If you reply to your Wechat like this, forget it.

If you reply to your Wechat like this, forget it.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

two days ago, I made an appointment for dinner with a friend I haven't seen for a long time.

just sat down, everyone was talking enthusiastically, but the friend's cell phone was buzzing and the video popped up, and the people over there probably didn't know he was at the dinner table, talking with some lover whispers.

there are two more masks for you in the suitcase. See?

when you arrive at the hotel, remember to write back to me, otherwise you won't be able to sleep comfortably.

while our friends responded, they busily explained to us:

all of us were so sour by this sweet and greasy tone that we couldn't help teasing: "really good, we haven't just been together, and we're still so sticky!"

but to tell the truth, to tease and to tease, I feel very touched.

it must be precious to have someone who always remembers your messages and cares about you all the time.


A person's attitude toward you is what Wechat responds to

there is a saying on the Internet:

but what is sadder than reincarnation is never coming back at all.

sometimes, I really have to admit--

A person's attitude towards you is what Wechat responds to you.

Peach, my best friend, announced that she is single again.

when asked why, Peach smiled bitterly:

"I just said angrily not to contact, and he really broke off contact. He really carried out the ruthlessness to the end."

Peach's words of self-mockery are still in my ears. I think of going out to find him with Peach last year.

it was the middle of the night and suddenly I didn't hear from him.

I thought he was just working overtime, but Wechat didn't answer and he didn't answer his phone.

Peaches can't sit still. I took a taxi to his company and didn't see anyone.

together with the subway station and the shops he used to patronize, he searched them all, but still had no clue.

Catching every eyes with our stunning collection of short wedding dresses. We are here to help you look glamorous.

lost his mind and went home, only to see him drunk and watching the football game in the living room.

Peach Wen was quiet and quiet. When he saw that scene, he was furious: "is it so hard for you to get a message back?"

he is so good that he doesn't feel wrong. On the contrary, he thinks that peaches make a mountain out of a molehill:

have casual entertainment.

when I get busy, I forget to reply to the message.

Don't worry about it, you are such a big man! Can you still lose it?

listen, forget about peaches, I'm furious.

you are socializing, and you can't leave the person waiting for your news to be worried alone.

what's more, sometimes the so-called busy is just an excuse.

when I think of studying, I like a boy who is always twittering on Wechat and sharing his daily life with him.

but often after most of the day has passed, there is a light reply: "I was just busy."

at that time, I didn't feel sad, and I always greeted him with a smile with enthusiasm.

it takes a long time to know how to stop making fun of yourself.

writer Xia Mingyou said a paragraph, and now I feel it very much:

so the man who does not reply to your message and makes you stay up late may not intend to reply to your message at all. Don't feel sorry for him any more. Don't wait for his news. Stop there.


our relationship:

do not delete, do not block, do not contact

this world is no longer connected miss.

Love or friendship, times have changed and drifted away.

the fate between people is the most unclear thing, even if it is a relationship of more than a decade, it is very possible not to get in touch with each other for the next few decades.

it's just that all the reasons are clear, but you can't let go of yourself.

A few years ago, in the group of several local students, I suddenly heard someone mention the small tree. They said:

the young tree has married a man, and her husband is in business.

the little tree gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, who happened to make up a good word.

Young trees lead a prosperous life. I don't know how many houses I have. I drag my family and go abroad for a holiday year after year.

in the end, someone asked me:

"weren't you the best with the little tree before?"

for a moment, I didn't know how to answer. I was embarrassed by the question, and I felt speechless.

it's very hard, but it's a thing of the past.

Jia Pingwa said:

circling around for many years, the final result is either forgetting or separating.

is there such a person in everyone's life?

once chatted late into the night, there was always endless talking and chatting, but now I am lying on my friend list, looking no different from other people.

do not delete, do not block, often think of, but no longer contact.

A small tree is such a person to me.

the playmates who grew up together want to wear the same pair of trousers, eat together and go to class together, like Siamese twins, inseparable all day.

