If you are kind in your life, you will be blessed; if you are kind in life, you will be blessed by heaven.

If you are kind in your life, you will be blessed; if you are kind in life, you will be blessed by heaven.

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the Dharma Sutra says: "to do evil is like a bitter seed. Evil suffers itself, and good is blessed."

to be a man, you should be kind-hearted and kind-hearted. It is beautiful and kind from the heart, and it is a good character of people.

people with good intentions will not calculate others in everything. They will always think of others and know what to do and what not to do.

people with good thoughts may get hurt, people with good thoughts may suffer, but if you are kind, God will bless you, you will be kind, and the people around you will treat you well.


A person who does a lot of evil, the people around him will hate him, and the wicked will be rewarded.

in the past, there was such a true story:

there was a woman whose husband died of a sudden illness, leaving her a mentally handicapped son and a disabled old man. The unfortunate woman decided to resign and set up a fruit stall in front of her family in order to take care of her family.

one day, a dirty little boy came to the booth. Looking at his weak body, the woman felt compassion and handed two apples to him.

the little boy took the apple and eagerly bit it in his mouth, gobbling it down and running towards the middle of the road.

the woman looked at the boy and remembered that the mentally retarded child in her family couldn't bear it, so she hurriedly put down the fruit stand and chased after the little boy.

but at the moment she left, a terrible scene appeared. A taxi came straight to the fruit stand and smashed the woman's stool to pieces.

people lamented one after another that the woman, who never left her seat on weekdays, could have avoided such a disaster.

but in fact, it is not fate but kindness that really saved the woman.

maybe you don't make a lot of money in your life, maybe you don't look very good, but at least you have to be kind.

Don't bully the people around you who are weaker than you, and don't hurt the people around you who are really nice to you.

Buddhists often say, "you are a lucky man, you will have a natural appearance."

do your best to see people who need help and compare your heart to heart for the rest of your life. To be a man, you should keep your feet on the ground and do things, and you should take it seriously. You may not be able to do a good deed every day, but at least you can have a good heart.

everything you do can live up to your conscience and have a clear conscience for the rest of your life.


the Dharma Sutra tells us: "Don't be light and good, think that there is no blessing."

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your kindness will be rewarded. God will pay you back what others owe you.

in fact, it is not difficult to be a good person, it is not difficult to do good deeds, but it is difficult to do good deeds all your life. If a person is not kind, it is useless to worship many Buddhas.

the founder of Yinguang once talked about such a case, saying that there was a flood in Henan during the reign of Emperor Qianlong. The depth of the water was more than one foot high, and all the houses nearby were submerged.

after three days and three nights, the flood receded, only to find that there was a family surnamed Cao, not only that there was no one in the family, but also that the house did not collapse.

the villagers were amazed one after another, and some people asked, "how on earth did you survive when the water was so deep that your homes were swallowed up?"

the man surnamed Cao said: "We haven't seen the light of day these days, it's foggy all around us, and we have no idea that the flood is coming!"

it turns out that the rent collected by this Cao family every year will be used to help some of the poor families around him. This has been done since Zeng Gao's grandparents, and it has been going on for more than a hundred years.

it is precisely such good deeds that enable them to get the incredible reward from God when the flood is coming, which can be said to be a great blessing.

there is a word in Buddhism called "donating merit without merit", which means that your merits and efforts will be rewarded. In the same way, God will pay you back what others owe you.

it can be seen that a person's blessing will not appear for no reason, let alone disappear without reason. Behind every step, there is cause and effect. Those who have good thoughts will naturally be treated by heaven!

because you are kind, you can help you. If you are kind, blessings will come naturally.

Don't forget the nature of kindness in this life. Your kindness is the best capital. You can not be rich, but you must be kind.


the Book of Infinite Longevity once said: "retribution for good and evil, good and bad for each other, there is no one to replace it."

the Buddha tells us that cause and effect never deceive others. As soon as we do good deeds, we have planted the cause of good retribution, and sooner or later, retribution will come.

so Buddhists often say, "Bodhisattvas fear the cause, sentient beings fear the fruit." The reason why the Buddha is a Buddha is because he believes in cause and effect, so he is cautious and kind to him from the very beginning. The reason why people are human is that they do not understand cause and effect, so they like to be happy for a while and create evil causes.

people can deceive others, but cause and effect can never deceive others. Sow the seeds of goodness, and when they blossom and bear fruit, they will certainly get enviable blessings.

Life is an echo. No matter how many tribulations you encounter, please believe that those who have good thoughts will be blessed by God. You just have to be kind, everything is the best arrangement.

in this life, don't lose your conscience for the sake of profit, don't hurt those who are good to you for the sake of profit. May you be sincere, kind and down-to-earth all your life.

people are doing, the sky is watching, raising the head three feet, there are gods, planting good causes will have good results, a good life, there must be later happiness, good life, peace of mind for life.