If you want to raise a good child, act coquettish to him and try your best to do so.

If you want to raise a good child, act coquettish to him and try your best to do so.

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I went to be a guest at a friend's house two days ago.

it was my friend's 7-year-old son who opened the door to greet me.

after entering the door, Tiantian took out a pair of slippers and handed them to me with her fleshy little hands: "Auntie, I washed these slippers clean!"

the little boy's thoughtfulness stunned me. I was so surprised that I didn't know what to say, so I had to say thank you again and again.

at that time, my friends were gracefully mending their makeup with their legs crossed on the sofa.

after I sat down, my friend put down his lipstick, then turned to his son who was playing Transformers and shouted:

"Mom is going to play with her good friend today. Would you like to be the little host and pour us a cup of tea?"

that gentle tone is at odds with her usual vigorous actions in the workplace.

as soon as he spoke, he put down his toy and said excitedly, "well, I'll be the little master today, Mom."

after saying this, he bounced and ran to the water cooler to pick up two cups of warm water and delivered it to us.

"I suddenly want to eat an apple. What should I do?"

"I'll wash it for you!"

"Gee, the trash can is full again, but I don't want to run."

"I'll change the garbage bag!"

A good friend is like a man who can't take care of himself, making all kinds of demands on his son, while the son is also actively meeting her demands.

looking at the little figure before and after jumping, I was in a trance: is this my friend's 7-year-old son or her sweet little boyfriend?

seeing me dumbfounded, my friend giggled and said, "if you raise a child, you have to act coquettish more to make sure it works!" At that moment, it dawned on me.

it is said that sajiao women have the best fate, but they have never thought that sajiao mothers are better!


the mother's coquettish

is the most irresistible tenderness of the child

once read a small composition entitled "the mother who loves acting like a spoiled child" on the Internet.

the little author wrote:

"I am so afraid of my mother acting like a spoiled child, because when my mother acts like a spoiled child, I will do everything I am told to do."

"I am so afraid of my mother being spoiled, because when my mother acts like a spoiled child, my heart is crisp."

in fact, every child has a heroic dream.

they are eager to protect the earth and save the world.

and at the beginning of their lives, the first person they can protect and help is their own mother.

the results of psychological studies show that when children grow up, they need to be recognized by meeting the needs of others.

and doing what you can for your mother is the best way.

when the mother says, "I am so sleepy, but I am afraid to sleep alone", the child's desire for protection will be aroused, and he will wash and climb into bed early to accompany his mother to sleep;

when the mother says, "I am so tired, I do not have the strength to throw garbage", the child's sense of responsibility will be awakened, and he will not hesitate to pick up the garbage bag and go to the stairwell.

I can't help thinking of a mother and son I met at the crossroads.

seeing the green light soon, my mother habitually said in a fast speed, "take my hand quickly, it's time to cross the road."

the 4-year-old boy next to him is absorbed in playing with Altman in his hand. He pulls up his mouth and shakes his head, apparently not wanting to put down the toy to hold his mother's hand.

the mother was not angry, let alone rudely picked up her son and left.

she squatted down and said in a more coquettish tone than her son: "Baby, mother is so scared to cross the road alone!" Are you willing to take your mother by the hand and take her across the road? "

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when asked so gently by his mother, the little boy immediately stopped playing and held out a small hand to hold his mother: "well, mother is not afraid, I will lead you across the road!"

it turns out that the mother's coquetry is the most irresistible tenderness of the little doll.

A gentle coquettish sentence can turn a child who is unwilling to cooperate into a little angel who understands and takes care of his mother.


the more a mother loves to act like a spoiled child, the more independent her child is.

there is a question on Zhihu: "what kind of experience is it to have a mother who likes to act like a spoiled child every day?"

there is a highly praised comment: "my independence today is inseparable from my mother's love of being coquettish."

then netizens told the story of their childhood.

he grew up in a single-parent family and lived with his mother.

but unlike most single-parent families, the mother does not spoil her child because she feels indebted, nor does she become a strong person because she is a single mother.

on the contrary, she is a very coquettish mother.

since childhood, she said to her son, "Baby, you are a man, so you have to protect and take care of your mother."

after kindergarten, she began to ask her son to try to do as much housework as he could, such as folding clothes and washing socks.

sometimes the son wants to be lazy, and the mother will say, "Mom is so tired, too. Why don't we fold the clothes as soon as possible and then have a rest?"

in the face of his mother's gentle suggestion, the son would get up from the sofa to help fold clothes even if he wanted to be lazy.

it is the gentle parenting style of the mother that makes the son a person who can be on his own from an early age.

he can not only live independently but also think independently than children of the same age. This independent spirit led him to be admitted to a coveted key university.

come to think of it, there is no shortage of capable mothers in society today, but what is lacking is to know how to pass theA mother who shows weakness in a way to guide her children to learn and grow.

sajiao is a high-end parenting method, which is to return the growth opportunity to the child in the most gentle and loving way, so as to stimulate the child's sense of responsibility and responsibility, so as to raise an independent and capable child.


the more coquettish the mother is, the better the parent-child relationship is

in the recent hit TV series "Little giving up", the parent-child relationship between Tian Yulan and her son must have made many people crazy.

in the play, Tian Yulan is an out-and-out strong woman who is all-powerful in the workplace, takes care of everything in the family, and her son's study is arranged meticulously.

she is not only strong in doing things, but also in the way she talks to her son:

"go and have breakfast."

"come on, finish the paper."

A sentence of imperative words suppresses Zi you out of breath.

my mother's efforts and hard work, Ziyou actually see in the eyes, pain in the heart.

but because her mother is too strong, Ziyou doesn't think that her heartache has any meaning.

gradually, mother and son began to quarrel again and again because of misunderstanding, and the parent-child relationship deteriorated rapidly.

when Tian Yulan was criticized by the audience, did it ever occur to you that Tian Yulan's tone is actually like the usual you?

when the child refuses to wash and go to bed on time, you yell over and over again: "what time is it?" Why don't you go wash up! "

when your children dillydally with their homework, you say again and again, "Why don't you hurry up?" You can't finish all this homework? "

an impatient and repetitive sentence will only bore the child.

on the contrary, if the mother tries to be coquettish and stimulate her child's sense of responsibility and desire for protection, she may be able to turn a chicken-and-dog fight into filial piety.

in the show "Mom is Superman", many people were moved by the intimate relationship between Huo Siyan and her son ahem.

some netizens even said, "just change the name of the program to 'Mom is a public lift'."

because Huo Siyan and ahem are more like princesses and knights than ordinary mother-son relationships.

in ahem's heart, Huo Siyan is a princess in need of protection and care;

in Huo Siyan's heart, ahem is a brave and responsible little knight.

when Huo Siyan was hit with a ball by a child, Huo Siyan looked very scared. Uh-huh came at the first time and opened her arms to protect her mother.

when Huo Siyan is hypoglycemic but wants to eat sweet, mm-hmm, open a piece of sugar and feed it to her mother.