If you walk, you will understand.

If you walk, you will understand.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Leo Tolstoy said:

everything flows and nothing lasts forever. This is true of all things, and so is our view of things.

when we walk along with the long river of time, we will gradually understand:

No one will stay where they are, and everyone will change;

A relationship that promises to be guarded for a lifetime is not so unbreakable;

it doesn't matter to think about things that seemed bigger at the time.

after seeing so many people and going through so many things, I was surprised to realize that all things in the world are fate.


as you walk, you will understand that you will always change

have you also experienced such a change:

who you used to be, you will always open your heart to others and tell them everything in your heart, hoping that you can be understood by everyone.

now, however, I am no longer interested in talking to anyone about my life and mood, and silence has become the norm.

someone asked

"Why do people like silence as they get older?"

one of the highly praised answers is:

"because some people have nothing to say and some people have nothing to say."

you are frustrated in the workplace and tell your colleagues that your work is too hard, but in exchange for a colleague saying, "Don't be hypocritical, it's better to do more work than to think so much."

you are out alone, alone, and you want to find someone to talk with you, but your friend said, "Sorry, I'm a little busy right now, go back to chat with you", and let you swallow the bitterness and choose to lick your sadness alone.

I have to admit that sometimes even the closest people can't empathize with themselves.

when you have experienced this kind of incomprehensible loneliness and burnout, those inexplicable feelings will no longer be easily told.

slowly understand: we all become more and more silent and do not want to talk about it.

is no longer so keen on expression, quietly changing his identity from a listener to a listener.

someone said, "Silence is a person's loudest cry."

this is true. No matter how riddled with holes life has left us, we still pretend to be light.

No matter how aggrieved and depressed they are, they will only swallow themselves silently.

even so, we should believe that silence is not a compromise to the reality of helplessness, it is just a way for us to choose how to face life.

as long as we continue to live conscientiously, then we will be treated gently by life.


walking, I understand: some people will always break up

MiyazakiHayao said: "people never know, who inadvertently said goodbye to you, really will not see you again."

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I am deeply convinced that we are all moving forward non-stop on our own road, and we have less and less contact with each other.

when you wave goodbye to a friend at an intersection, no one thinks it might be the last.

inseparable from the past, with the passage of time, it has become as indifferent as the mountains and the sea.

all feasts in the world come to an end, and people also have joys and sorrows. Reunion is fate, and separation is inevitable. In

A Life of yearning, he Jiong said about her growing helplessness with her friends:

it is normal for me to accept this. Although I also have many friends and care about the people around me, I have never had an extravagant hope that I want to keep anyone for life and stay with me, because it is very difficult.

another important point is that some people come to accompany you for a while.

Yes, not all fish live in the same sea, and everyone has their own life.

when we decide to go in both directions of the fork in the road, we are doomed to withdraw from each other's lives step by step.

there are fewer and fewer common topics, and people they don't know begin to appear frequently in the circle of friends, and there is no tacit understanding between them just by looking at each other with a smile.

We finally understand that some people will gradually get separated from themselves, and parting is the norm. From peers to strangers, there is nothing we can do about it.

this is what happens in the world. The branches of the world take advantage of the current. Someone will accompany you through the first half, and someone will accompany you through the second half.

but no matter what period of time, people are actually providing warm fragments for the memories of our impending old age.

Let those who will finally part let go, let the friendship of the past be hidden in the memory, quietly miss, shallow blessing, and then continue to belong to their own spring, autumn, winter and summer.


as I walk, I understand that some things have to be put down

there is a young man with a crippled hand who has traveled thousands of miles to see the master of wisdom.

he said to the master, "I am a cripple. I have tasted all the bitterness and pain in the world. I often feel loneliness and pain. Why can't I see the sunshine in my heart?"

the master of wisdom asked, "what is in your heart?"

the young man replied, "pretending to be the pain of my fall, the cry after injury, the boredom of loneliness, I rely on them to find you."

so the Master of Wisdom took the young man across a river by boat, and then said to the young man, "now, please carry the boat and follow me."

the young man asked in surprise, "the ship is so heavy, can I carry it?"

Wisdom Master replied:

"Yes, you can't carry it." You know, thisA boat is only useful when crossing the river, but after crossing the river, we have to get off the boat and go on our way, otherwise it will become our own burden. "

when I walk, I realize that only by putting it down can I move forward light.

if you have been living in the anger of your own disability, the road of life will naturally be very hard.

the sufferings of life, whether serious or minor, are inevitable for everyone.

however, if we keep worrying about unfortunate experiences, it will certainly be a drag on our pace and mood.

I will eventually understand that the hurdle that I can't get through will pass one day, and let go of the things that are burdened by my heart.

the difficult problems that we once regarded as the storm of life are just a breeze in life.

in the face of the wounds cut by life, instead of resenting, it is better to wait quietly for it to form a scab and heal.

suffering and tears are all very small parts of life. Happiness and smile are the things we should perceive.


although we can't stay the same all the time, I hope we can always maintain our love and expectation of life.

although I know that some people can't insist on staying, I hope we are all happy in each other's memories.

although the thorns are hard to avoid, I hope we won't indulge in hurt emotions.