If you make deep acquaintance with people who love reading, you will be happier and happier.

If you make deep acquaintance with people who love reading, you will be happier and happier.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

in this way, making good friends, reading good books and watching beautiful scenery are the happiest things in the world.

especially to socialize with people who love reading, such as flying with the Phoenix and practicing wisdom in the sea of books, so that you can be promoted and enlightened from emotion to mind, and even to your mind and insight.

Life will become happier and happier, and the road of life will become more and more accessible.


socialize with people who love reading, so that their emotions are stable and their hearts are free and easy.

some people say: "Friends are one of the most important channels of value input for a person besides reading."

in the view of Mr. Jin Yong, his good friend Cai Lan is the reassuring pill for his stable temperament in the impetuous world.

when two people travel together and enjoy the scenery, they will inevitably encounter all kinds of unhappiness.

when the food is not delicious, the quality of the wine is too bad, and the car is too bumpy, Jin Yong will frown in displeasure and his interest will plummet.

in the face of unhappiness, Cai Lan was calm and even laughed heartily.

in fact, Cai Lan's leisurely mentality is not inborn.

he also struggled with depression and was very unhappy, because he found that he had no sense of achievement in the film and television industry after 40 years, which was a mistake.

but Cai Lan knows how to find solutions in books, and he often reads Feng Zikai's "Yuan Tang essay".

through reading, he understands that life is short, bitterness is a day, and joy is also a day. You might as well take it easy, think through it, and be a free and easy person.

therefore, Mr. Jin Yong especially appreciates Cai Lan's chic and calm temperament and especially likes to associate with him.

the two often drink and talk together, travel and play, get along for a long time, the world has experienced more, Jin Yong also breeds a calm and indifferent bearing.

when his work is questioned, he does not make much refutation, but laughs openly and mocks himself. "when writing this kind of novel, he regards himself as a kind of entertainment and amuses others in addition to self-entertainment."

No matter how many words are thrown around him, he is still emotionally stable and motionless.

Mr. Lao she said, "A person's life, I think, is half among his friends."

years are hard, and walking alone is hard to avoid loneliness and fear.

but as long as you keep company with book-loving friends, when anxiety strikes, they take away their depression like a breeze and send them to comfort, like a glimmer of light illuminating the way and pointing the way.

in the process of getting close to them, we can gain a stable state of mind, free and easy demeanor, go out of the years and become better ourselves.


socialize with people who love reading, gain empathy and understand others

writer Lin Qingxuan told a story in his prose "often think one or two, not think eight or nine".

one day, a friend asked him to write an inscription for his new home. He knew that his handwriting was not good, so he refused.

but when I see that my friend has bought pen, ink and paper, he looks sincere, and when he thinks that his friend is tired and tired at work every day, if he can see pleasant words on the wall when he gets home, his grievances will naturally be reduced a lot.

so he put down his reserve, spilled ink without hesitation, wrote a couplet and drew a picture.

he is also patient with his friends. If he wants to be happy, he should always think about the ten or twenty percent of the good things, so that he will not be defeated by eighty or nine percent of his unhappiness.

my friend went home with joy, holding calligraphy and painting.

after a period of time, Lin Qingxuan himself encountered something difficult.

I didn't expect that my friend, who had always been inarticulate, specially called to comfort him with what he had said. He often thought about one or two, not eight or nine, so that he could get out of the predicament as soon as possible.

although he doesn't say much, Lin Qingxuan is still moved by his friend's boxing and love.

in fact, it is not surprising that he can get the sincere kindness of his friends.

A long time ago, while reading Gibran's poems, Lin Qingxuan had an understanding of friendship: "your friend is here to respond to your needs, he is your pastoral, you sow with love and harvest with gratitude."

he is your table and wall lamp, because you go to him when you are hungry and seek him for peace. "

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from then on, Lin Qingxuan thought of others as his own person, and often stood in the position of others to see things.

Life is an echo. He is tolerant and sincere for his friends, and his friends naturally learn from him gratitude and understanding, empathy and compassion.

scholar Liang Wendao said: "the purpose of reading to the end is to enable us to understand how complicated the world is more tolerant."

I have known the world, but I still feel sorry for the grass and trees.

the more people read, the more they appreciate the diversity of the world, accept each other's differences, and sympathize with the difficulties of others with tenderness.

it is warm to make friends with such people.

because the other person understands emotion, a word can move your lonely heart, and an action can soothe your grievances.