Xiao Shu was small and quiet at that time, and he was always bullied by boys at school, but I always rushed in front to protect him like a calf in exchange for his "dedication" to me.

accompany me crazy, accompany me to make fun.

when I catch a cold, accompany me to take an intravenous drip and know that I am afraid of bitterness. Every time I take the medicine, I will be stuffed with milk candy.

even the snacks my father brought back from out of town were secretly wrapped in paper towels and brought me to school....

that pure friendship has never been given by a second person.

when I think of the little tree, I always like to say:

am I the same?

obviously I used to talk about everything, but I used to be so close.

but you are no longer the one sharing and complaining together.

I don't understand what you post in moments, but you are not interested in what I post in moments.

different circles, no speculation, you have the people you should know, I have the direction I should be looking for, strangers seem to become an unstoppable thing.

from bitter to pessimistic.

to be honest, I still think of the past, but I know in my heart that I can't go back.

time beats us and prevents me from experiencing similar joys and sorrows at the same stage of your life.

Space divides us, making me miss the opportunity to be by your side when you go through those joys and sorrows.

maybe it's like they say:

there are some things that can only be remembered. Some people can only be missed.

do not delete Wechat, but no longer contact. There is no blocking, but it doesn't matter.

even in Wechat moments, I don't have the courage to like it.

it's not that I don't care, but that I don't know in what capacity to care.

it's not that I don't care, but I don't know what reason to bother.

between us--

We are reluctant to take a step back and are not qualified to go any further.

I thought it was more than that, but it was the only way.

in the final analysis, when no one takes the initiative, in this life, there is really no intersection.


Don't test people's hearts, don't verify feelings

my father often tells me:

it would be much better to live a lifetime, look down on people coming and going, and accept the warmth of human feelings.

in 2012, something happened at home, and my father was in a state of anxiety.

at that time, I asked him, "Why not ask Uncle Li for help?" You guys are so close. "

my father kept waving his hand:

"he works out of town, and it's not easy to support his family. If I did, I feel guilty. If I don't, I have a grudge in my heart. It doesn't matter if you have difficulties. If you grit your teeth, you'll get over it. "

I used to think that it was only natural for friends to help each other, but after that, I suddenly realized that

in fact, no matter how deep the relationship is, there will be scruples; no matter how good a relationship is, it can't stand the test.

just see through some things, you don't have to break them; you just have to listen to some things, and you don't have to take them seriously.

there is a scene in the movie Farewell my Concubine that impresses me.

when Cheng Dieyi knew that Xiaolou was going to marry Juxian, he grabbed each other by the collar and asked with tears streaming down his face: "didn't you say you were going to sing a play for a lifetime?"

it's not easy to talk about it all your life.

for Xiaolou, singing opera has always been just to make a living. Having a wife and children and coarse food and clothing is the ordinary life he wants to pursue.

so he can report Dieyi in order to save his life in troubled times.

but Dieyi gave up and exiled himself because of what Xiaolou did, and finally cut his own throat and died. Think of them saying:

in this world, there are always two kinds of people who are most likely to get hurt, one is too nostalgic, the other is emotional.

people who are too nostalgic for the past can not get rid of the past injuries.

emotional people, disappointed by their lovers' failure to keep their promises, disappointed in their true friends, can turn around and sell themselves out.

but life comes and goes, and human nature is complex.

have you thought about it? It is our unforgettable and bitter thoughts that give each other the right to hurt us again and again.

in the final analysis:

people break up because they do not hesitate to do so, and their hearts are cold because they are not true.

your true self is more real, you fake me and I turn around.

between people! Follow the fate, don't climb.

if you can, just put it together. If you can't, don't force it any more.


Don't fail to meet, don't underestimate yourself

there is a saying:

some people break into your life, it doesn't mean it lasts forever.

stop being unrepentant and don't ask questions about everything.

if you're lucky enough to take a ride, deliver it with all your heart.

have no choice but to separate and wish each other well.

the most comfortable way to get along with others is this:

if you are still here, I will accompany you to the end, and if you want to go, I will never force you to stay.

after all, the sea of life, time is in a hurry, miss is the norm in the world, there is no fate, and the only thing we can do is to live up to our encounter and don't underestimate ourselves.

in the adult world, you have to learn to walk alone, and then go through it all alone.

be yourself and be close and close.

as Tu Youyou said: