In a word, see through human nature and see yourself clearly.

In a word, see through human nature and see yourself clearly.

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many people have heard a saying: "stand at thirty, do not be confused at forty, know destiny at fifty, and obedient at sixty."

this is Confucius' refinement and summary of his life.

in different stages of life, we face different problems and different philosophies.

only when you really understand the secret of age can you live a good life.


standing at 30: setting the direction and taking responsibility

the age of

is probably the most difficult period in life.

before many people struggle out of their twenties, they have to face social and family pressure immediately.

urge you to buy a house, get married and have children. You'd better have a stable family and achieve something in your career right away.

but for most people, this requires not only objective conditions, but also their own efforts.

getting married at the age of 30 is very important, but it is not absolute.

in my opinion, the most important thing to stand at thirty is to know how to grasp the wisdom and firmness of life.

to put it bluntly, you need to be clear about your life goals and development direction, and shoulder your own responsibilities.

I am thoughtful and independent, and I can make up my mind about big things and small feelings related to myself.

I already have a relatively stable field in my career, accumulate certain industry contacts, and have long-term plans.

can assume my own roles and responsibilities, whether to the family or the society.

has formed its own style and has its own circle of friends.

can we move forward firmly in the journey of life and enjoy the surprises and gifts of time.


40 No doubt: cultivate the mind internally and cultivate oneself externally

along the way, we have suffered losses, touched the wall, seen through the coolness of the world, and tasted the warmth of human feelings.

40 years old, finally ushered in the golden age of life.

at the peak of his career, he began to make great efforts to earn fame and profit for life.

but sometimes it is hard to avoid being surrounded by lights, applause, fame, wealth, etc., and lose yourself in the fancy world.

so, forty is actually a warning to everyone:

not to be confused by external things, not to be moved by utilitarianism, and to keep a peaceful and rational heart.

the greatest maturity in middle age is abstinence.

learn to restrain your wanton mind, no longer show your edge, sharpen your toughness, and precipitate your quiet spirit.

in the face of all kinds of contradictions in life, learn to make a choice, after the noise, gradually tend to mature and stable.

when we reach 40, we also begin to realize that those meaningless wine bureaus not only cannot expand our network, but also consume our health and energy.

you might as well spend your saved time having dinner with your family and friends.

parents are getting older, and we don't have much time with them, so we must cherish them.

Children's studies are also in a critical period, and no matter how busy and tired they are, they have to grow up with them.

but when you are forty years old, don't forget to take good care of yourself and enrich your body.

when you reach middle age, your health is not just about yourself. You have responsibilities on your shoulders and family behind you.

enrich your thoughts and keep studying and reading every day, when your heart is rich enough to become a powerful aura.


50 knows destiny: look down on gains and losses, and learn to let go

I have heard such a saying: "there is a destiny for what we have to experience in life, and God has already made arrangements for our destiny."

at the age of 50, I have a deeper understanding of this sentence.

Be beautiful, stylish and outstanding when in our evening under 50 gowns. This is the part for the unique, as you.

in the first half of our lives, the more we demand, the less we get; the more we care, the faster we lose;

blindly pursue wealth and status, and finally find that there is a fixed amount of money in life;

feelings that work too hard can easily backfire and can't go too far.

We have experienced too much in the first half of our lives, whether it is bitter, happy, gain or lose.

if there are many things in life, they have their own arrangements.

after the age of 50, what we need to do is to learn to let go and face life with a more open-minded attitude.

fortunately, after working hard for half a lifetime, it began to pay off at the age of 50.

Life is stable, with a certain material basis, you can gradually let go of the tense nerves, no longer so hard.

the family is happy, and the children have grown up, become promising, and begin to live independently. It's time to let go.

Fifty years of life, although everything can not be satisfactory, but I want to be worthy of my heart.

do not force others, do not embarrass yourself, calmly accept the arrangement of fate.

be a contented person, not complaining about heaven, not especially others, knowing the gains and losses.

only by letting nature take its course can we win more blessings.


60 ears: stay optimistic and spend the rest of your life

60 years old.

means that no matter what is good or bad, just listen to it;

whether it is good or bad, everything is a thing of the past.

60 years old, see through life, but also see through fame and wealth.

when he was young, he desperately pursued fame, power and status, and got everything he wanted.

but in the end, I found that it was no more than a dream bubble in front of time.

it has been a great blessing to be in good health without illness or disaster.

60 years old, began to enjoy their own life.

when I was young, I worried about my children for half my life and worked hard for my family.Half my life.

when the pace slows down, don't meddle too much in your children's family affairs.

every child has his own destiny and creation. We should teach what we should teach and help what we should help.

remember a sentence: children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, do not be cattle and horses for their children and grandchildren.

60 years old, learn to please yourself and live the rest of your life.

people have crossed their destiny by the time they reach sixty. At this age, they should keep an optimistic attitude.

put your things aside for a while, go out more often when the weather is fine, play tai chi and chess.

make your old self more relaxed and happy, and enjoy the family happiness of your children and grandchildren around your knees.

in the spiritual practice of life, we always gradually understand a lot of truth.

there are some landscapes that can only be seen at a specific time;

there are some living methods that can only be understood at a certain age.

but in any case, the best way to live is not to think about the past, not to fear the future, and to live every day with your heart.

May you do a good job, take a good step, and give a satisfactory answer to your life for the rest of your life.