In a stormy life, hold your own umbrella.

In a stormy life, hold your own umbrella.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the road of life is bumpy and bumpy, and no one can walk for you.

learn to hold an umbrella for yourself in the stormy way of life.

only by relying on yourself can you live with confidence.


if you suffer for yourself

Confucius said, "the superior man asks for himself, and the villain asks for others."

A gentleman of noble character will first find the reason for a problem from himself;

A villain with a despicable personality always wants to trouble others when something happens.

the apprentice of Gui Guzi was Su Qin, a master in the warring States period.

at the peak of Su Qin, he was the prime minister of the six countries, leading the six countries against the State of Qin, so that the State of Qin dared not go out of Hangu pass for 15 years.

such a great man has faced the trough of life alone.

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when Su Qin was a lobbyist, no one took his advice.

there is no job and no income, only cloth straw sandals.

when he got home, his sister-in-law ridiculed him as an idle man and refused to cook for him.

his wife turned a blind eye to him and even his parents did not talk to him.

Su Qin sighed, "it's all my fault that my wife doesn't treat me like a husband, my sister-in-law doesn't treat me like a brother-in-law, and my parents don't treat me like a son."

he laid out dozens of bookcases and studied hard all night.

when I read that I was drowsy, I stabbed myself in the thigh with a needle, and the blood flowed all the way to my heel.

wait for kung fu to live up to the willing man, he succeeded together and returned to his hometown in prosperity.

when their parents heard the news, they rushed thirty miles away to meet him.

his wife dared not look at him directly and listened to him respectfully.

my sister-in-law crawled to the ground like a snake and knelt down again and again to apologize.

never vent your anger on others because of your own predicament.

the only thing you can complain about is that you don't work hard enough.

there is no empathy in the world, there are only warm and cold self-knowledge.

if the needle is not stuck on you, you will never know how much it hurts.

from ancient times to the present, only when you are strong can others think highly of you.

if you don't work hard, no one will help you; if you are not strong, no one will really understand you.

if you do well by yourself, all problems will be easily solved.


it is difficult to carry

the Book of changes says: "if you are healthy in heaven, a gentleman will make continuous self-improvement."

No one can accompany you all your life and be your support.

parents will grow old, but friends will always go away.

only you can accompany yourself for the rest of your life.

Open the way by our predecessors, lead the way by the noble, and walk by the individual.

try to be the best of yourself, so that you have the chance to meet the best others.

carry the ups and downs, taste the ups and downs, and break through the hardships.

what others give you is only temporary help;

what you give to yourself is the stability of your life.

Zeng Guofan has never been calm in his life.

he led the Hunan army against the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom three times.

suffering from isolation and helplessness, they all lost the battle.

the Ministry suffered heavy losses, and Zeng Guofan, as a general, was unable to account to the court.

he was about to jump into the river to commit suicide, but fortunately he was rescued.

after going through the moment of life and death, he finally realized that it was better to ask for help than to ask for himself.

finally, as a defeated general, Zeng Guofan played and asked for punishment.

in the

chapter, he wrote "repeated failures and repeated battles". The ease of the word

reflects a completely different spirit:

get up wherever you fall.

A truly mature person does not run without tears, but runs with tears.

even if you fall again, stand up and pat the dust, clench your teeth and move on.

instead of complaining, it is better to change and grow than regret.

do everything on your own, and have nothing to fear from now on!