten, the little girl said,

"buy less. This kind of grapefruit is really not delicious and bitter, and people don't like it. Besides, you have a hard time coming back from abroad. If you want to take grapefruit from your hometown to a foreign country, you should buy something good and sweet. "

finally, my uncle bought all her grapefruit and sighed:

in fact, a good character is a person's best luck.

the so-called righteousness has much support, but injustice has little support.

the more honest and kind-hearted you are, the more you will get unexpected luck and opportunities.

on the contrary, no matter how highly educated a person is, no matter how strong his ability is, if his moral character is not good, he will eventually get nothing.

as the writer Xi Yang Yang said:

"sometimes, kindness does not repay you immediately, but it will give you unexpected surprises; sometimes, goodness will come in a different way to make you feel its breadth and richness."

people of good character shine brightly wherever they go.


small victory depends on wisdom, and great victory depends on virtue

this sentence in the Book of morality is warning people that wisdom is not as good as kindness.

if you are too shrewd and always want to take advantage of it, you think it's smart, but it's easy to be smart.

like Wang Xifeng in A Dream of Red Mansions, she was originally the most capable one in the Grand View Garden, but she was too shrewd in the world, which laid the foundation for herself in the future.

so much so that he was wrapped in straw mats when he was alive.

A broken straw mat and dishevelled hair were dragged out a long mark in the snow and casually thrown into the wilderness.

this is the end of immorality.

there is a saying in the Tan Jing:

your blessings are, in the final analysis, the virtues you have accumulated.

the more you think of others, the more they will think of you;

the more magnanimous you are, the more sincere they will be to you.

this is the case with Xuan Jianxiang, a small potato in the TV series "Great Rivers".

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he does not have the learning talent and research energy of Song Yunhui, nor the cleverness of Yang Xun, but he has gained good popularity because of righteousness and sincerity, and his friends have called him Daxun.

everyone knows how he behaves in the world, and they also know that he is less playful, so it is enough to have a comfortable and cheerful relationship with him.

as the old saying goes, small victory depends on wisdom, and great victory depends on virtue.

if a person wants to survive in the world for a long time without defeat, he ultimately depends on his own moral character.

therefore, instead of racking your brains and haggling, it is better to improve yourself, be kind to others, and make yourself a person of both virtue and morality.

if a man is virtuous, the instrument will succeed in the end.


if morality does not match, there must be disasters

there is such a sentence in the Book of changes:

it means that a person's virtue does not match his position, which will inevitably lead to the birth of disaster.

once read a story on the Internet:

A job seeker was asked about his past experience during the interview.

he said proudly:

the interviewer asked again:

the applicant was silent for a long time before saying:

it turns out that his school has been blacklisted for illegal enrollment for two years in a row.

and he knows all this, but in order to collect his own tuition, he still "tricks" his relatives and friends to come here.

finally, the interviewer rejected his job application and said:

"if you want to walk in society, be a man before you do anything."

you are smart, but you are a failure. "

Human virtue is all the root, and all wealth, wisdom and fame need it to bear.

if you fail in character, there is no need to talk about everything.

Li Kaifu said:

"I put character at the top of all the qualities of talents, surpassing wisdom, innovation, EQ, passion and so on.

I think if there is something wrong with a person's character, that person is not worthy of a company to consider hiring him. "

morality is not matched, and it is useless to be able to do so.

quality is not good, no matter how much calculation will not help.

only by letting virtue keep up with the pace, can life have a long flow and have a beginning and an end.


what do you rely on to be invincible all your life?Land?

Xu Yin's poem wrote in the Classic Hanlin Yang Zuocheng Pool Pavilion:

all one's life, only virtue can last a lifetime.