If you want to run, don't waste your time walking.

If you want to run, don't waste your time walking.

In many cases, progress needs to be exchanged with pain.


when I was going out for a run this afternoon, my roommate just came back from running. I asked him, "how many laps did you run today?"

he said, "Ten laps. I run ten laps every day."

I feel ashamed to hear this answer. In fact, I ran eight laps when I was free last semester, but that was because I always thought the circle of fake grass was only 200 meters. Until the day of the physical test, my brother took us to the fake grass and said he wanted to run a kilometer. I foolishly asked the people around me, "is there 400 meters around here?"

they all laughed at me for being stupid, so I ran a second back that day. But just after I knew that the lap of the fake grass was a regular 400 meters, I never ran eight laps again.

this is true, because I always thought I only ran 1.6km, so I didn't feel tired at all. But when I knew the truth, after four laps, I couldn't control the rhythm of my breath, and my calf muscles suddenly tightened, and even the beautiful girls I had been staring at disappeared at the moment I started the fifth lap.

all this makes me have to give up the idea of running eight laps, but I am also a self-comforting person. I stopped at the end of the sixth lap and began to walk slowly. I didn't leave the fake grass contentedly until after eight laps.

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but I ran ten laps in one breath this afternoon.

there is no other reason, just because my roommate added:

"in fact, running ten laps is very fast. I have calculated that I can go back to the dormitory in about 45 minutes."

these two days, I finished the first season of LEGAL HIGH in one breath. There are 11 episodes in the first season, and the average length of each episode is 50 minutes. But the day before yesterday, I stopped running because I didn't have time.

it takes only 45 minutes to run ten laps. Why should I say I don't have time? I remember that it took me nearly an hour and a half to run before, because it took me five minutes to warm up after I went to the fake grass, and then spent 20 minutes thinking about life on the shelf used for sit-ups. Then it took another 30 minutes to run those six laps, and finally 30 minutes to walk the remaining two laps. In retrospect, nearly most of my time was wasted by me.

I obviously go to the fake grass for running, but something else disrupts the rhythm, which increases the cost of running, and the increase in cost makes me think that running is a very troublesome thing. Such a vicious circle makes me feel that running is becoming more and more difficult, and I feel more and more disgusted.

so today I decided to run 10 laps in one go. After that, I went straight back to the dormitory to take a bath. I didn't give myself a chance to be lazy at all.

unexpectedly, it increases the intensity of training, but it makes me feel much more relaxed.


Today, when I first arrived at the fake grass, I found that many girls wore sportswear, and they also came to run in the fake grass. They went to the runway with me at the same time, and then began to talk to the people around them as they walked. After I finished ten laps, they were still walking and chatting on the track.

of course, they may not have thought about running in the first place, but just to relax. But this scene reminds me of my stay in high school. At that time, I always spent a lot of time chatting with my classmates. Although I would spend an hour doing my homework, both the efficiency and the length of time were unqualified.

in fact, we all know that staying at home will not bring any breakthrough to my study, it will only increase my moral capital. Staying overnight allows me to comfort myself when I'm lazy and say, "I haven't been home at the weekend. Let's relax today." Or you can retort when your parents ask about your study: "what else do you want me to do after I've stayed?" "

in fact, we all know that whether it is a self-satisfied walk or a hypocritical stay, it is nothing but self-deception.

be hard on yourself, this is the most efficient way.


I read an article today that says:

"five minutes of flat support a day is better than an hour of running." "

some people don't believe it, because people who don't believe it can't keep the standard movement for 5 minutes. Do you know how tired the standard plate support is? It sounds short, but 5-minute flat plate support in one breath is something that most people who can only say they can't do it can't do in their lifetime.

while we are lazy, we should turn those 5 minutes into 10 30 seconds, and then take half an hour to finish it.

this is the root of our inefficiency.