If there are eight details of an unreliable person, you can't make a deep acquaintance with one of them.

If there are eight details of an unreliable person, you can't make a deep acquaintance with one of them.

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what is reliable?

in popular terms, it is reliable;

in strict terms, it means good character;

in exact terms, it means not cheating.

reliable people are rare treasures;

reliable friends are worth cherishing for a lifetime!

the following 8 performances are unreliable behavior and are not worth making friends with.


Don't keep your word

there is no truth in your mouth, and you always break your promise. What you promise is forgotten in the twinkling of an eye, and what you tell you is always half-hearted. A person who doesn't keep his word loses his integrity and is not worthy of your trust.


tear down the bridge when crossing the river

there are some people who don't know how to be grateful, ask you for help when they need it, and pass the buck when you need it. Helped him, he turned ruthlessly, across the river to tear down the bridge, people chill!


A person who loves petty gains

is undoubtedly an unreliable person, and your feelings are not as practical as the immediate interests to him. Some people are insatiably greedy and can betray their friends with a little profit. Such people must be careful!


there is no end

when you send Wechat, you never reply seriously. when you ask him to do something, there is always no reply. Sometimes, you are so worried about one thing that you entrust all your trust to one person, but he goes back on his word and fattens, disappointing and staying away.


A person whose heart is not as good as one

is not as good as one


only talks big words

, but they don't come back. They promise others, but break their promises and get fat. Such a person, heavy face, light inside, people like to brag, but actually do not have much real ability. Most of this kind of performance will become the conversation material of others after dinner.


there is no bottom line in doing things

people, to be a man, you should take character as the standard, do things, and take conscience as the bottom line. It is undoubtedly unreliable to stay away from those who blind their conscience and lose their character for the sake of money. if you work with him, you will only be hurt by him.


the reliability of a person is sincere to friends, responsibility to family, responsibility to loved ones! If a person has no responsibility, likes to eat and works lazily, and complains about others, this practice will only make the people around him worry about him.

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the above 8 details are all unreliable and irresponsible behavior, such friends do not need to make deep friends! Make reliable people, where down-to-earth feelings, in order to have a calm life, to be reliable people, to be responsible for their own, in order to have a quiet life!