I'm sorry, it's a day off.

I'm sorry, it's a day off.

There is really nothing to write.

I hope to share with you the world in our eyes

Today I wandered alone at the west gate for two hours.

Why? Because today I participated in the "one minute Lab" activity organized by jumping Box (Subscription account: tiaohezi). After attending, I left with a sad look on my face. In fact, the whole process was very interesting and happy. My sadness had nothing to do with them at all. It was just some of my personal thoughts that made me feel sad.

in the last part of the event, they asked a question: "do you have a crazy one, but it's actually useless, so no one will support your wish?"

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when it's my turn to talk, I'm very nervous. In fact, I've already deliberately exercised my ability in this area, but because what I'm going to say next is really the last weakness I want others to encounter.

this is absurd, and it cannot be less likely in the eyes of others.

I trembled to the blackboard and wrote down my "wish": "disorganized".

I tidied up my mood and said to everyone, "I've come up with a book called 'disorganized'. It's an official account I've been working on for a year, and I've written more than 100,000 words on it. But most of these 100,000 words are useless to most people, or they don't bring back any fans at all. So in the eyes of many people, what I do is very useless. "

"I myself think it's ridiculous to write a collection of novels, and it's impossible for anyone to really support me, because it's so impractical. But I still want to write a lot of very "disorganized" stories, and then use a kind of "disorganized" typesetting to compile a "disorganized" book. "

when I finished, everyone present applauded me. But I am still very lost, because no matter how much applause, I also know that with my ability this thing is still impossible. The loss is not because there is no one behind me, but because I know where my limit is after the chicken blood retreats.

so it's more important tonight, because I can't write a story that I think is good.