If you raise or abolish a child, you will set him free without a bottom line.

If you raise or abolish a child, you will set him free without a bottom line.

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not long ago, the admission notice of Hengshui Middle School in 2020 was exposed on the Internet.

is as meticulous as ever.

what caught my attention are the following "disciplinary requirements":

and two standard hairstyle photos are attached.

there are netizens following the post:

"I don't have any freedom at all. I even have to care about my hairstyle. It's like a prison."

but why are the school rules so strict that there are still so many parents flocking to them?

because it is only after being parents that they know that

if they are not strict, their children will definitely not be successful in the future.

Freedom doesn't mean you don't do what you don't want to do.

Freedom is always accompanied by rules.

and if you want to raise or disable a child, give him freedom, no bottom line.

when freedom is over, the limit of life is not the lowest, only lower.


Freedom has gone too far, and there is no result in life

the three bowls of chicken soup that "spoil" children's education, you must have seen it before:

the first bowl of chicken soup: happy education.

second bowl of chicken soup: fully release your nature.

the third bowl of chicken soup: success has nothing to do with education.

I always see some parents' expectations of their children as follows:

quality education is happy, children's nature is obedient and free to play, and the future is bound to be successful.

but the joy of indulgence and indulgence is undoubtedly arsenic wrapped in honey.

short-term sweetness requires an incalculable price.

before the hit "Little Joy", how many people criticized Song Qian's mother.

it is true that Song Qian was too autocratic to Qiao Yingzi. Her self-thought love and concern almost suffocated Qiao Yingzi, and even shouted out the sorrowful voice of "I just want to escape from you".

however, we have to admit that Qiao Yingzi is what she is today, which is inseparable from the strict requirements of Song Qian.

her grades are always far ahead, her goal can easily be "Tsinghua and Peking University", and even if she chooses her favorite major, she can choose in a top university.

all this is "easy" in the eyes of others. Without Song Qian, it can only be empty talk.

to put it bluntly, as long as Song Qian realizes her problems and makes a little improvement, Qiao Yingzi's life will only be more perfect, not mediocre.

what if everything follows the temper of the child?

it is everyone's nature to pursue freedom.

for children, playing with toys, watching animations and playing games is more interesting than sitting at a desk.

if Song Qian removes the strict control over these activities, will Qiao Yingzi be in good physical and mental health?

I don't think so.

the previous mother murder case of a 12-year-old boy in Hunan, although it has been so long, still sounds frightening.

in the face of the media, he said lightly, "I didn't kill anyone else, it was my mother."

some people say he is cold-blooded, others say he is cruel.

through his life, what we see is a child who grew up with his grandparents, grew up unrestrained, and grew up savagely all the time.

his mother, who had never established an intimate relationship, suddenly came in strict control, which was in sharp conflict with his once free and loose, so he raised his butcher's knife and went on a killing spree.

this is only the tragedy of excessive freedom, not the result of lack of psychological emotion.


once persecution and pain, for today's settlement

children are not yet mentally mature, excessive connivance, can only let the child wander between right and wrong, carelessness, is an everlasting regret.

and children under the strict supervision of their parents may have a painful childhood, but they will go well later in life.

in the yearning Life, Angelababy, a new mother, wanted her child to be talented, so he asked the violinist Liu Xianhua:

"were you forced to learn by your parents when you were a child?"

"push, yes." Liu Xianhua answered.

"did you like it when you were a kid?"

"I don't want to. I still don't want to play until I'm 11 or 12."

"are you thanking your parents now?"

"Thank you very much."

when Liu Xianhua said this, his eyes were proud and grateful.

Yes, if it were not for the persecution of his parents, perhaps the violin, which now makes a living and gives him dignity, would only be a regret in his dream.

Lang Lang, who became a famous pianist, also said when recalling his growing up:

"interest is practiced. Thank my father for forcing me to practice."

isn't it another kind of responsibility for parents to exercise strict control and persecution on their children?

how easy it is to set children free.

Children are happy, but parents don't worry.

there will not be the chicken-and-dog jump when doing homework, let alone the tension of strict discipline.

it's just that you can do this when you are young.

when you grow up? Can you continue to do whatever you want?


Xiaoqin, a classmate with a generous personality, used to be the most beautiful girl in our class.

the happiest thing every day is to play. She can play happily for a long time even if she takes out a piece of waste paper, but she doesn't like to study.

but she has a good brain. With a random surprise before the exam, she can get to the upper and middle reaches of the exam.

but what people didn't expect was that as soon as the devil training in the third year of high school began, she, who was used to being free and lazy, declared war with her parents:

locked herself in her room and cried and refused to come out, telling her parents that the third year of high school was too bitter, and that she would be crazy to go to school, and that she could have a good life without going to college.

in those days, not everyone could be admitted to college.

her parents are the only daughter and love her a lot. Seeing that she doesn't want to go to college, and considering that her family is all right, they don't want her daughter to work so hard, so they let her drop out of school.

We devote ourselves to intense study, but she often steals away from the teacher and sneaks to the class to play with us, showing off her happiness and freedom.

our family is not as good as her, and none of our parents are as open-minded as her parents, so her arrival can always properly stimulate our sensitive nerves.

her parents find a place for her to work through relationships. We are even more envious and jealous after we know about it. Who doesn't like making money?

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in those days, work was king.

Don't we work hard to get a good job in the future, but people start to support themselves so early.

later, my classmates and I left home to go to college, but she had to stay in her hometown. Although she had no worries about food and clothing, she always felt that it was harder and more tired to go to work mechanically every day.

at this time, it was her turn to envy us:

"how nice you are to play in college."

at that time, communications were not as developed as they are now, and soon everyone lost touch.

when I parted, I vowed to communicate with each other, but they were all broken by their new lives.

have been separated for more than twenty years.

A few months ago, she suddenly added me to QQ.

only then did I know that she began to take the self-examination in her spare time and take down her college diploma anyway.

I asked her, "are you still so curious when you are 40 years old?"

her side was silent for a long time:

"I was just making up for the homework I had owed. Now I found that the campus that once felt depressed and boring study turned out to be so precious. "

I feel sad for no reason.

at that time, with her qualifications, there was no problem for her to take a chance in the third year of high school and get into a reliable university.