If someone hurts you, someone will love you. God has a plan.

If someone hurts you, someone will love you. God has a plan.

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Buddha said: "all encounters are the leading edge of an old dream on the Sansheng Stone; reunion after a long separation is the good fruit of compassion in a previous life."

the vast sea of people, every encounter, is doomed.

if someone hurts you, someone loves you. Everything has cause and effect. God has his own plan.


the person who makes you suffer is the one who came to ferry you

Sakyamuni said, "No matter who you meet, he will teach you something."

those who care about you will bring you warmth; those who make you miserable will teach you to grow.

all encounters in life come prepared.

when Lee Xiaolong was studying Wing Chun, he had Xiaocheng at the beginning, but when he was proud, he was easily knocked down by a handyman with "Wang's legs" in another martial arts school.

humiliated him, he has not been depressed ever since. Instead, when the pain was relieved, he took the initiative to go to the martial arts school to continue the challenge.

even though he was beaten again and again, Bruce Lee became more and more frustrated and brave. Finally, in the painful process, I realized the subtlety of the "Wang legs", and then improved my Wing Chun Boxing, and in the shortest possible time, I found out the weakness of the other party, and finally surpassed the other side and improved myself.

and Bruce Lee also became a master in this spirit.

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A person who can beat you will only make you stronger and stronger; a person who can hurt you will only make you braver and braver.

those who cause you pain are precisely the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in your life today.

Buddhists often say: "to endure hardship is to suffer, and to enjoy happiness is to enjoy happiness."

the butterfly experiences the pain of breaking its cocoon before it can be transformed into a butterfly; the Phoenix needs the pain of bathing fire before it can nirvana.

Let you worry, you will have consciousness; let you suffer, you will transform.

Hearon Bokambu once wrote in his book: "A place for bad karma can in turn become a place to accumulate good roots."

so don't be afraid of the person who brings you pain. All the sufferings in life will converge into a seed in life, take root and sprout, and blossom into gorgeous flowers.

those who have endured great hardships will have a great blessing waiting for them!


the person you resent is the VIP of your life

Buddha said: "all dharma arise because of the fate, and the fate comes to an end."

all kinds of things in the world are karma. Everyone who appears in your life has a reason.

I have read such a story:

there was a young monk who grew up in a temple. The young monk is grateful, so he cleans the temple alone every morning and does a lot of chores.

spend the evening familiarizing yourself with the scriptures. And the abbot often arranged for him to go to the town to buy daily necessities in the temple.

after going on like this for more than a decade, the young monk found that his brother was very free every day, and only he was busy from morning till night. When shopping in the town, others bought few and light things, but he had to climb over the mountains and carry a lot of heavy things.

the young monk had a grudge in his heart and went to the abbot the next day to express his dissatisfaction.

the abbot said nothing and asked him to go to the distant town to carry a bag of millet.

A few months later, the temple suddenly began to assess the monks, and the teachers and brothers were all inferior to the young monk in their physical strength and perseverance, and he naturally stood out and went out of the temple to complete a sacred mission.

he is the famous Master Xuanzang. On the way to seeking the Dharma, the abbot's sharpening turned into a tough light in his heart, which supported him to overcome many dangers and obstacles and finally obtained the true sutra.

in life, gain is not necessarily a blessing; loss is not necessarily a curse. All odds are karma in your life. When karma is ripe, blessings will come.

so never blame anyone in your life, no matter whether he brings pain or suffering, believe that it is the most important person in your life and that everything is God's best arrangement.


people reach a certain age to understand that everything that happens to us is their own cause and will bring us unimaginable consequences.

all living beings, some are warm, some are cold, some are kind, some are mean.

No matter who you meet, just keep your kind heart; no matter what he brings you, just believe that he will teach you something.

Maitreya Bodhisattva told us: "A big belly can accommodate things all over the world, laughing at the sorrows of all ages."

pain is never a curse, but a blessing. Every obstacle is a reward brought to us by God!