Life is not easy. If you want to live a peaceful life, you should understand and understand each other.

people have the same mind, heart and mind.

when you and I treat others with magnanimity, we will naturally get the gentleness of life.


when you socialize with people who love reading, you can increase your knowledge and know that

there is a good saying: "it doesn't matter who you are, it's who you are with."

A good friend benefits for the rest of his life.

when you are with people who love reading, even if the world is difficult and mixed with joys and sorrows, you can still enjoy the experience and be worthy of the world to come.Once.

Guo Li (l í n), a famous poet in the Qing Dynasty, was called a child prodigy when he was young. He repeatedly took part in the imperial examinations in high spirits and failed again and again.

at the age of 38, he resolutely gave up his obsession with becoming an official, fell in love with the landscape, and specialized in poetry, calligraphy and painting.

soon, he shines brilliantly.

the poems written by

regardless of genres, the aura flies, and the paintings are known as bamboo and stone.

the reason why Guo Xi has grown from a down-and-out talent to a talented poet and painter is that he is deeply influenced by his broad way of thinking in his contacts with Yuan Mei.

Yuan Mei, the head of the "three masters of Qianlong", had a bad career, but he was not entangled.

the five thousand books he read in his life made him understand very early that there are many ways to live in a wide world.

so he resigned and lived in seclusion and lived passionately in the way he liked.

build a platform to divert water, build a "Sui Garden" that can be visited by nobles and people, travel all over the landscape, and painstakingly collect 326 kinds of north and south dishes, famous tea and wine.

as a friend of Yuan Mei, I am very lucky to be able to visit the park at any time. When I am tired, I can also refer to the "Suiyuan menu" and order some delicacies and delicacies without going out to taste the delicacies all over the world.

what is more rare is that you can read the ten thousand volumes that Yuan Mei has treasured for a long time.

under the influence of Yuan Mei, friends are naturally knowledgeable and their spiritual world is particularly rich.

there is a saying in the three seasons of the Analects of Confucius: "those who benefit are three friends, friends are straight, friendly and understanding, and friends hear a lot."

"Friends are informed", that is, people who have seen and heard a lot.

making this kind of friends is good for you. If you socialize or chat with them, you will feel that "listening to your words is better than reading a ten-year book."

readers are well-informed. They sail from the narrow land to the boundless world in the ship of books, breaking chickens and dogs out of poetry.

if you walk with it, your life will be free from the world in front of you and your mind will be broadened.

No longer dull, it will be full of fun and fun.



when he was a teenager, he was quick-tempered, complaining at the slightest dissatisfaction, and often angry with others.

one day, he had a dispute with his friend and wanted to reproach him. But on second thought, he picked up a book at hand and began to read it.

as he read, he became calm.

especially when he read that Confucius "bowed himself and blamed others", he suddenly felt the depression in his chest and unexpectedly "refreshed and relieved".

after that, whenever he encountered irritability, he plunged into the text and used reading to edify his mood and cultivate his character.

slowly, Lu Zuqian's temperament became outstanding, and he gained the reputation of "being reasonable and practicing", which was highly respected by all.

his good friend Zhu Xi traveled thousands of miles to send his eldest son to Lu Zuqian, imploring him to teach lessons, shape his foundation and sharpen his character.

moreover, Zhu Xi himself was influenced by the spirit of "pragmatism, trustworthiness, learning, and goodness" among his friends, and eventually became a generation of Neo-Confucianists.

writer Francis Bacon said: "Reading makes up for the deficiency of nature."

similarly, a reading friend can make up for your shortcomings.

when his behavior is poor, he will help you standardize your behavior, improve your life, and achieve the goal of self-cultivation.

when there is a lack of goals, he teaches you to "start a school first, and start a school based on reading."

observe the behavior of friends and cultivate one's own virtue.

as the six Classics of Confucius said, "living with good people is like entering the room of Zhilan for a long time."

deeply acquainted with people who love reading, imperceptibly, temperament, speech, moral cultivation, and even the pattern of mind will be greatly improved


there is a good saying: "Books must choose to read, and the same is true of making friends and meeting people."

read good books, such as making good friends; if you make good friends, you gain new knowledge.

in this life, people will always meet all kinds of people. If they don't know people clearly and make friends carelessly, such as disaster.

it is the greatest luck to meet a good friend, especially to be with someone who loves reading.

people who love to read, internalize knowledge into wisdom, constantly iterate themselves, and look for the strength of lifelong growth.

they are mentors on the way, leading the way.

if you have a deep acquaintance with him, you may not be able to find a good job or make a lot of money immediately.

but it will certainly eliminate disdain, increase knowledge, and become happier and happier.