If you have the right mindset, you won't be tired of making money.

If you have the right mindset, you won't be tired of making money.

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recently I saw a saying: "if you can't make money, try a different mindset."

We go out under the stars every day, wear the moon and come back, busy, just for the broken silver taels.

but what really determines how much money we make is the mentality that we tend to ignore.

A good state of mind can accomplish great things, but a bad state of mind can lead to bad things.

when your mindset is right, you won't be tired of making money.


the state of mind is correct, the job is stable

since the epidemic, a large number of layoffs have been made in various industries, and more and more people have lost their jobs.

now job-hopping and career change have long been common, and constant wages have become the biggest luxury.

some people on the Internet complain about how bad it is to change things like work.

she graduated in 985 and has a lot of work experience, but she can't work anywhere long and has a lot of complaints.

she used to work a lot of overtime, she thought she was under a lot of pressure, she was lazy, and her temper was getting bigger and bigger.

as a result, the leader laid her off before she decided to resign.

when she wants to find a new job, she is either too low-paid or far away from home. She stayed at home for more than a year, but she didn't make any money.

in this world, no job is easy, and everything is wronged.

the more impetuous you are, the more likely you are to get nothing.

is there still a small number of people who are hesitant and have no place to stay, have a bad attitude and are easily dismissed?

if you want to make this money, you have to have the mentality of making money, lower your expectations and keep an eye on the matter at hand.

Luo Zhenyu talked about an intern in the company. He is a top student at Wuhan University. He answers the phone every day, not only doing trivial work, but also coaxing bad-tempered clients.

but at the end of his internship, he volunteered to make a report, including the customer service problems he encountered these days, and wrote a full 30 pages with reference to the situation of other companies.

Luo Zhenyu, the boss, desperately wants to keep him and thinks he is a real talent.

this mountain looks at the mountain high, searching, you will never come to the end, focus on the small things of the moment, down-to-earth, but you can gain a firm foothold.

as Wang Xiaobo said, "it is better to like something that cannot be avoided than not to like it at all."

put the time you dislike into hard work, and bring the time of laziness back to the present.

when you have a correct state of mind, you will firmly hold the money in your hand.


the problem is solved.

when we were young, we all felt that as long as we worked hard, we would be rich.

later found that the way to make money is not a flat runway, but a dark narrow bridge, hiding one ridge after another.

Last month, there was a hot search on the news that "post-95 girls do to drive and pay their debts."

Chongqing girl Liu Shuxian started her business after graduating from college, setting up stalls to sell barbecues and opening restaurants. She lost 200000.

now she has no choice but to drive her car during the day and wash her car at night in order to pay off the money early.


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38-year-old du Yang, who used to work in a publishing house and worked part-time in foreign language training, has stumbled because of the recession in the industry.

he had to be the motorcycle driver first as a transition when he was frustrated.

the cause of racking our brains has not improved at all. The original stability suddenly has to start all over again. In the most difficult time, we can only endure it painstakingly.

but in our long life, misery is just an inevitable experience. When the mindset of

is leveled off, the difficult problem is solved.

there is a blogger in Little Red Book who used to be an auditor and went on business trips one after another. looking at the data and making tables every day, she could feel that she was not suitable and did not know what she wanted.

as a result, the more she was exposed, the more anxious she became and was tortured to death.

until she slowed down, gradually analyzed her character, looked at the industry environment, and later went deep into the field of product operation.

she gradually buys books and attends lectures, taking her time, and her goals become clearer and clearer.

with a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan, she successfully transferred to a big company, earning more than 10,000 yuan a month.

We work conscientiously, and we all hope that life can go smoothly, but there are some storms that we have to face, and we need to break through the hurdles that we cannot avoid.

when you are calm, there is a cure for the pain in front of you.

step by step, the desert comes out of the oasis and the desolation out of the prosperity and scenery.

the state of mind has leveled off, and nothing can stand in the way of money when you encounter difficulties.


the state of mind is optimistic, and the way to make money

has become popular in the past two years, which is called the "Law of attraction".

the Secret explains: "thoughts are concentrated in a certain field, and people, things and things related to this field will be attracted by it."

to put it simply, you will meet what you think.

people with an optimistic attitude will make money easier.

writer Cai Lan took a taxi with flowers and decorated trinkets, and the driver smiled all the way.

at that time, fewer people took taxis, the whole market was in the doldrums, and most drivers complained.

but the driver said, try a little harder, no matter what.

he also told Cai Lan: "I probably figured it out, and my luck followed. For example, before I drove you, I just took an order, and as soon as the guest got out of the car, he had a business."

sure enough, after Cai Lan got off, the neighbor just got on his car again.

Luck is the most unpredictable thing, but optimists are always better off.Point.

Cai Lan himself is the same.

other people are restless every day, but he attaches importance to eating, drinking and cultivating his body and mind.

it was very difficult for him to make commercial films, which was not in line with his interests. He recalled that he simply said, "Don't think about it."

when he is serious, a good state of mind helps more.

Cai Lan promised others to write manuscripts, never procrastinating, studying dishes, and going to the extreme.

after reading the famous dishes in the "menu with the Garden", he specially asked the cook to restore the ham, cut 2/3 of the ham, drilled 24 holes, and put tofu in it, only to achieve the same effect.

with ease and ease, he became a famous film producer, frequently published collections of essays, and put food into a new realm.

even he sighed: "the older you get, the more you earn."

in fact, this is not fate, nor is it luck. If the driver does not have a good mentality, how can so many people be willing to take his car?

if Cai Lan is not confident enough, will he strive for perfection in everything he does?

you give the brain a positive hint before it will work the way you want and become profitable.

living is the mood, people live is the state of mind, the accumulation of positive energy, people will be full of energy.

if you are optimistic, you can't do without money.


We work hard to make money, not because we love money much, but because we don't want to be inferior to anyone for money. We just want to make our mediocre life easier.

if it's too hard to make money, start by changing your mindset.

put your mindset right, and your life will be guaranteed;

put your mindset down, difficulties will have hope;

keep your state of mind optimistic, and money will become a habit.