If things go against your wishes, please believe that everything is arranged otherwise.

If things go against your wishes, please believe that everything is arranged otherwise.

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I have heard a saying: "No matter how carefully planned life is, it is not worth a fate."

the more you experience, the more you understand: getting what you want is an accident, and it is the normal state of life that things go against your wishes.

the good you look forward to may not come when you desire it most, nor can you get results immediately with every effort you put into it.

but please don't be discouraged by this temporary disappointment.

as Tagore said, "it takes a while to shout at the empty valley before you hear the long echo."

Please believe that time will be the fairest judge and has its own judgment. If things go against one's wishes, it must be another fate.


all experiences have meaning

not long ago, actor Li Ruotong shared her 55th birthday declaration on the Internet.

in the video, her eyes are full of stories, but her face does not show any wind and frost. She confesses that she has no regrets when she talks about the decade when she retired to the background for her boyfriend.

although countless viewers feel sorry for her and regret that she retired for love at the peak of her career, she finally ended up being broken up. When she came back, her beauty was in the twilight, and her career was never the same again.

but she said that it was precisely because of the stumbling decade that she learned to love herself better and made her the confident she is now.

seeing here, I can't help but think of a sentence: "all encounters in the world have a reason."

in our lives, we will meet many people.

some people give you company, some people teach you to grow up, some people give you painful lessons, some people give you the best memories.

but no matter what is good or bad, it is your destiny. If there is no debt in the past life, how will you meet in this life?

everyone appears for a reason, and every experience has its own meaning. Even those life glimpses may become unforgettable scenery in memory after a few years.

Life has never been in vain, and every step counts. Who doesn't take a great youth in exchange for the most profound lessons?

the road may be muddy and difficult, but it is precisely because of everything in the past that makes us a warmer and thicker self.

I really like what Li Zongsheng said when he evaluated himself: I was speechless side by side with that helpless teenager at that time, and I finally realized that every city I had experienced in my life was connected. Every footprint that I have worked hard is connected.

it brought me to where I am today, step by step, to become who I am today.

you don't have to blame anyone or anything in your life. Although there are ups and downs in your life, it also teaches you to be strong.

although there are regrets in the past, it also makes you grow.


all losses have a return date

A Western philosopher once said: "there is no irreparable pain, there is no unending destruction, all lost will come back in another way."

Life, like a community of suffering and hope, will be bleak for a while, but it will never be bleak for a lifetime.

sometimes, God wants you to wait hard just to return the better to you.

as long as you don't give up and move on, those lost things will eventually come back to you in another form.

just like Ma long, a famous table tennis player who was frequently searched not long ago.

countless media are praising the legend of his double Grand Slam, but few people know that behind the legend lies his decade-long trough.

in 2005, he stood out in the table tennis arena, and only a year later, he and his teammates won the team championship of the World Table Tennis Championships.

at that time, he was a successful and high-spirited teenager, and was recognized by countless people as the future leader of the national table tennis team.

but in the next few years, he lost one after another in various world competitions and missed the singles qualification for the 12-year London Olympic Games.

for a long time, Malone was so deeply in self-doubt that he even thought of retiring.

but even if he is routed again, he still keeps on training day after day.

finally in 2015, he won the men's singles champion of the World Table Tennis Championships, and since then, he has made countless legends that belong to him.

whenever I read about Malone's experience, I feel extremely moved.

it turns out that God really doesn't want to let down everyone who works hard. As long as you persevere all the way, all the losses will come back in another way.

if you are also at a low ebb in your life, confused and anxious, think of the legend of Malone.

Don't be unhappy about those lost, some regrets, but to give you greater fulfillment; some suffering is just romance paving the way for surprise.

always believe that the long road of life, there will be twists and turns, the aftertaste is bitter, there will be some return.


every time

when you think about it, it makes sense.

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the past is history, and the future is still unknown. Only today can be held in our hands.

it's just that many times, we are always full of resentment against the present, feeling that it is neither as comfortable as it used to be, nor as comfortable as it used to be.The future is promising.

but how long the road of life is, as long as the future is uncertain, the outcome is still unknown.

so no matter what kind of life you are going through right now, you don't have to complain.

one year old has the taste of one year old, one station has a stop scenery, when you have experienced something, you will find a lot of things, which are very different from before.

the tribulations that life has given you have become glorious behind you when the time has passed, and the bumps given to you by fate have unwittingly made you develop the ability to be invulnerable.

it turns out that those who were once extremely resentful were precisely the best arrangement of fate.

the past is a foregone conclusion, and there are too many uncertainties in the future. all we can do is live every day in front of us and seize every moment in front of us.

Please believe that time will remember all your efforts and persistence, and give you a satisfactory answer.

May you seize every moment, work hard and wait for the flowers to bloom for the rest of your life.

turn the thorns along the way into weapons to defend against the enemy;

fortify the sweat and tears that flow through into the hardest fortress;

rewrite everything in life contrary to one's wishes.