If you have a good heart, incense will grow step by step.

If you have a good heart, incense will grow step by step.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

kindness is the best feng shui in people. The noblest human nature is goodness.

kindness is the most beautiful character, and kindness is the best image.

A kind heart is the warmest, and a kind heart is the most calm. The kind-hearted are the happiest, and the kind-hearted are the richest.

kindness is always the most beautiful flower in people's hearts!

Russell said:

kindness is a positive magnetic field that will help you attract more good luck and happiness.

being really kind is not about paying the price and wanting to be rewarded. This idea is blasphemous to goodness! Kindness is a virtue, a form of expression of a good soul, not an ornament.

good people will be rewarded sooner or later.

always believe, "though no one sees virtue, one knows how to do good." Always adhere to, "but do good deeds, do not ask the future."

cleverness is a gift, while kindness is a choice.

as long as your heart is kind, right or wrong is someone else's business, you just stay kind.

some people have hurt you intentionally or unintentionally, as long as they repent, don't take it seriously.

there are some things that have wronged you, suffocated you, and made you angry, but don't worry about right or wrong.

some feelings, sweet, painful, intimate, separated, there is nothing to regret, let the sad, fly to the sky; good, stay in the heart.

there's nothing wrong with being kind! When you are alive, you must always be kind.

only good people can understand the true meaning of life, get closer and closer to happiness, and stay with happiness.

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kindness is the best investment in society. It sows virtue, conveys warmth, and feels joy. What it gains is spiritual wealth, people's gratitude and invisible reward.

as the saying goes, "those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed come back."

this is the true nature of life. You have given love and goodness today, and after years of circulation, one day, someone will return your kindness and love in one form or another.

it can be said that "people are good, although the good fortune has not come, the evil is far away."

kindness is not blind kindness, not without principles.

the flower of kindness can only take root in the fertile soil of society, bloom in a pure environment, and never bloom in a dirty place.

for all those who are unworthy of kindness, we should be dismissive and never give our heart and love!

maybe some people say with deep feeling that you can't be too kind. If you are too kind, you may be taken advantage of by others. If you are always too soft-hearted, someone will take an inch and even bully you.

A really kind person, please do not worry about these, always believe: people are doing, heaven is watching, "people are deceiving heaven."

cultivate good nature, accumulate good virtue, do good deeds, and be good people, there will be a good reward!

kind-hearted people plant "good karma" and get "good fruit". Everything has karma.

goodness is the best practice on the way of life, because there is beauty in the eyes, goodness in the heart, and love in the deeds.

kindness is a kind of inheritance, as long as everyone gives a little love, this world is the best world, this world will become a warm world.

if you have a good heart, bring your own light. If you have a good heart, you will have incense step by step.